The Billionaire's Past



10:00 pm Wednesday, in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Atif is already at home.

He is talking with his father, Mateo and his grandfather Haris.

They are standing at the balcony of Haris bedroom while drinking coffee.

They are talking about the result of the board meeting.

Haris is very proud of his grandson.

Mateo as well is very proud of his son Atif.

Because Atif meets their expectations that the new business will be approved if Atif presents it to the board members of H & A Summit.

Haris and Mateo are glad about the result of the meeting.

While Mateo and Haris is busy talking to each other, Atif secretly pull his phone from his pocket.

He remember that he didn’t reply to the message of his friend, Aliyah because his attention was distracted when he bumps at Nea when he is on his way to Haris office.

Then he forgot to reply the message of Aliyah when he started to report the result of the meeting to his grandfather, Haris.

And he totally forgotten to send a reply to Aliyah when his grandfather asked him to drive Nea home.

Atif admit to himself that he forgot Aliyah for a while when he is having a good time with Nea this evening.

Thus, he felt guilty like that he cheats to Aliyah after having a good time with Nea.

Atif don’t know why he felt like that while there’s nothing between him and Aliyah.

They are not husband and wife.

Also, they are not in a relationship.

They are just friends in social media unofficial for Aliyah never accept his friend request.

And their life is spinning in different worlds.

As if having no chance to see each other in person.

Atif really don’t understand why he felt like that this night.

He like the personality of Nea and he is really interested to Nea but why he has this guilty feeling.

Atif got a chance to reply to Aliyah when the attention of his father and grandfather is not focus on him.

He secretly read the message of Aliyah.

Atif act like that because he don’t want them to notice that he is chatting to a woman.

Atif don’t want them to know about Aliyah.

After reading the message of Aliyah, Atif type his reply as fast as he could before the attention of his father and grandfather will focus on him again.

“How are you? The reason why I didn’t reply to your message is I accidentally met a girl that catches my interest and she and I had dinner this evening. I’ll drive her to her home for her car got a problem. I’ll just arrived at home,” Atif explain to Aliyah.

 Atif didn’t notice that Mateo, his father is talking to him again.

Mateo noticed that his son Atif is not paying attention on what he said. He noticed that Atif is busy checking his phone.

Mateo shook his head and frowned. Then he call Atif to get his attention. 

“Atif, who is that? His father call his attention. 

Atif got so surprised.

His phone slip on his hand.

 And dropped on the floor.

In front of his grandfather.

Unfortunately, his grandfather picked Atif’s phone and see the message chat head of Aliyah.

Haris see the photo of Aliyah.

The real photo of Aliyah because Aliyah put her real photo this time in her profile.

Haris stare at the photo of Aliyah.

Haris has goosebumps for what he seeing is a very familiar face.

The woman face looks so familiar.

She has a resemblance to “Haya”.

The daughter of his former employee.

 “Haya” was missing a long time ago.

Until now Haris former employee’s son couldn’t find his daughter.

Haris blink his eyes and put on his eyeglasses hoping that the image will change.

But it remains the same.

“Grandpa, can I have my phone now.” Atif try to get his phone from his grandfather.

Haris shook his head.

Gave the phone to Atif.

Take a deep breath and look far away as if he remember a tragic accident.

Atif and Mateo don’t know why Haris behave like that this time after seeing the photo of Aliyah on Atif’s phone.

But none of them dare to ask any question to Haris.

They have different reasons why they never asked.

For Mateo knew that his father Haris will not talk about it in front of Atif.

While for Atif, he feared that he will get a sermon from his grandfather if he ask him a question.

Atif thought that his grandfather was disappointed to him.

Atif concluded that his grandfather couldn’t believe that his talking to a stranger like that.

Talking to a woman who don’t even belong to their society.

Wasting his time to a stranger.

Atif is standing with downcast eyes in front of his grandfather.

“You may go to your room now Atif.” He heard his grandfather command him.

“And stop wasting your time chatting to that lady.”

Atif knew that it’s a warning.

 He knew his grandfather very well.

Atif cannot disobey him.

“Yes, Grandpa.”   Atif answered in sad voice.

Atif leave the room of his grandfather.

Go to his own room.

Atif is in his room now.

 Sitting on the floor near the door leading to his bedroom’s balcony.

His holding a can of beer.

His drinking.

He is drinking for he wants to forget every little thing his grandfather said.




 Still, in his mind, Atif heard the words his grandfather said.

From childhood until now Atif always obey what his grandfather wants him to do.

But now he can’t.

He will disobey his grandfather this time.

“I will break the rules this time, just time for you Aliyah.”


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