The Beautiful Witch

She Is The Witch

Dr.Michael bolted through the trail leading to Hacienda de Luna, his horse was as much as excited as him to fly through the rough and slippery terrain. Though he heard that witches could float or fly their way towards the places they wanted to appear, deep down inside his heart, he believed he could see her riding her horse in a human method. The only thing he gave up in believing was the possibility of being able to take Kaitlyn  out of his mind. He already anticipated that if ever he would  catch the witch up, he would still see her as Kaitlyn. Just because he couldn't stop thinking about him. He wondered what kind of spell did this witch cast on him,  eversince he started stalking up on her, he could no longer stop thinking about the Minnie of his heart.

He couldn't understand why he suddenly got this obsession in seeing the witch. Was it because he was hypnotized or he was just being curious?  All those fear against the power of darkness disappeared like bubbles as his obsession heightened up each day. No matter how scary were the tales about her, no matter how frightened were the villagers towards her,  he still hoped to see the good things about her. He hoped to see the way she was in the past, before she was angered by the ungrateful villagers.Who knew he could appeal for a reconciliation with her  in behalf of the villagers? The peace would then return  to the place as well as the blessings of her presence. However, he would have one request, and that was to stop her from using his beloved's face.

Being already familiar with the difficult terrains, curves and slopes, his horse carried him swiftly to his favorite spot by the river. Eversince he decided to become a village doctor, he would come to this place every afternoon. The sun was already at its quarter distance from its highest position in the sky, its glaring rays were blinding him from seeing things beyond. He squinted to get a better view around, too excited to see her at that moment.

Just as he expected, he saw a sillhouette of a woman standing beside a horse. He alighted from his own to take a better view of her. Tucked in a navy - blue denim pants, her white  long - sleeved blouse did nothing to conceal the great shape she possesed. He stood tall and slender, if ever there was something plump about her, it was perhaps her perfectly-  shaped bottom and her flaunting curves. Her soft, brown curls were hanging loosely from her back, enhancing her gorgeous built. This was exactly how Kaitlyn looked before, only that this witch had much more muscles in her body.

Hearing perhaps the sound of hooves and neighs, she turned towards his direction and stared at him for a while. However, she could not see his face. It was hidden behind his bonnet.

"Hello!" He tried to greet her.

However, it was too late for him to realize that he may had alarmed her since she mounted quickly into her horse and left without a word!  With his face hidden beneath the bonnet, anyone would suspect that he may had a bad intention. But why would she get alarmed? Wasn't she the witch who could make him vanish out of her presence?

He followed behind, trying to keep a distance but the witch seemed to outwit him. In a wink of an eye, she got lost from his sight. Never did he realized that Kaitlyn found a hidden trail in the midst of the thick bushes.


Back at the clinic, the two patients talked with the nurse.

"Miss, what happened? Why were you scared suddenly?" The one who was said to be the driver asked.

"Sir, do you believe in witches?"

"I've heard about them. "

"She was just here in disguise of a human."

The two men looked at each other and communicated silently.Whether or not they believed her, they understood that there must be something wrong going on around the place. News in the village spread faster than highly communicable viruses and this fear of the nurse must had rooted from an incident happening a while ago.

"What did she do?" One of the men asked.

"Few months ago, the beautiful witch cast her spell upon the villagers ..." said the nurse whose eyes started to get wide as she began her narration.

She, who had her roots from the village, relayed to them the story of the  goddess in such a believable manner. Her description of her as a goddess who later turned into a witch was so vivid that her listeners could indeed portray her in their minds as an existing being rather than just a character of an old tale.

"I saw her!" Dr.Michael butted in when he heard them talking about the witch, sending the nurse more chills down her spine.

"Really, doc? How does she look like?" asked the nurse further whose knees started shaking as she took in the truth that Dr. Michael really went as far as meeting the witch alone.

"Very beautiful. And she looked exactly like my fiancee."

All eyes turned to him. Was he still in his right mind? Or had the witch got inside him and muddled up his thinking?


The delivery men were finally discharged in few days and they all gathered in Manong Isko's house.

"Ma'am Kait! We have to plan out on how to protect ourselves. There are stories going on in the village about the witch and how she cast her spells towards the villagers," said Maya who did not waste time in relaying her the news.

Even just the thought of it  already sent shivers into Maya's spine and she could no longer rest her mind peacefully. The image of the witch kept troubling her and from then on, she was heard many times screaming in the middle of the night.

"Good if that's only the case. The problem is that the villagers think that Manong Isko has become one of the witch's  disciples since he is the only one brave enough to live in the top." The driver said, adding flames to the burning embers of fear in Maya's mind.

"So it only means that the villagers would one day come to us since they will be blaming the witch for all of their diseases and calamities. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 10.10.2019

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