The 1/3 Vampire

To a boring summer

 I don't know what sucks going to the hospital with my dad being a tease by the nurses. Or going to school on the first day of summer vacation, early in the morning. Anyway, I had to go because of the soccer team for the high school am going into in September. They want to see if I make their team, and with that I took a public bus and got there. Once there I had to go to the Gym entrance. There were a lot of kids with their parents.

As soon as I walked in, a gym teacher walks up to me.

 "Hello, how may I help you." She said.

 I just handed her the letter. 

"Oh your here for the soccer team that with coach Mikhail he's over there with the white and green jacket." She said. 

I just headed over there and as I walk over, I felt the pressure. So many kids all of them with their parents, they all have got new and good equipment. I just had shorts and shirt with old cleats.

When I got to the soccer field we had to stay in a group and waited for others to come.

 "So how long have to you play for?" Some kid asked me.

 " I think since third grade," I said. 

"Your kidding right!" He said. 

"No," I said.

 "Man you sure don't dress like it. Listen I have done this for a year and am pretty talented, I got this in the bag." He said.

 I kind of ignored him after that.

 "Alright for all you newbies. These guys behind me are in soccer team now. Each one of you will be tested and once that done you be playing one on one with one of the team." He said.

When it started it was really easy it was just basic training. Once that was done I was about to leave but stop by a coach, who walked up to me.

 "Hey kid where's your parent." He said.

 "I came here by myself," I said. 

"Were is your letter." He said. I give him my letter. He didn't even look that it, "Listen, kid, if you stole this from someone I will call the police." He said. "O ....ok, but it is my I got to go," I said.

I grab the letter back and walked away from him only to be stopped form some other teachers. Something about that I got the wrong letter or whatever. 

"It's ok but I have no time I have to go home," I said. 

"We know but today two kids show up with the name Victor Sol." One of them said. 

"Then why are they not here and am there," I said.

 "Please show us your school Id." She said. 

"I don't have one, the school officials said has soon school starts I get one," I said.

"Look we stop you cause you have no parent with you to prove who you are." She said. "That stupidest reason I have ever heard," I said.

 Then the coach forms the soccer team came by to talk to one of the coaches and saw me.

 "Hello, what we got there?" He asked. 

"A student show up twice to a try out one for the soccer team and another the track team." She said.

 "ah... Victor right Victor Sol your father is a doctor over by Mercy Hospital." He said.

 "Yeah," I said.

He laughed, "Ann you got the wrong kid."He said.

 "How do you know that." She said.

 "I invited a boy named Victor Sol personally, you made the team." He said. 

"Really!" I yelled. 

I completely forgot about being annoyed. 

She sighs, "we are so sorry." She said. 

It was fine but when I left and able to catch the last bus. Once home dad called me, apparently they called him to see if I made it home since when I left it was getting dark.

"I can't believe they stop you because I wasn't with you." He said. 

Told him I was fine and told him why they let me go. 

"Fucking idiots how do they not know who they invite. Stupid school." He said.

 Am pretty sure he complain to them. 

"It fine," I said. 

"No, it not when I think your that home you should be home." He said. 

He seems really mad about it but when I told him I made the team he seem less mad.

He did call me for another reason to tell me he was coming late so I made dinner, ate, clean up, played video games and went to bed. Only to wake up in the middle of the night someone rang the bell. I open the door to see Adrian and Maddie there. 

"Oh hey, guys what's up," I said half asleep.

 "Oh hey, Victor you mind if Adrian sleepover." She asked. 

"uh.....sure." I said. Am still half asleep.

After that, I don't remember much only to wake up on my bed and Adrian was on the couch. I went to the bathroom and did the normal routine. Then went to Adrian to see he's still knocked out. I just watch T.v. and waited for him to wake up, even clean the house, dad call said that he comes home tonight, but damn it 2 in the afternoon when is Adrian waking up I already ate breakfast and now it was lunch time. Then again I completely forgot about him, I mean the guy could probably sleep for a whole day if I didn't remember. I went to my room and saw him, still asleep, now that I think about it maybe where he is from it night time right now. I tried waking him up, but that didn't work. Shook him, slap his face, hit him with a NERF gun, a played music and even rolled him off the couch. Now he was laying on the floor asleep. If he asks I just say he rolled over, I just pull a blanket over him.

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