The Billionaire's cold wife

Chapter 4

At eight the morning everyone got up to go to work, Brian went to his new workplace and leaving Ruby with her new nanny. Grace woke up and went to shower. She wore her t-shirt and Jean. She decided to go and get groceries. At that time Ruby and her nanny made her way to the stores for essentials for Ruby. After 30 minutes Grace arrived at stores, pushing her grocery cart and both the nanny and Ruby got there too. 

" we are going to get my favorite yought right? " Ruby said. 

" yes we are going to get everything you want" the nanny said. 

Ruby saw many chocolates and put them in the grocery cart. That time Grace was passing by and saw her. She stopped and went to her smiling. The nanny paid no attention to the child was busy chatting with a lady nearby. 

" hey are you going to eat all those chocolates by yourself? " Grace asked. 

Ruby turned around and let the chocolates fall down. Looking at Grace as though she was dumbstruck. 

" hey pretty lady" she greeted not realizing that Grace asked her something. 

Grace laughed softly and went near her. Got on her knees touched her hair. 

" hey cute girl so I asked are you going to eat all those chocolates by yourself" she said. 

" no if you want some I can give it to you but you got to give me something in return" Ruby said blushing. 




Grace Kingston

Edited: 17.01.2021

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