The 1/3 Vampire

Old lady

Uncle John is a fool so are his sons, being a hunter is the greatest thing ever, killing vampires is for the greater good. So what, they're upset that I told grandma that Joey and Will were perfect candidates to become hunters. I know mom and dad were keeping it a secret, but they're gone and I can't see Joey's and Will's potential for greatest being wasted, on being normal. Like that very handsome boy, I was too shy to talk to him, but he came to me and said 'hello' and what do I do? Walk away, so stupid! 

"Nora my girl I have a mission for you," Grandma said.

"Yes, grandma," I said.

"It seem that Johnny boy's family are ruff and tough but they share a weakness, the boy, stalk him, find some dirt on him. He told me, he only lives with his father and he never met his mother, let's see how far they would go to save him." said grandma after the dinner with him. 

He is an odd one, he seem too perfect and does everything right, until a couple weeks later I fine some thing unsettling. For one, he wasn't home for a while also he seem to have powers of his own. His powers are very close to that of a vampier, but thats not possible, he's a human, he eats normal food with garlic, he stands and walks in the sun without burning!

 I noticed this because when watching him with Joey playing soccer he did something odd he ran at an odd speed sometimes slow other times too fast to see, he doesn't know how to control it. He then moved his shadow without him moving himself, then lift from the around like some kind of monster and warped it around his leg, he was running normally. This is dangerous, but now I stalked his father and he seems human, in fact I did a back ground check on Victor and he isn't adopted but his father was. Then I check on Victor's mother nothing about her on his file. His father file divorce papers when Victor was like seven years old. 

So he does know his mother, he lied but I think I have enough of this, time to tell grandma. Heading out, before I could get home of course I run into him with Joey.

"Wait, Nora! You actually got out of the house?" said Joey.

"It an errand that for grandma," I said.

"You mean that weird vampier slaying stuff," said Victor.

I was silent  and back away form him, how much does he know?

"Victor that was secret," Joey said.

"Come on, you act like John wouldn't have told me," He said.

Of course Joey would tell him.

"It's something like that but Victor, you seem every fit and smart how about you join?" I asked.

"Na, I don't think I have it in me to kill people and it sounds more like a chore," he joked and his cell phone ringed and he looked that it "besides I have to meet up with my girlfriend, see you guys later," He said.

My heart broke as soon as he said it, a girlfriend? Of course he is going to have one, he's the definition of prefect. Joey looks that me.

"Oh, I know that face, you have a crush on Victor," Joey said.

"That's none of your business" I said and ready to walk away.

"You know if he's your type, all I can say to you are out of his range," He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Victor always dates the athletic, energetic, and social type." He said

"And I do believe he's not into weirdos." he said

"I don't care and I don't have feeling for him," I said.

"sure you don't, it not like you were stalking him lately," Joey said.

"That would be a waste of time," I said.

"really I saw you the other day watching him from his window." He said.

"You know what maybe you should be careful grandma knows that he is a weakness for you guys. Am pretty you would kill anyone who would hurt Victor, you don't see him as a best friend do you, it like the same with Uncle and Aunty they don't see Victor has your friend." I said.

"Ok, for the last time am not gay," He said.

"Yeah well, it looks like in the events that David Sol ever gets killed or unable to care for child, Victor Sol, and if only Victor wasn't 18 then and only then he will be adopted by Johnny and Ruth Bruno. Wow you guys really do care enough to actually be willing to adopt him and he not even normal, you know he has powers, what may I say are a lot like that of vampire powers. You should have told us about him." I said.

"Wow, I believed  you for second there but the whole power thing is just crazy, maybe you need to sit the fuck down before you talk," He said.

He leaves and so do I, he think this is funny but this will end and he will have to do everything we say. I went to grandma and told her everything.

"So they think they can hide a monster like that and not tell us," She said.

"What are we going to do," I asked.

"We wait, until all of us are here then we can get him without a problem," She said.



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