The Badboy Billionaire Stole My Heart

Chapter 1

The cute chirping of the birds woke me up and I opened my eyes, while flickering due to the sunlight of a new day. All I ever wanted was to be happy but now I want nothing more than to be free in all fields of my life. I sat up on my bed, and after wearing my slippers I went to the bathroom room to brush my teeth. On opening the small cupboard besides the mirror, which enclosed my toothbrush, toothpaste, a few bars of sodium salt of fatty acids, sanitary pads etc. a few voiceless thoughts emerged in my head from its depths.

With a depressed face I went for a shower. Feeling the sensation of the hot water that ran down my skin, I felt refreshed, but not that much to actually forget about my heart filled with unbearable pain. Moving towards my closet I threw myself into a simple white knee - length frock with a beautiful floral design on it and white heels.


I moved towards the dining table for breakfast, where I will have to encounter my bullies. With the clicking of my heels I went down the stairs and saw my stepmother and step sister glaring at me from their respective seats on the dining table while cutting the egg with a fork in such a way like they were stabbing me in place of the boiled egg.

" Look, daughter what a slut she is! In order to get a rich man's attention, she can offend that person actually? But, she doesn't know that the person whom she offended, is the country's richest man. " My stepmother definitely knows how to mock at me. But, I was unaffected by those ungrateful words. I walked towards the kitchen and prepared my breakfast. After finishing it, I took my car keys and after placing myself on the driver's seat I drove the car after bringing it to life, to the nearest flower shop.

On reaching my desired destination I moved out of the car and looked up at the board, while tears were brimming my eyes. I tried to control them so hard by wiping them abruptly with my handkerchief. I went in and bought a big bunch of red roses to show my mom my love.

After I sat in my car I glanced at my phone screen where I saw 15 missed calls from an unknown number and that's of Ashton, that basterd. Oh! Shit, I totally forgot about the deal that I made with him last night. Shit, shit, shit. What should I do? He must be very mad at me. If I don't go now then.... No, my mother is more important for me than that basterd. Huh! I sighed and quickly drove towards my mother's grave. I was nearing the grave when suddenly a black limo stood before me, I put on the brakes very harshly and dashed with the steering wheel. Who is this bastard stopping me,I am already getting late.

I was sitting in the car while honking loudly. I was getting impatient. I will quickly have to go to my mother's grave, and then go to that bastard's house fast, or else he will be super mad at me. A man dressed in black blazer with black sunglasses on, got out from the passenger seat and proceeded towards my car. Who is this handsome man? He looks quite built up. Well, I don't have the time to cherish such lame thoughts. He came near my right where I was sitting and knocked on the window. I slide down the window and he quickly drew his right hand towards the car key and after snatching it away from me he unlocked the car doors while dragging me out of the car.

" Hey, who are you? Let go of me you psycho, bastard, kidnapping is an illegal act. How dare you? Give me back my car keys? " I shouted at him while trying to set myself free from his extremely tight grip on my wrist. He dragged me towards his car, while my ankle got twisted. I cried out, from the pain of his grip and my twisted ankle. How absurd!

Tears started to brim my eyes as I was unable to go visit my mother's grave. He opened his car door and threw me in, there was another guy sitting in with a tall and muscular physique wearing a white skin tight t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He took a hold of my left hand, while the one who dragged me took hold of my right hand very tightly, they kept me in my place.

" LET ME GO, YOU SHITTY KIDNAPPERS...... " Before I could speak any thing further the man in black suit put his hand on my mouth which caused my voice to get muffled. I tried to bite him but he quickly stuffed my mouth with a ball of handkerchief. Oh God! What am I gonna do now? How will I visit the grave and that bloody bastard? I feel so frustrated and weak like hell.

The strangers drove me towards a huge mansion. As we neared the gates I stopped struggling as it was of no use. Two guards were standing at the side of the gates with a huge sniper hung on their shoulders, they opened the gate and the driver parked the car.

After that being done those kidnappers of mine dragged me out of the car where I fell down and blood started flowing from my torn skin on my knees. My hands were held extremely tightly, I twisted my ankle and now my knees are bleeding, it is damn painful. I closed my eyes and bit the inside of my cheek in order to stop myself from crying. The stranger in white t-shirt threw me on his shoulders with his right hand and took me inside the huge mansion.

As the other man opened the mansion doors, maids were bowing down to the one carrying me, on either side in a line. A man came from the kitchen whom I thought of as the housekeeper from his clothes.

" Welcome, young master Ashton. " The housekeeper wished.

What? He is Ashton Bryson? I was shocked and went silent while I got goosebumps and each and every cell of mine was filled with fear. Tears started rolling down from my eyes and I failed to control them. So this is it? Is this the end of my freedom for 1 good whole year?

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