The 1/3 Vampire

Explanations Please

It so annoying that Victor is getting better at using his powers, faster than any vampire in history. Also, Auntie is a nice lady, sweet even, but she such a worry wart. Then an again it's our fault for not calling her and telling her anything. Especially since her oldest son is here and she hasn't heard of him in weeks.

"By the way Adrian is this going to be a thing with me, meeting every member of my vampire family but they have to attack me first." Said Victor.

"No, uh, I honestly wasn't really thinking of you to meet or even know that side of the family," I said.

"I understand that but do they always attack me?" He asked.

"That I don't know I got to ask Amalie about that," I said.

I open the door and Amalie jump out and attacked Victor again.

"Die you freak of nature!" She said

"ah! get off of me! Get her off!" Victor yelled.

"I don't think that was a good idea," Joey said, hitting her with a bat. Only for her to attack him.

"Amalie your safe please stop," I said pulling her off of Joey.

"She's pulling my hair!" Joey said.

"Died hunter scum," she said.

"At it, I'm done with this!" Siad Victor.

He got serious, the next thing you know, Joey and I were on the couch and Amalie was in front of use held by shadow and upside down. I turn to see Victor. He looked pissed. I guess we did make a mess and he is the one that clean this place. He uses his power to clean up? No wonder he's good that them, he practice them all the time.

His eyes were intense the red ring around them was almost gone. Hmm is that how his eyes work? Amalie was still moving trying to get out of the restraints. Then she stops moving I look to see Victor's eyes change to a red ring was glowing the most. Hmm, I'll tell grandma but for now more explanations.

"Last night Amalie came over to see why Carter hasn't come back. She found Carter and one thing led to another. I thought she wouldn't be able to find you cuz it was daytime and she doesn't know where you live." I said.

"Then how did she find me?" Victor asked.

We both looked that her,

"how did you find Victor, Amalie?" I said.

She didn't look that us. But she said something.

"I was being attacked by Vampire hunters and was able to run away. Unfortunately, it was morning. And I so happen to smell Adrian, thinking that I was close to the house and that I was lost. So I thought it would be funny for you to find yourself so I used my transformation powers. Only to find him." She said pointing out that Victor.

"I thought he was a vampire by the way he smells, so I just walk up to him thinking he was your friends since I also smelled some of your scents. Only for him to be human and I attack him cuz I thought this was a trap, but he flips me over. He ran but I followed him and I smelled a vampire hunter's scent and thought that this really was a trap. Then he started to use vampire powers that Carter told me about that a certain human can do." She said.

"Oh, then didn't Carter tell you that, 'the certain human' is my brother and his name is Victor," I said.

"No, he just told me that I should kill them. Adrian, let's be real that human you called 'Victor' is a freak of nature and it an unbalanced and unholy creation. It shouldn't be alive it for it own well being as well as our own." She said.

"Yeah am here there and am seriously think of leaving you in the sun," Victor said.

"It not my fault am just telling the truth." Amalie said. He just rolled his eyes.

"So what are we going to do about her?" He asked.

"Am taking her to grandma let see what she'll do," I said.

"Am fine with that." He said.

Is it me or Victor behavior is odd, he usually so happy but I can kinda see why. I wouldn't want to be told that I'm mistaken and then treated like a disaster. Am starting to wonder is it because of that going on. Maybe if he didn't meet me, he wouldn't be dealing with this, he would have a normal life.

After that, I started not coming over a lot. He texted me to hang out with him and even invited me to many parties. It only been a week and a half but am bored and Amalie contacted her mother. I showed her, what I knew about being outside, and let her meet Friday.

"Oh Adrian, Victor says hi by the way." He said we were out at night.

"Man you guys were really close I didn't think because he got a girlfriend you stop hangout." He said.

"Wait! What no! We didn't stop hanging out because of that." I said.

"Oh thank god, I really like his new girlfriend, they are so cute together." He said.

"That's great to hear," I said.

"So why you stop hangout?" He said.

"I, uh, I thought it would be for the best for him to live a normal life," I said.

"What do you mean normal? Oh! You mean that he had vampire blood in him." He said.

"Yea.... wait you knew!?" I said.

"Of course I knew I just didn't have the balls to asked him and I kinda figure he didn't know about so I didn't bother." He said.

"How did you find out?" Asked Amalie.

"Oh, my nose is really strong." He said.

"Besides in even in normal human standards, normal kids his age. Are not perfect all the time. We are talking about the dude, who knows how to, clean, cook behaves well, does sports, takes college-level classes, is a very social person, parties, also not to forget he has looks and plays the piano. Victor never makes a mistake he is an odd person." He said.

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