The Battle Of Two Sides

Chapter 8

Isabella’s POV

“Granny?” I said. “I forgive you granny… I really do but please don’t force to get married…I don’t want this…especially with Leo…I won’t make him happy granny…” “But he will make you happy dear” “You don’t know that granny”. She really dint know what to say then and just gave me a warm hug and left. I mean she dint argue or anything whatsoever. It was just few minutes to the wedding and I was surprised that granny dint send anyone to do my makeup. It’s not like I can’t do it by myself but she wanted me to get married and now no one came…that meant she won’t force me anymore and I thought that maybe I shouldn’t disappoint her. I took my shower. Did my makeup but light and wore the gown granny left behind and not forgetting the medallion. I took deep breaths and went for it being Leo’s wife…ugh

I walked out and it was so quiet no one was in the mansion but in the courtyard and when nearing I heard the priest “Mrs. Cruz is Ms. Isabella coming? The time for the ceremony is moving and it has to begin now or never” The gossip mongers were already talking I couldn’t back down now…I spoke up and said “Am here…sorry to keep you waiting” I tried to keep my smile on and then granny came and took me to the front. The ceremony began and my heart really ached knowing the reasons I accepted this is not to shame granny. Aria and Joe started as they were the eldest, then Jax and Jade…to be honest that relationship still pissed me off…and finally my turn and I said “I do” to the priest question similar to Leo. The ceremony was done and since it wasn’t a long one soon the guests left and the gossips mongers, well their mouths were shut.

Back in the mansion

“Congratulations you all” Granny said. “Am proud of you Bella. I thought you won’t come” “Oh well here we are being now married just like you wanted…” I said with a bitter smile and just walked to my room. “Leo, please go talk to her” Grandma Cruz said with pleading eyes and then sent the rest to their rooms.

Leo’s POV

When the time for the wedding struck I was happy and sad at the same time. I dint know if Bella would come or not and if she came will she say yes? When she delayed to come I was beginning to be disappointed and then she came…still pretty as always and when she said “I do” I was so happy she was finally mine but when she said “Oh well here we are being now married just like you wanted…” I realized she got married for the sake of it and since she was bent on seeing everyone against her I will not give up on her nor my love for her…damn I’ve never felt this way before and I don’t wish it to end. “Can I come in?” I asked while entering. She dint answer nor look at me so I just entered and said” Listen am sorry I dint ask for your consent to get married, sorry you felt to be in such a predicament of being my wife...” She still dint look at me. I walked up to her and held her arm; what she did and said left me stunned. “DO NOT TOUCH ME…” and pushed my hand away “Am not your wife…I hope you get that so don’t even think I will perform the rights of a wife. NEVER! GET IT!!” When she said that I dint even get the chance to explain myself she walked to the closet and saw my suit case…I guess rage had taken over her…she threw everything on the floor and even kicked them…that was the first time I saw her like that when satisfied she went to the bathroom and locked herself in…for the whole night.

In the morning, she walked out of the bathroom…she seemed she dint sleep the whole night but instead staring in the darkness. She looked where she left my pile of clothes and surprised it was all clean. She sat on the bed and folded her arms to the chest and glared at me and I glared back. It was like a staring competition and without looking away, she said “If you think I’ll apologize for what I said and did yesterday then forget it…” “I never expected you to…by now I know you have so much pride to say a simple sorry” “It’s good you know that...” she stood and continued “because I hate you more than the day my parents died LEO WILLIAMS” I stood up and said “It’s okay if you hate me but I love you more than the days we used to fight ISABELLA CRUZ” “Alright then today am challenging you…” she said this while pointing towards me “Within a month, you will be begging me for a divorce because this will be your worst marriage” “And you within a month you will be in love with me begging me to stay” I said this with same tone still pointing towards her.


“Oh Bella dear please come for breakfast” Grandma Cruz said “Am not hungry…I will eat later in the office” “Office?” Jade asked “Yes Jade…office” “You can’t go to the office for the next one month…you have to stay home and learn to care for your husbands” Grandma Cruz said. Before Isabella could say anything, Grandma Cruz took them to the kitchen. “wow I can’t deal with the fact am married and now I’m asked to be a housewife? Things are getting typical.” Isabella thought. “Isabella I know you don’t know how to cook” Grandma Cruz said. “So am sending you to the market…” “If I don’t know how to cook how will I know the right ingredients granny?” “Am not sending you alone, you’re going with Leo he knows how to do kitchen shopping and he volunteered to take you and help” Isabella once again was left speechless…took the list and left infuriated. “Granny do you think your plans will work?” Aria asked. “You know how Bella is…” “They will be okay Aria. Begin with the preparations.”


“Excuse me Mr…give me everything in this list” Isabella said once she arrived in the market. The sun was scorching and she dint want to be there any other minute. “That’s not how you buy things Bella…” “Since you seem to know everything do the shopping yourself” Isabella said and left for the car. “Please Sir give me the list…” He took the list and bought everything needed. He also got ice-cream the chocolate flavor since he knew Isabella loved chocolate and it might cheer her up…a bit. “I got everything…and I got you this…” Isabella dint even look until Leo brought to her face. She looked at him and wandered how he knew her favorite ice-cream…never the less she took it and they drove home.

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