Chapter 2: Floor 1, The Beginning

Chapter 2: Floor 1, The Beginning


I stared at the options in front of me. Everything looked really good. Hell, I had never even seen a Rank [C] item before. And a [D] rating ability? None of my previous abilities were that strong. Especially since, other than the Class Ability, I only ever had two different ones that I had attained by chance.


“System. Am I able to pick two of the same option?”


[System: Negative.]


Well, my class isn’t proficient in any weapon. Rank [C] armor will definitely help me through the floors, and I need to survive. I must survive. I think that this and an ability are the right choices.


I tapped on ‘Ability: Rating [D]’. Another wheel appeared, smaller. It started spinning. There seemed to be many, many options. And the wheel stopped.


[System Notice: Congratulations! You have gained the Ability {Assimilation}. Please pick your second option!]




I then tapped on the option ‘Armor: Rank [C]’, and once again, a wheel. There seemed to be even more options than the previous wheel. The wheel stopped.


[System Notice: Congratulations! You have obtained ‘Kite of Biding Eruption’. {Spin!} has gone on a five-floor cooldown.]


A kite? How is a kite armor?


I opened my inventory, and took a look. I pulled up the ‘Kite’. It was a large shield. Rounded at the top, with a point at the bottom. The front of the shield had a design of a volcano, blowing its top.


[Kite of Biding Eruption (Rank: C)] - A kite shield that takes a hit, and gives one back. Has a defense value of 130. Grants ability: {Biding Eruption} and ability: {Fire Resistance: B}. Requirements: 20 Strength, 20 Vitality. {Spin!} has negated requirements.


{Biding Eruption} - An active ability. An eruption bursts out of the shield. Damage absorbed by the shield increases eruption power. Value cannot go above 1.5x the defense of the shield. If fully charged, you must discharge the power within 15 seconds, or it explodes. No cooldown. [Current Power: 0/195]


{Fire Resistance: B} - Provides 50% resistance to fire.


I froze. Then, I looked again. I slapped my face. Did this really just happen? Even the requirements were negated? Is—is this a cheat? I equipped the shield, then I examined the shield. Although the shield looked heavy, it felt weightless as it rest on my left arm. Is this an effect of the negated requirements?


I started walking toward the exit of the cave, then I started running. I was full of glee and excitement. Outside the cave, the blue skies and green field looked stunningly beautiful. I took a step out of the cave, and realized I forgot something.


“Right! My new ability.” I forgot to look at my ability.


{Assimilation (Current Rating: D)} - A passive ability. You can learn things! Learn things faster by increasing the rating!


… ‘Learn things’. Well, at least I got a nice shield.


“Oh, wait! I forgot to grab a weap—” I started to turn around, and smacked my head on rock. Wait—where did the cave go? I started feeling around, trying to find the entrance. And I found nothing.




[System: Once a starting point has been exited, you are restricted from re-entry, per Hardcore regulations.]


I panicked. Now what am I supposed to do? Smash my shield on top of the—wait. My shield—It’s freakin’ strong! I tried to recollect myself. I checked my inventory and checked what I had. Two ‘tubes of satiety’ and three ‘hydration bottles’.


Damn. Hardcore is full of ups and downs. I was given five times that amount on easy. Was playing on easy actually a trap?


I decided that I needed to get through the floor as quickly as possible. Killing monsters (mobs) and surviving traps gave few experience compared to clearing a floor. Let me tell you, when I struggled to even kill the Level (Lv) 1 Goblins, all they gave me were 2 experience points (EXP). To reach Lv1 from Lv0, a player needs 150 experience points. Getting through the levels, I figured out the formula for clearing a floor. Every floor you clear, the experience gained goes up by 100, and starts at 100. So, by clearing Floor 1, I will get 100 experience points! I can just survive by dodging all of the mobs.


I made my way through the field, looking at all my surroundings. The field was empty. There were no Goblins, no Goblin camps, no traps, nor signs of Goblins having been near the area. Very unlike my other three experiences.


This—this is strange. I decided to take a break. After having walked in a literal straight line through the field for three hours now, I decided to use my first ‘tube of satiety’. It tasted horrible. The food available at the Hub tastes much better. After I swallowed the contents of the tube, I finished off the rest of my ‘hydration bottle’. I had been sipping on it while also trying to stay vigilant. After resting for about 30 minutes, I started walking again. Then,I saw huts in the distance; a village, and a Goblin finally came into view. It seemed to be patrolling around the perimeter.


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