The 1/3 Vampire

The most boring last day school

  Three years after she left

Fuck am late, I running through my house to find my son and my car key. 

"Victor come on! You got to go to school." I said. 

I look around and found him crying under the coffee table holding the car keys. I tried not to be angry with him and asked him what wrong. 

"Victor, what's wrong?" I asked.

 "The kids in school said that am the reason mommy left." He said. 

How do kids even think that way? But as much as it hurt me I just put a brave face, 

"Victor never think that way." I said. 

"Your mom is just working overseas." I lied.

 "Come on we got to go we're late for school and I have to work." 

I tried so hard to get his head off his mom. Honestly, I wish she never shows up, if I could I want Victor to never meet her.

She wasn't up to be a mom, I knew that went she give birth to Victor. She never beast fed him, never held him, didn't even take care of him, and she was just a waste of space. It sucks being a doctor and a single father that the same time. 

"Mister Sole about my kid got a black eye because of your kid! You better hope that my son doesn't lose his eyesight!" Many moms would come up to our house and say that Victor was starting the fights.

 So I tried to get him to do something after school which was great since he had interest on playing the piano. Had to get him a babysitter as much as I hated that she would've her boyfriend over. They were actually good people the guy would play with Victor and she would take care of him. Odd, that I have never seen them outside together with people of their age but I never really had time to think about it. Then there was Ruth who took him in like one of her own. Ruth already had two boys to take care of but she did it anyways, even if she was friends with Her, Ruth loved Victor like a son.       

Once Victor made it to the 5 grade I was no longer worry about him. He knew how to cook and care for himself. At school he was popular and grades were amazing he was a bit of a troublemaker sometimes, my fathers help me out so much. So when I started with the night shifts at the hospital , when I would come back home Victor would leave food on the table and his homework for me to check on. By the time he walked himself to school, I gave him a phone. So much time has passed but I know the reason why she left. As much as she didn't want to it was for his own safety. It makes me sad to know I knew her secret but she couldn't trust me with it.


Its last day of school and in homeroom, when the bell finally rang, I started to walk out of the building. There was no point in staying all day since nobody does anything on the last day. Grades were already given so what was the point? I meet up with some friends a block nearby and we walked home. They fooled around on the street and talk about what we're doing over the summer. My first weeks of summer were pretty much boring, dad's always working and all of my friends go out with families. I, on the other hand, get to go to the hospital my dad works in, looking that his paperwork goes up and down.

Not really fun anyways I got home and did some clean up and was done with the whole house in two hours. Then went to my room and started to play video games. Nothing special but what am I supposed to do? Am just 15 years old and today and it was a slow day. Usually am that a party, or out hanging out with friends but nothing really came up. Bored with my game, I play the piano in my room. I usually play for hours and not realize it, my dad pokes me on my back and scared the living shit out of me.

"Did I scared you?" He asked.

 "Don't do that ever again," I said. 

"I brought Chinese food." He said. 

"Really!?" I asked didn't even bother to hear the answer and ran downstairs. I attack that bag in the living room and looked for my food. 

"I'll go get drinks, you set the table." He said. 

We ate and talk about what we did today, 

"some kid accidentally got his toe stuck on a pipe so we had to take it out." He said.

 "Oh, and when the kid walk you can hear the pipe hitting the floor." 

"That would've been funny to see," I said.

"So kiddo what did you do today." He said. 

"Nothing I pretty much skip class and went home everybody is going out with family," I said. 

"Oh wow that a slow day for you isn't it. You're usually out but I found you today playing your piano." He said.

 "Yeah I guess so," I said. 

After that I went to my room to watch T.v., when I got bored again and I went to sleep.


"Victor...Victor.............Victor." I was having a nightmare someone kept saying my name. 


"Who is he?" 

"You are a Mistake!" 

"You freak of nature!" 

This went on and on what felt like it was forever, but I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard something moving I looked around my room to see nothing. Tried I just went back to sleep, in the morning I felt lazy because dad wasn't home. Apparently, there was some emergency that the hospital early in the morning. I had cereal and watched T.v. after that went outside to practice.

I really want to be on the soccer team, practicing on kicking I kick too hard and it went out of the backyard. 

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