The 1/3 Vampire

Am concerned

What did I do wrong? Adrian just stops showing up. Speaking of which Joey has been sleeping over that my houses. Is he scared of Joey? Hmm, that maybe it because a day ago I noticed a man in front of the house, watch it. I so happened to be coming home from the store buying stuff for dinner and snacks. I was across the street and I looked that him straight in the eye. I wish I could avoid it but I didn't, I was staring that him as I open the door walk in close the door and went to Joey.

"Joey there creepy guy cross the street am calling the police," I said.

"Ready, I want to see," he said.

He ran to the window and as I was about the call, he ran over,

"Victor stop that my uncle." He cried.

"And?" I said. Am still dialing.

"He's my uncle." He said.

"This my house," I said.

"But he's, my family." He said hesitant almost.

"Ah yes, your family, that is watching my house," I said.

"Oh so when a little girl came a broke into your house you decided to be a little bitch but when it's my uncle your willing to call the police." He said.

"Correction a grown man stalking two 15-year-olds. I don't know about you but I would call the police. Now if it a little girl you can't call the police on that without sounding like a little bitch but if you find a way then we'll do it next time." I hanged up.

 I got a better idea,

"but ok but I am getting rid of him," I said.

I went to my room, Joey following me and took out the. I forgot what is it called but I stole it from my 5-grade gym teacher.

"You were the one who stole Mr. Ron's megaphone!" Joey said.

"Oh so that it called, and no I 'found it'..... on the floor.... in his office.... with no batteries...ok I took it the batteries," I said.

"Then did you get his megaphone," he asked.

"I don't know you're talking about," I said. I went to the window


Joey tackle me away from the window.

"Are you crazy?!" He yell.

"What? he is a creep." I said.

"What if he tell anyone in my family and we can't be friends." He said.

I laughed my ass off.

"Yeah like our parents can control us on who we make friends with," I said sarcastically.

"I mean it," he said.

"Listen, Joey, your parents love me if anything they find it funny. Besides your already breaking the rules with being friends with me. I don't think a vampire hunter family would like one of there own to be friends with vampires, so why bother," I said.

"Yeah but I haven't been home for a while and am getting worried." He said.

"When I go with you am pretty sure they are going to have to act normal when am there. Or I think they would." I said.

"You want to go to a house full of vampire hunters." He said.

"Do you see a vampire there?" I said.

"Oh right your not even a half of one." He said.

That hurt a little we were on our way and I send a message to my dad. He called me almost worry for some odd reason.

"Uh really! I was going to get your favorite food today Tortas." He said.

"I can eat that another time," I said.

"Did you clean the house?" He asked.

"Really dad? Oh, don't worry I left food for you, later," I said and hang up.

"What was up with that?" Asked Joey.

"I have no idea lately dad been like that. He always wants to know where I am, what am doing, and if I did my chores. It like he doesn't trust me or thinks am doing drugs or something." I said.

"Do you think he knows?" Joey said.

"Probably," I said.

"What! Victor! Hold up you seem very...," I stop him

"Careless. No not really I already thought about it. I heavy doubt that he didn't know my mother was a vampire he must have had his suspicions about certain things. Or he found out. If anything he been keeping his guard up if I started doing weird shit. Also the fact that your father friends with my dad, it just makes me think he probably does know." I said.

"I don't know my dad is really secretive about his side of the family," Joey said.

"Joey they were teenagers like us, I don't think your father keep that secret to himself," I said.

We got to house and it a mess, not the house but the number of people that are there.

"Oh, Joey I didn't know your parents wanted so many kids," I joked.

"No they are my cousins," he said.

"You know what am glad I don't know half of my family," I said.

"Victor!" Said Ruth,

Joey's mom she walks up to me and hugs me. Everyone stop since they were all kids they left running.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Oh never mind them dear they're just shy," Ruth said.

"Are you eating well, how the school, how your father," She said.

It like she didn't see me last week she throws me a bunch of questions.

"Are they gone," She asked.

"They are, as soon as Victor walked in," Joey said.

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