The Billionaire's cold wife

Chapter 10

After Grace hang up the phone, she began to cook and clean since she does not have any maid neither a cook. She only employed a driver and bodyguards. Her parents died when she was thirteen and her grand parents were in Italy. She does not have any friends the only friend she had betrayed her. She began fixing her clothes for work tomorrow then continue working on her laptop. 

At nine pm she decided to go and sleep. In new york Susan was busy packing up her bags and got her passport. She decided to go to London after she returned from her vacation and finding out that Brian left and took Ruby with him. She was more concerned about why did he block her access to the cards he gave her. She was more determined to know why would he leave all of a sudden maybe it is because he found out about her secret affairs she has been having with other men.

Thinking about being found out she began to be afraid because it would only mean he knows that she has been spending a lot on other men with his money. She still took her bags and went to the airport. She was blocked by all her lovers because she no longer had money anymore. She took a commercial flight because she did not have money for business class. 

At Brian's place they went to sleep after Ruby kept asking for his permission to visit Grace. She was too excited that she kept counting down the hours but she was eventually convinced by Brian to go to sleep after telling her that he will wake her up in the morning and he also had to set an alarm. 

Grace Kingston

Edited: 26.01.2021

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