The 1/3 Vampire dead...wait..what?!

I woke up in my room

"Am dead!" I yelled only to see my dad past by my room.

"Yeah, your dead why did you eat my ice cream?" He asked.

"It's too early to eat ice cream," I said.

"No it not it 1 in the afternoon." He said.

"Hurry up and get up you sleepy head." He went to work I got up and dress when I hit me.

"Am supposed to be dead." I thought.

Why am I alive? Not saying that am not glad, am not dead but my memory slow start to hit me. Oh shit Adrian, wait not... the silver hair guy, he was a.... no, there no way that would've happened. I won't believe it I must be insane because they don't exist. But then again... I check my chest it was close but I felt some bit of pain, even checked my head and anything else.

Hmmm, I punched myself in the stomach, with a strength that wouldn't hurt me, but oh I felt it. I lay on the ground, fuck, that hurt like hell. I went to the bathroom and checked my teeth, I should be missing a couple. I was too scared to touch it with my tongue but I see my teeth perfectly fine but my two upper canine teeth looked a bit sharp but hey, that probably something I never noticed. Nothing odd maybe it was all a dream, but I looked into my eyes. I back up to see my eyes are not normal.

Glowing silver, what do I do? Where do I even go to see if am fine? Oh wow, am really freaking out to think that. I calm myself down. I looked through my backpack, Adrian and I got sunglass when we went to the lake last week with Dawn. When I found them I put them on, my eyes still glowed but with the sunglasses, they won't show much. I headed to the hospital only to see a note on my bed. With all the panicking I didn't notice it, I opened it. It was Maddie saying that if I had questions to come to her.

Yeah that a no! I know Maddie but this isn't something she wouldn't have answers too. I open the door only to most bump into Adrian. Unfortunately, my sunglasses fall right off, what useless piece of shit, and he saw them. I quickly look away but he seems out of it too.

"Victor," he said.

I sighed

"I am going to the hospital.. see you later." I ran to the streets. But he yelled out


I panicked and ran, faster than I ever had in fact too fast I crash into a tree. It hurt like hell but then again, the tree, was now at a weird angle. I started to bleed from my nose,

"Ah, shit!"

Too much was going on that the same pace.

"Victor are you ok," Adrian said.

"No, not really, do you know what's going on," I said.

"Sure." He said, gave me a hand and we walked.

It was quiet. He didn't seem mad or weirded out. I didn't understand what was going on so I asked.

"Uh, Adrian were are we going?" He stops.

"First thing first how much do you remember." He asked.

"I just remember the pain that it," I said.

"Oh" he seems disappointed.

"Is there something I should know?" I asked.

He sighed and face me.

"Am... I mean I know who your mom is." He said.

I stop,

"Listen Adrian am not, I don't care about her anymore, I don't want to know anything about her," I said.

It true I never really cared because I can't even call her my mom. She left us, why would she do that?

"It nice that you went out of your way and I thank for it but.."

"I know you do, but it not about her it about me... am your brother, mom was pregnant when she left." He said.

"She was scared that dad might leave her, you were born human." He said.

I was quite for a long time but it sinks in

"Wait, human, I don't get it what do you mean?" I asked.

His eyes glow red and shown me his long fangs.

"Mom and I are vampires." He said.

I took a huge step back, he insane.

"Woah ok I get the whole brother thing that I believe in but the vampire thing... no wait, in fact, I don't believe in any of this! Also if you are my brother why did you..."

Adrian backed away from me, he was looking away from me, I turn. A figure all in black shape that of a monster. I freak out but it disappeared, I turn to him,

"What the fuck is that!" I yelled.

"Hey, kid take it easy!" Yelled someone.

It was Curt, Maddie's boyfriend or ex I haven't even asked Maddie.

"Curt," I said.

"Oh yeah, you should stop calling me that." He said. I was confused,"you know really should respect your elders, grandson." He said.

Am got more confused one after another my family is getting bigger.

"Also you shouldn't call Maddie grandma, you know girls get angry went you mention age." He said.

Ok ...oh fuck am not ok, why is this? Maddie comes over

"guy's what taking you guys so long." She said. She looked at me, that it I decided ran away and go to the hospital to see what wrong with me.

"You guys are crazy," I said. I ran for it only for them to catch up, "really kid you should already know that doesn't work." Curt said. Three of them were beside me like nothing.

"Wait you guys don't..." Adrian said that was all I remember before was crashing into a tree again. After that, I had another weird dream which I been having a lot. I don't see anything but I hear sounds.

"Oh sister your an idiot."

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