Chapter 14: Miraculum

Chapter 14: Miraculum


[System Notice: You died.]


[System Notice: You gained attribute(s) through battle. Strength increased by 1.]


I was sitting on the couch as I kept remembering that one notification. The one of me dying, of course. Death was never tender, and I thought I would have had it in the bag. I just destroyed a couple of boss-like mobs, though I had been buffed. Now I just feel like a wet noodle.


Though, I kept going over the fight with Aurel, I couldn’t think of what I could have done differently. I suppose I could have tried blocking the breath attack, and saving my blink for that attack, but I don’t know how strong the breath attack was. I wasn’t expecting such a high-powered attack, either. You always hear in stories of how strong breath attacks are, so I had to blink.


Stop justifying your carelessness. I couldn’t get my mind together. I died, yet {Battle Prowess} netted me an attribute. That was the only positive, as it brought all my physical attributes to ten. If this wasn’t a challenge floor, then it’d all be over. It may still be all over. I obviously can’t kill this thing.


[Aurel: Aww, mere human too scared and weak to come out to play? Mwahahaha.]


And there he goes again. His voice may sound scary in my head, but out there, it’s just some prepubescent sounding punk. Ignore it. I started thinking about a course of action.


One thing for sure, though, was that I definitely cannot take that attack head on. I absolutely had to keep my {Shrouded Blink} until he used it. I need to test his breath damage to see if it can be soaked up by my shield or not. I will figure this out. I will.


I decided to check the shop again. I was hoping there would be something there to help—anything. I needed gear to protect against fire, or to somehow—but of course, there was nothing. Even using {Goblin’s Recovery Hymn} wouldn’t help too much. As I was thinking, I headed over to the door for my second attempt at this challenge.


[Aurel: Yes, yes!]


I headed over to the platform, but the Fire Spirit wasn’t there. I could only assume he was within the ashes again.


[System Notice: Are you ready to resume your challenge? Y,N]


I took a deep breath, “Sure.”


The ash started moving again, and I could see him start forming once more.


[System Notice: Challenge mode has been resumed. Second attempt initiated. HP 930/1000]


I was alarmed, in a good way. I had brought him down by 90, but he doesn’t seem to have fully healed between attempts. I might actually be able to do this. No. I know I can!


I saw the Spawn of the Ashen Flame readying up his fireballs, the same way he started last time. I immediately started running directly at the small spirit of fire. If I can just hit him two or three times, I can whittle him down and fight him again before he has regened all his health. I may not get rewards, but keeping my life is a reward in of itself.


As I ran, I activated {Goblin’s Recovery Hymn}. As long as I don’t get one-shot, it may pull me through enough to get in another hit. Now that I knew the way this challenge functioned, every hit counted. I raised my drained kite shield as the fireball came at me.


[Biding Hellfire Rupture power at 200/260.]


I used the momentum from the blast and twirled my body to the left as I sidestepped, effectively dodging the other fireball. I decided against unleashing the energy just yet as I could hold it to neutralize a fireball, and prevent him from absorbing it for a breath attack. He started forming a couple more fireballs as I got closer, so I lunged with my longsword.


[Fire Spirit, Aurel, Spawn of the Ashen Flame, Lv10, takes 65 damage.]


Right, my strength went up. The Fire Spirit smashed the two fireballs in his hands in front of him, trying to slam the fireballs into me. Unfortunately for him, he was too small and I was able to backstep the attack. I did, however, bear the brunt of the attack as the explosion of the two reached me.


[You took 50 damage from Fire Spirit, Aurel, Spawn of the Ashen Flame, Lv10. Current health: 110/160]


He took the opportunity provided to start preparing what I assumed was his ultimate attack, so I mentally prepared to use my blink as I ran in for another attack.


[Fire Spirit, Aurel, Spawn of the Ashen Flame, Lv10, takes 65 damage.]


He finished the attack before I can hit him again, so I activated {Shrouded Blink}, contemplating where I should teleport to after it landed and made me turn into smoke. I could see the astonishment on his face as the attack phased through my body, and he started looking for me behind him. I instead blinked to the opposite side of him, and I slashed at him. But...


I missed. He fucking giggled as he poofed into ash and my longsword cut through nothing. He reappeared where his beam had been sent, seemingly catching it within his palms, and redirecting the attack at my side. I couldn’t even try blocking as I was still recovering from my attack.


[You took 788 damage from Fire Spirit, Aurel, Spawn of the Ashen Flame, Lv10.]


[System Notice: You died.]


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