The Billionaire's Badass Woman

Chapter 2

"Ella" I heard boss's voice, 

"in my office now" he said and left.. I walked in after him.. 

"yes sir?" 

"are you done with the designes?" 

"yes sir" 

"great .. and for the presentation ?"   

"yes sir"

"good .. and I know you were late today"

"aahhh ... i wasn't actually late sir, I came before you" i said with my thousand dollar smile, and boss was staring at me I know he's not mad... and then he shook his head and smiled at me.. look I told you..

"this is you last chance" he said,and tried his best to look scary.. but it's me he's talking to..

"you said the same thing last time" I whispered to myself..

"I heard it" he said while looking at my designs..

"how are the designes?" i asked, to changethesubject of course

"beautiful as always.. " he said .. i love it he praises my work.. it make me fly high to the sky..  wow I just rhymed it..  FLY HIGH TO THE SKY .. nice

"can i ask you something boss?"

"yeah go ahead"

"why is the meeting delayed?"

"my son will be joining us today .. but he had something to take care of, he'll be here soon"

"ohh.. I see"

"till then I want you to ga have a look at the factory, let me know if the fabric is ready I asked for.., we'll be starting this collection's work soon.."

"yes boss.. "


This part is my kinda favorite, going around the factory.. it's mesmerizing how it starts with just a thread and end up a cloth, i still love to watch the process, though i've seen it many time..
we have a new collection coming up my designes are all ready.., we're just waiting for the fabric and then we'll begin.
I don't know about the boss's designes yet, 
this will be my second time working on a big project with Joseph Levender himself.. it still gives me ghoosbums, sometimes it feels like a dream..,
I have everything i want.. even more and i am so grateful for everything...

 after looking around for about 20 minutes.. i am now heading back, fabrics are almost done.. meeting will start soon.., clara just called.., the little boss is here, 


"hey.. Ella" I turned and saw david running towards me..
"hey "
"where were you?"
"I was here,, were you looking for me.., do you need any help?" 
"uhh.. No I was just wondering if you want to grab a drink"
"ohh... thanks for offer but I have a meeting.. later though" i smiled at him
"oohh sure .. that's cool" andI know he forcedone, for me

"don't tell me you don't know he has a crush on you?" clara asked out of nowhere
"where did you come from?"
"I am always watching you my child"
"duh lame clara" 
" but it's the fact everyone know about except you"
"then please let me stay out of it.. like I am"
"that's crule"

" oh so right.." and i grinned
"sometimes you made me think you are posessed by aliens.."
"you finally found out? that's a relief"
"may God help you"
"same to you"
"but do you know he has a crush on you?"
"yes.. you told me like trillion times already"

"aaahhhhh.. Ella what are you.. he good looking, hard working and kind.. what,s your problem then?"
"instead let me teach you the real meaning of CRUSH.." she's looking at me as if I have 2 horns and a tail.. 
"it means .. if you like someone they'll crush you into small pieces,and you won't be able to collect yourself"
"understand" she's still thinking
"I never understand your logic"
 "it's not my logic it's a fact"
"whatever.. i'll ask you when you'll fall real hard for someone"
"wish you luck"
"and now come on, we're getting late"
"you are going like this" clara said pointing at my clothes, I nodded
"so what?"
"Come on .. " and she threw her hands in the air.. 
"If you're saying this because of our little boss then.. I don't care.. now let's go"


"okay ladies and gentle men .. I am pretty sure you guys know that my son is here today.., and you might have seen him on magazine's covers and all.., he was in London till now, he was taking care of our buisness there.. but now i want him to take over here, our main buisnesses.., don't worry this doesn't mean that I am quitting or something.. it's just he'll be woking with us" boss explained.. everyone seem to know him except me i guess
"I want you all to welcome him with your whole heart.. please welcome ISAAC LEVENDER" and everyone applaued for the little boss..

HELL NO guess who is the little boss..
it's the cafe guy.. and at the moment he's staring at me while smirking at the same time..,
and we're sitting in the boss's office.. JUST THREE OF US
i just hope he won't tell boss anything about earlier..

_______________________FLASH BACK________________________ 

"first I don't care... second I don't care"

_________________________FLASH BACK END_________________________

I am doomed.
"Ella .. ever heard about him befor?"
"ahhh.. No Boss"
" really.. young girls now a days know him more than they know me" he chuckled
"they might not know about the real fashion then, boss.." Boss laughed

" I don't know if I should be happy for the compliment or not.. my son is on the other side after all"
"she's right dad .. those girls are after my looks than my clothes or my designes" the little boss is smiling at his insult, I also don't know if I should be happy or not

Aiman Azhar

Edited: 31.10.2020

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