The 1/3 Vampire


"Yo,," said Adrian,

who was walking on the ceiling.

"Ahh! What the fuck Adrian!" I said.

Dawn just left,

"Shh, you don't want her to hear you, right?" He said.

"Ok ok, I know that but why are you up there," I asked.

"Oh right. Grandma decided that it's time for you to train." He said.

"Train?" I said.

"For what to defeat the evil aliens or the demon king, what the point."

"Yeah, I know it sounds really stupid." He said.

"Oh no, I only have two powers that don't work unless I want them too. Stop me before I go out of control and use them to clean my room. Oh no." I said sarcastically.

"Ok, I get it." He said.

"Seriously all my life I never knew I had powers and now that I do, nothing happens. For all I know I could have gone without knowing about them and life would be the same" I said.

"That true that only thing is how did you learn how to control them." He asked.

"Uh, I don't know I just relaxed and went on with my life," I said.

"Am seriously jealous of you." He said.

"Don't be you have it better I promise you that" I said.

"So have you tried anything else?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked he lost me.

"You know, do you have other powers." He said.

"Uh, I never thought of it that, why?" I said.

"Then why not try?" He said.

I can feel some malicious intention coming to form him, but yeah he's right.

"Sure why not?" I said.

A couple of hours later and I regret my decision.

"Ok so you can't fly, but you do have a healing factor that well takes time." He said.

We were in the backyard and I lay face first to the ground. While he floats around me, I broke my arm but it was finally back to normal.

"This isn't good, that this rate it will take a while to figure out what powers you have." He said.

I got up,

"I think we're better off with me learning how to use my speed," I said.

But I realize that I suck.

"Uhg I fix the tree as much as I could." He said.

We were that the park and I sat on a bunch trying to stop the bleeding from my nose.

"Next," I said am irritated.

We went back home,

"why not try, mmm walk on walls." He said.

It wasn't so bad this time cause I can actually do it but not for so long. I ended up passing out on the floor.

"Oh come on your out of energy." He said.

Am hungry, no tired, no hungry, in pain, no tired, ugh I can't even tell.

"Ok let call it a day," I said.

I got up,

"Oh god!" Said, Adrian.

"What now?" I said.

"You look ready pale, what happened to your eyes." He said.

"What are you talking about?" I said,

am not in the mood. I walked to the bathroom,

"Hey, are you ok you don't like seem to be your self." He asked.

"Whatever," I said.

I look through the mirror, holy shit.

"You have bags for days." He said.

"Not funny," I said.

My eyes really sank in and bag under them and like he said, am pale.

"Uh, I just want take a nap and then make dinner," I said.

"Well, I should report this to grandma." He said.

"Yeah am going to sleep," I said.

"Victor that a bathtub," he said.

"Don't care.... don't forget... to... close........ the door," I said and went sleep.

Fuck! I can't have a moment of peace not even in my dreams. I was just darkness and hear voices 

"What is that?!" I hear.

Damn it I don't care anymore! I already know who the voice does it belong too. Well, I don't really know but a guess and I might be right. It between my 'mother' or my 'aunt' or my grandma. Sure I trust her a bit but am not that stupid, am not dropping my guard not until my dad knows what when I drop it. Adrian, on the other hand, am still trying to figure it out. I'm all alone in this I can't trust anyone, just then I heard a bunch of voices.

"Uh I honestly can't deal with my cousins anymore." Joey?

"Geez, I growing boobs all of a sudden and my parents think it not safe for me to hang out with you guys!" Dawn?

"Uh why wouldn't anyone hang out with me that night!" Oh, Friday funny how I can just tell already.

Mm, I guess am not alone, I felt less stressful and woke up in the tub. I got out feeling great, who would have thought, a tub can be so comfy. Oh man, it late I looked that my phone, thank god we were having take out.

"So how was your day today Victor?" Dad asked.

"Nothing much Adrian came over," I said.

"Hm." He said he seems annoyed.

"What wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing he just reminds me a lot about someone I met a long time ago." He said.

"Couldn't be him since he's just 13," I said.

"No of course not but a woman I met." He said.

"Oh, so there was someone before mom," I said.

"Yeah sure, you can say that." He said.

After that he wouldn't talk up till we finished eating almost like he was thinking about something, I was just too scared to ask him. He got up

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