The Billionaire's Badass Woman

Chapter 6

"Why do you wear these clothes.., I mean at the office?" Of course the Little Boss again.. I heard him when I was waiting for the elevator, what's wrong with my clothes I think they are perfect because they are comfortable for me.., now that we're talking about clothes let me tell you what I am wearing.., a baggie button up light grey shirt, black ripped jeans and white sneakers, with my hair in a loose braid and of course my glasses 😌...

"If you don't like, close your eyes" I said and rolled my eyes

"I was just asking because, I was curious .. I mean it's not professional know.." he said carefully

"My work is professional and that's enough for my BOSS .." I said and pressed the word 'boss' intentionally..😏

"Can you just answer me like normal people for once ..? what it's gonna take from you, if you would" he said with amusement 😦

"My self" I said and walked into the elevator, I heard him saying 'huh' ..


This one minute was one of the most dangerous one minute of my life.., I was expecting that, someone would be in the elevator but there was no one .., he was staring at me for a whole 1 minute and it was sending shivers down my body.., I can still feel the sensations..


"Ella.." I heard someone calling me .., when I was diving in my thoughts.. 

"Ella.." then I saw Lisa, waving her hand in front of me..

"Huh.." I said

"Where are you girl.. come back to the earth" she said chuckling..

"Ooh nothing .. what is it?" I asked her while smiling..

"Boss is looking for you.." she said, I nodded, she left


"Boss you asked for me" I said after knocking onto his door.. 

"Yeah.. hera check these fabric pieces out.." he pointed towards his table..

"Hmmm.., very nicely done and soft.." I said after checking them, they were so smooth..

"Yeah.. " he smiled

"Do you want me to pick them up.." I asked

"Yeah actually I .." he was saying when someone burst in his office..

"Dad you asked for me..?" Of course the Little Boss..

"Oh sorry.. did I disturbed you guys.. I'll com.." he was saying

"No.. come in.. I mean you're already in.. so sit down.." oh I love it when boss do this 😌😁

"Ella.. dear I want you to go and pick these pieces up.. and also give him a tour and please help him get familiar with the surroundings.. " boss requested.., I threw daggers at the little boss 😡

"And also Ella know this..." Boss continued.., I gave him my attention..

"Isaac is here to learn.., so no special treatments for him.. just because he's my son.., and let others know about this as well..,I want him to learn and earn this respect.. I don't want to give him a well decorated plate.. okay?" He said and I was dancing inside 🐱

"Sure Boss.., you don't need to worry.. and I am sure Sir Isaac will cooperate with us.." I smiled evilly 

"Ummhumm caugh Yes Dad.. I'll do my best.." he said to Boss

"Good.. I don't want any other mistakes this time Isaac.. I hope you won't disappoint me again.." boss said quite seriously.. he just nodded..

"Okay you guys can leave.. and Ella keep me updated.." he said

"Yes boss " I saluted him .., he chuckled..



"Where are you going..? He asked.., when I was going to the entrance..

"To the factory.." I said like *duh*  🙄

" Are we going to walk..?" He asked again.., is he not normal.., why is he asking such stupid questions, when he knows that I am pissed at him..

"It's just 3 blocks from here.." I maintained my calm

"Ohh.. but still..." Enough

"Don't you have legs.. you have'em right.., then use'em.. WHY ARE YOU EATING MY HEAD.." and couldn't control anymore.. he was like 😲

" I .. I .. was just.." I cut him off

"If you want to go by car.. then go ahead.. I'll walk.. I'll see you at the factory.." I said and started walking..

"No it's ok.. we can walk" he said after faking a caugh, I didn't reply..

"Are you mad, because dad asked you to give me a tour around..?" He Asked  ... I just looked at him for a moment.. it's dangerous for me to look at him longer.. he has hypnotising eyes..

"Why you care?" I just said randomly..

"Well I don't want any misunderstanding.., I swear I didn't asked him to do so.. I was just having a bit fun with you .. that's it.. " he started to explain

"You don't have to explain.." I said looking at him, he looked at me..

"You were trying to scare me with your gaze earlier so I thought.." I cut him off

"I know Boss.. no one can bribe him" I said and smiled.., WAIT.., why in the world am I smiling at him..😱

"And about the stares .., that's my way to show you how I feel about you..😁😏" now I smiled..

"Glad to know.." he said still looking at me..

"What..? that I hate you.." I said innocently, he laughed

"At least you feel something for me.." he said chuckling and smiling.. his eyes .. his dark blue rare eyes were shining..


"We are here.." I said.

"Already?" He said.. I nodded and walked inside..

Later we checked the fabric to make sure that, everything Boss has ordered is there without any faults.., then we sent the trailer to the office.., I gave the Little Boss a very requested tour, then we left the factory..

"Aren't you hungry.." the little boss stopped in front of some cafe.. I am but I didn't answer..

"I am.. let's go.." he said and dragged me inside.., once we were inside and were giving orders, I noticed my hand in his.. I looked at him he was ordering.. is he not aware.. I thought.. then I tried to remove my hand.. and he looked at me.. my popped open.. even more.. he looked at me, the at our hands.., then left my hand quickly..

"I'll go look for table.." I said he nodded and I left

Aiman Azhar

Edited: 31.10.2020

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