Ten years apart

The proposal.

Still feeling shocked at the scene Andria ghosted all through the meeting with chef Eric. Different thoughts plaqued her mind. Mike is about to make the biggest mistake of his life today. This isn't happening oh God. Andria sinks deeper into her thoughts. Glad when Fakz finally signals to go! Andria walks out faster than she came in. 

Fakz calls out! "Slow down Andria!" Where are you going to? I don't know Fakz! Did you see that? She was kissing him and touching him with no care in the world, Mike is going to propose to her tonight, Andria was frantic. "So what do you want to do? Its not like he's going to believe you, remember the incident at the supermarket."  Andria paces back and forth. "So I should just let him make the mistake? Fold my arms and do nothing?"  "Can you just try and calm down? and let's think things through? An Idea popped into Andria's head and she was quick to dish it out.

Can you talk to Eric? He's the head chef and manager here at the restaurant? Can we get a copy of that cctv footage? Andria? Fakz frightened look made Andria let out her anger. I can't let him go ahead and marry her, I don't care if he doesn't want me, she's not right for him! Come on you can see what she is doing. You have to help me Fakz, please! Seeing the length her friend is willing to go to protect Mike gave Fakz goose bumps! "Andria you can not protect him forever! It's not your job, but I'd go talk to Eric and see what we can do! Wait here." Fakz dashes off. 

Andria Still pacing received a text from Mike. "I just got your birthday gift, I hope you like it. See you soon bee!" "Should I call him? Should I text him? Andria talks to herself,still  looking at the text message. What is the matter with you Andria? What? Can't you just let him go and fight his own battle? A fine memory of one time Mike pushed her out of the way so a bike wouldn't hit her, the bike hit him instead, leaving a visible scar on his left foot came flashing into her head. That mike that would do anything for her, that Mike that begged his dad to come to her school, that was the Mike she's fighting for and he deserved it. 

The look on Fakz's face is not going to make her feel any better and her fears was confirmed. Andria I'm sorry but there's no way we can get the footage. The only way you can is with a police report and even if he wanted to help you remind the tape, the IT guy isn't around to do it . I'm sorry babe. Andria listen, I don't... Cutting Fakz off politely Andria reaches out to her, I know what you are going to say, that I shouldn't worry about it or do anything about it but I would never forgive myself if I do nothing about it, I have to try! He's my friend, I know he'd do the same thing for me! 

I hope you are right Andria, because if this bounces back and Mike doesn't believe you, you would ruin everything for the both of you and you would not be able to stay friends. Are you willing to live with that? Andria thought for a second before nodding in affirmation.. " yeah I can live with that. Come on let's go!" Andria gets into the car "and where are we going to? " Fakz asks still standing out. Let's go and crash a proposal! 

Dave? Andria hey how are you? Dave hugs Andria who is shocked at the fancy decorations and the small crowd already gathered in the Reynolds home. "I'm fine how are you? Dave what's going on? This is huge? I thought this was going to be a simple proposal?" Dave Chuckles "You know Mike, he likes to take things up a notch." Talking about Mike, Where is he? I need to talk to him. "  Andria does a rough eye search for Mike.  "He went to pick my parents from the airport! They are almost here! Maybe 5 minutes away!"  Dave waves at Fakz!  Your parents are coming? Wow!"   " My mum isn't going to miss it.. I'd be right back Andria let me talk to this dj." 

"Andria are you seeing all these? Its huge! It isn't just a proposal it's a statement! Did you see the entertainment news truck outside?  Everybody wants to know who one of the Reynolds is going to propose to!"  The sadness on Andria's face was so pronounced Fakz hugged her! "I can't do this, I can't tell him! He really does love her, I mean look at all of these? He went all the way. " I have to go! Let's go!"   "Go where?" Fakz questioned! Far far away from here Andria replied bluntly. 

Andria walking briskly to the door catches Mike just by the car!  He whisked her into a hug! "Hey birthday girl! You came, Where were you going to?" Mike looks suspicious as Fakz was waiting for Andria by the car! "It's a little crowded in there i came out  for some air!" She lied!  "I'm here now!  Come on in,"  Mike beckons to Fakz too! 

I have your birthday gift upstairs! I'd be right back okay? Please don't go anywhere! Mike begs Andria before running upstairs! Fakz drags her away to whisper to her ears! "What are you doing?" we were leaving, and now we're back? Trying to calming Fakz down, he said he has a birthday gift for me, let me just get it and I'd go! Still persisting, Andria come you can get it another day! What if Victoria shows up now? What happens then?"  "Relax babes, he'd soon be down and then we'd leave." Andria reassures! "While we wait I need a drink, want one? Andria refuses the drink even though she could really use one! 

Andria I hope you know what you are doing, staying here spells trouble. Fakz is right, you can always get the gift another time! Maybe it isn't about the birthday gift, maybe a part of me wants to see this through, maybe I should just run away! I think I need that drink. Andria was walking to the bar when Mike calls out. 

Brownie! Wow Mike you got changed! Nice tux! you look great! Is Victoria here now? Nah she's not, she's almost here! Come with me Andria!" They walk to Mike's room! Here! Happy birthday bee!  This is a beautiful dress Mike and these shoes are just wow! It's my size too! How did you know my right fit?"  "I know a lot about you! Come on try it on!" "What?" Andria is stunned! 


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