The Almost Forgotten Sole Heir

CHAPTER II – Regrets and Turning Point


Damian Lincuja, remembers the time that he first held in his arms his only son. He was only two years old that time. As many said, his son was his little replica. They were actually happy way back then. Caroline did not force him for marriage yet even if they have a son. He was still struggling then with his small Engineering firm and getting married was not yet in his plan. Until, he met Lucia. For him, it was just a play, a momentary sexual urge, no string attached. Lucia is a married woman, so what the heck; she cannot demand anything from him. She offered herself to him, so why not give her the pleasure she wanted. But that was his greatest mistake. Lucia is not a woman he thought she was. She never accepted rejections neither defeats. She is one hell of a crazy, desperate woman. She clung to him and left his husband; brought her children to her parents and asked them to take care of them temporarily. She said, it was him that she deeply loves and she can never live a happy life without him. He just laughed then with Lucia and shook his head. He will not see her again. Lucia was nothing to him. He was just one of his many flings. He was wrong however; Lucia found out about Carolina and his son. She did everything to harm Carolina and his son. For so many times, she tried to humiliate Carolina in public and threaten to harm her and their son, should she continued to live with Damian. Worst, Lucia sent Carolina their intimate videos and photos in bed, which he did not know that she took. Carolina was not able to take his infidelity. She left together with their son. She never contacted him from then on. As he was full of pride and conceit and at the same time he thought it would be better to lessen his responsibilities, he dare not reached out to them. He did not even try to defend them from Lucia. She was the one who left, then she should be the one to came back crawling.

Carolina however is a woman of pride and dignity; she never came back. She proved to him that her decision to leave him was the best decision she ever made. It was not only Lucia; Carolina suffered so much deceits and infidelity from him. For so many times, she tried to understand and accepted everything, even if he never had any remorse to his infidelities and wrong doings. But like the old adage, when a woman’s heart has been truly hurt and she runs out of patience, she will leave and never looked back.

His last information about Carolina and his son was when he heard that Carolina became a best seller romance novelist and their son continuously became her mother’s pride. Carolina was able to raise their son well, alone.

Damian got his phone and dialled a certain number. “Attorney Ferrer, please visit me tomorrow in my office at ten in the morning, I have something to discuss to you.”

“Of course Sir, I will be there on time.” Atty. Ferrer replied on the other line. Atty. Ferrer is Damian Linjuco’s most trusted lawyer.

As expected, Atty. Ferrer visited Damian Linjuco in his office the next day.

“Sir, Atty. Ferrer is here already.” Rowell, Damian’s long time executive secretary informed him.

“Let him in Rowell and by the way check a flight for me to Palawan one week from now.”

“Well noted Sir.” Rowell excused himself and then guided Atty. Ferrer at the CEO’s Office.



Carolina has a visitor and she was surprised because she never knew a man named Atty. Ferrer.

“Should I let him in Maam Carol?” her maid asked her again to confirm.

“Ahh, yes, bring him to our first floor veranda and give him any drinks he wants. I will just fix myself.

After excusing herself, Marla, her maid immediately went out of her working room area. She is finishing a new novel. She can actually retire and stop writing but she cannot do it. She did this now however as a mere hobby and not anymore as a rigorous work unlike when she was just starting.

“Atty. Ferrer, good morning. I am Carolina Monaro what can I do for you?” Carolina offered a handshake to Atty. Ferrer out of professionalism.

As the lawyer sits again comfortably, he opened his attaché case and brought out a brown envelope. “Ms. Monaro, I am here to discuss a very important matter to you. My client, the Shipping and real estate Magnate, Mr. Damian Lincuja, wanted you and your son Wilgreg Monaro, to read these documents for consideration.” He then handed to Carolina the documents in a brown envelope.

“Should I read this now?” Carolina’s forehead narrowed.

“No, No, I will return three days from now to know you and your son’s decision to whatever is written in the documents inside.” Atty. Ferrer stated with a smile in his kind face.

He seems to be a good lawyer and not a shrewd one, Carolina intimated to herself while assessing the lawyer in front of her. “Very well then Atty. Me and my son will check these documents.”

Atty. Ferrer nodded and left after a while.

“Son, please read these documents and let me know your thoughts after.” Carolina handed to Wilgreg the brown envelope given by Atty. Ferrer this morning. She read the contents already and she was truly so surprised with the contents of said documents.

“Alright Mom, hmm, did you buy another property?” Wilgreg teasingly got the documents from her mother.

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