The Billionaire's cold wife

Chapter 12

" Brian we need to talk" Susan said. 

He turned to the nanny and signaled her to take Ruby from there. The nanny took her and left with her. Then Brian turned to Susan and signaled her to sit down. His face quickly turned cold looking at her. 

" so what do you want to talk about? " Brian asked. 

" who is this aunt my daughter is talking about Brian and why did you block my cards? " she asked 

" I knew you would come running for my money again but you got here too early. Ruby is referring to Grace your best friend or should I say ex best friend" he said. 

" Brian we are married so everything that is yours is also mine so is the money. Grace is also your childhood sweetheart right who you left, do not act like you are innocent in front of me. Why are you making my child meet with her for? " she asked. 

" did you forget me and we are only married not in community of property?. Yes I left Grace and it is all your fault you drugged me and sleep with you. Making me think you are Grace. I had to leave her because of your jealousy and evil tricks" he said.  

Grace Kingston

Edited: 17.01.2021

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