The Beautiful Witch

Meeting The Goddess

Now left alone with the beautiful witch and Manong Isko, the rumored disciple of the dark, he suddenly felt afraid and confused on what to do. He was tempted to run but he didn't want to display his cowardice. He helplessly watched the villagers run for their lives who perhaps forgot  that if this lady is indeed the witch, their fleeing would be in vain. Her power would surely encompass them in a wink of an eye. His fear was even more ignited when Manong Isko's derisive laughter broke into his ears as if he heard the devil himself.

"Stupid villagers!" exclaimed Manong contemptously as he walked towards the lady witch.

"These people thought  you are the beautiful witch," Manong whispered into her ears.

"I know," she answered, her gaze was on Dr.Michael who kept staring at her direction.

Following her gaze which was directed to the doctor, he again bent down to whisper in her ears. "He's the new village doctor who is responsible for the progress of this place."

Kaitlyn just nodded. She was glad that the darkness concealed her piercing gaze towards him. Manong Isko may had heard about her having a high school sweetheart but she didn't think he had seen him with her before. "Can we go home now, Manong?"

Manong Isko looked around and after concluding that the commotion had finally ended and that only Dr.Michael was left, he agreed. "Alright."

Manong Isko walked back towards  Dr. Michael who remained standing by the bumper. "Doctor, we'd be on our way now. Thanks for the intervention. I could not imagine what the villagers would have done to us. If not because of you, we would have been corpses by now."

"It's a pleasure to keep you safe. Take care on your way, Manong,"

Dr. Michael answered calmly  but he rolled out his eyes as soon as Manong Isko walked away. Must he applaud them for being able to hold their secret despite the challenge? How long could they keep themselves in human form?

Manong Isko turned to look at him the moment he reached the other car. Perhaps, he was seeing to it that  he could not eavesdrop on them.

"Do you think you can fool me? If I know, had I not come to your rescue, you might have smitten the whole village with your black mist."

Dr. Michael continued to grumble to himself as he watched Manong Isko's every move. He even wondered what would they do once they would be out from his sight. Would they be flying their cars towards their so-called home?

As Manong Isko finally reached Kaitlyn, he opened the car's door for her and whispered, "I'll follow you, Kait."

Kaitlyn nodded without a word and climbed up to the driver's seat obediently. As soon as she was seated comfortably, Manong Isko walked towards his car to prepare himself to follow after her. Dr. Michael also walked to the side to give way but as soon as Kaitlyn's car came past Manong's, he suddenly jumped into the middle of the road to block her way. Disgusted, she stopped and opened her windows. She had no choice after all.

Dr. Michael immediately sprang up at the side of the window and looked into her eyes . He was already reciting in his mind how to say it, but as soon as she set her gentle eyes on him, all those words just flew out into the air right away.

"What is it, Joey Michael? Are you going to talk or not?" Dr. Michael's eyes widened as he heard her say his complete name angrily.

Did it mean that a witch can see his past, present and future? Did it mean that aside from mimicking someone's physical features, she could also see your whole life through? To think, only few knew about his full name and only few use his first name in addressing him.

What happened was that the midwife who assisted his mother's delivery  erred in registering his name. Instead of listing down his name as Joey Michael Asuero de Belen, she wrote it as Joey Asuero Michael, losing his identity as a de Belen. His parents had it corrected in the Office of the Civil Registry right after they found it out despite the very long and tedious process. However,  his name was legally changed into Michael de Belen, omitting the Joey in it. Though her parents had gotten used in calling him Joey  until some time in high school, that first name was completely forgotten when he persistently insisted to be only called as 'Michael'. Only Kaitlyn remained calling him that way as she was his closest childhood friend.

"Goddess Maria, forgive me for being so daring. I would like to beg from you.  Please stop mimicking her image. It bothers me in knowing that her privacy is disturbed just because she is always in my mind. Just give her the peace, please.  Just show us the real you."

Kaitlyn gathered her brows together in an angry and puzzled expression but it seemed that Dr. Michael didn't get the message. What was he talking about?

"Goddess Maria, since I have this chance already, I'd rather take the opportunity. I would also like to appeal before you in behalf of my people. Please spare them from your dark spells and curses. They are already suffering for years."

Kaitlyn suddenly wanted to laugh and slap him hard to wake him up. In just few days he was with these people, his mind was already muddled up with their superstitious beliefs. Yes, she couldn't deny that she, herself, was scared of those tales her family and friends told her before though she never saw any actual figures of them. So, she accepted the fact presented in school that those were just old tales with no scientific bases.

"You're a doctor, aren't you? Why can't you cure yourself? You are so sick in the mind! How about getting yourself the best psychiatrist?"

Dr. Michael stared at her unbelievingly. His heartbeats were too fast and erratic, much louder than her answers that he couldn't seem to process her statements in his mind. His knees were already shaking in fear, afraid that anytime her eyes would cast waves of fire to consume him.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 10.10.2019

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