The Almost Forgotten Sole Heir

CHAPTER 12 – Lucia's Lover


While in his car going back to his mansion, Damian is thoroughly thinking. He does not want to dismiss the thought that Lucia might want to harm her now, considering that he is trying to transfer everything already to Wilgreg, his only heir. If his presumption is true, then God forbids Lucia will receive his wrath.


Hey Hon, according to our maid you visited your Doctor. Why? Are you not feeling well? Why did you not call me, I should have accompanied you.” Lucia immediately run after seeing him entered the door of their mansion.


“Oh nothing to worry much, I’m okay now. I just experienced some palpitations in my heart so I decided to immediately have it checked. So far, my doctor said that there is nothing to worry about.” Damian glanced at Lucia after saying his explanation and keenly observed her reaction.

Lucia tried to feel worried and tried to assists Damian by holding on to his arm. Secretly a smile broke her lips which did not pass unnoticed to the observant eyes of Damian.


The next day, Lucia gave the same medicine to Damian. She insisted that Damian take it outright while she was there to assists him.


“Lucia, just put it on top of the table, can’t you see? I’m still reading this newspaper. Don’t worry; I will drink these medicines in a while. You can leave and go wherever you want to go and just enjoy, okay?” Damian smiled at Lucia and motioned to her to go.


To avoid further arguments, Lucia walked away and decided to have her facial regimen in her usual and favorite salon.


While at the salon, Lucia sent a message to her gym buddy. He is a young well built man. She asked him to come to their usual pastime place and even stated that she badly needs him.


After finishing her facial at the salon, Lucia asked her driver to visit her family or go anywhere first and return to the salon after five hours. “I just need to take a break, visit a friend and have chitchat with her. You might get bored, so better go. I can drive the car myself.” She then motioned to her driver to go.





Lucia drives directly to a nearby inland resort. His gym buddy is already waiting for him. She walked hurriedly going to room 303. She is wearing a sunglasses and a mask. Good thing the government requires everyone now to wear masks because of the current pandemic.


When she reached the room 303, it automatically opened. Her gym buddy heard her footsteps and immediately opened the door.


Before Lucia could react, her young gym buddy is already showering him with kisses. Lucia felt too hot already. It has been a while that Damian has been cold to her; she can count in her fingers and toes the number of times that they have sex in a month. Her gym buddy always filled the void that Damian left in her.


Lucia hurriedly removed the t-shirt and maong pants of her gym buddy. She is shaking in excitement. The young man also removed Lucia’s dress and tried to carry her over weight body going to the bed. As the man put her down on the bed, Lucia grabbed him and kissed him hard.


“Relax baby, we will get there. I will make a rainbow out of your gloomy day,” the man whispered then rubbed Lucia’s big yet plumped breasts.


Lucia moaned as the man went down to her core and sucked it drastically. That is how Lucia wants it and her gym buddy already knows it. Lucia does not know where to hold as the man continued to suck and lick her thing, fast and hard. She is already delirious. Damian cannot make her feel this emotion for years now. Damian is too lazy already to pleasure her in bed.

“Come on, do it fast, I want to feel you now inside me!’ Lucia is out of control already with the passion that she is feeling right now. Thus, when the man entered her, she gasped and shouted for more. The man made his in and out deeply to Lucia. He knows very well what makes Lucia go insane in bed. Lucia then changed her position; she turned her back and bend on her knees. The man closed his eyes not to see the piggy figure of Lucia then trusts deep into her many times, giving her the full satisfaction that she needs.

Lucia was not satisfied yet; after a while she flirted again with her gym buddy and they have their second round of pumping session.

Yhen Amor

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