The 1/3 Vampire

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That night my Grandparents came over to pick me up,
"Kiddo if you want, you can go to sleep, I got your room ready for you," said Grandpa Greg.
I just nod and went to my room, I already knew where it was but he followed, I have been here before. 
"I tried my best to make it as comfortable as possible." He said.
It had a couple of things I had in my old room, like the sports equipment, a piano in the corner only it was a lot bigger and over the top. This room was smaller but have a luxurious look to it. 
"Am sorry," I said. 
"Victor you have nothing to be sorry about it's not the best time for you to be with your father," He said. 
"I didn't want to come back there, not like this," I said.
"What? You don't miss us!" He joked.
"I do," I said.
"Listen, Victor, David just feels like he put too many responsibilities on you and he thinks you should have a chance where you didn't have to. Just promise me this, don't try to run away from us, things are going on in that place that you shouldn't be around for." He said.
"Does it have to do with my mom," I said.
He didn't say anything for a moment.
He sighed.
"how much do you know?" He said.
"Enough to know why dad sends me there," I said.
"That's not much," He said.
"I know I am human and mom wasn't and that was bad. They're a bunch of weirdoes running around hurting people." I said.
"When don't try to go there," He said.
He then told me good nite and I said
"I know,"
He left and I went to sleep.
The next morning, they took me out, to buy clothes.
"Don't give us that look," Said Grandpa Greg.
I really did look like a church kid.
"Can't blame him, Greg?" said Grandpa Frederick. 
He picks out a bunch of black clothes.
"He not going to a funeral!" Grandpa Greg said 
It took a while to convince them to let me pick out clothes I was comfortable with, after that, we brought me shoes basically all the thing dad didn't send, ate out and when it was time for them to go to work they took me home to stay in my room, which I did. After watching most of the Netflix shows I was interested in, I play on the piano up till they got back.
"Victor we have exciting news," said Greg
He ran inside my room. 
"You got accepted to Excellence Academy, I am so happy for you, that the school I went to has a boy," Greg said. 
When did I apply for that school did grandpa do for me.
"Oh, thanks," I said, trying to hide the fact that I wasn't happy about it.
"They give scholarship to the top students," he said. 
He went on and on about it, but I do have to start school all over again is annoying but I just faked a smile for the most of it for my grandfather's sake. 
"Oh boy, I need to make sure you have anything you need," He said. 
He ran out of my room and went to tell grandpa Fredrick and then ran out to buy stuff or I think that what he did. 
"Oh boy Greg happy about this, I will never hear the end of it." He said. 
"Grandpa, isn't this school full of rich kids?" I said. 
"Yep," He said.
"But am I not rich?" I asked. 
"Nope," He said. 
"Then why am I going? I am just curious about it." I asked. 
"Your grandpa was from an old-money rich family, they had different values and well grandpa was kicked out," He said.
"when what does that have to do with me going to that school?" I asked.
"Well, let's just your great grandparents say some pretty nasty things and well Greg just wants to prove them wrong," He said. 
"I guess I'll go," I said. 
"I am pretty sure they have a soccer team," Grandpa said. 
"I don't know if I want to join," I said. I felt like it was wrong to play for their soccer team when I was happy with the one back home. 
"Son, you got the talent you can't be holding yourself back at Excellence Academy," He said. 
I sighed "Fine I'll try," I said. 
A week later my grandparents took me there and we went to talk to the headmaster. 
"It been forever Greg Law to think you would turn out so .... fortunate," He said. 
He looked that me. 
"Your son I take it," He said. 
"Grandson," Both my grandparents said. 
"Well, where did the time go, to think you already have grandchildren and not even 70 and already grandparent what a surprise." The headmaster said. 
"If it bothers you, please tell me, but I must ask, I do believe the actual parents of the boy are needed for him to be enrolled in the Academy. So, where are they?" He said. 
"Oh! You see, our son is a Doctor and well is a busy man so you could imagine how little time he has for his own son so he let us take care of the boy," Grandpa said. 
"What about the mother?" He said. 
Damn this guy is nosy. 
"That is a bit of touchy subject but if you must know, she passed away," Grandpa said. 
This was pretty much how went the Headmaster and Grandpa Fredrick being really poisonous with their words, attacking each other without cursing but with words. Is this how rich people do? 
At some point in time, the headmaster called a student to show me around. I wasn't really paying attention and just followed her. She went on and on and slowly wondered if there were any chance of me coming back home.  

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