The Billionaire's Secret Love

Chapter Ten

Ursula's pov

I sat in my office looking at the laptop until my phone suddenly rings, I picked it up


"Hello my dear love, don't you miss me" the voice sent shivers down my spine

"What do you want?!" I questioned

"Hmm what did I want? You" he let out a wicked laugh

"Look don't you dare call this number again understood"

"Is there a problem with that baby?"

"Don't you dare call me that ever again understand?"

"Baby you know how much......" I hanged up and bang the phone on my table

What I have been running from has finally gotten a way to get me, that bastard almost ruined my life

My phone rang again but this time it was my dad, I looked at the caller ID for a long time before picking the call

"Sunshine are you there?" His voice was broken it seemed like he has been in tears for so long

"Dad" a single tear left my eye

"Sunshine I'm sorry I shouldn't....."

"Dad no no please don't, it wasn't your fault I....."

"Yes it is darling and I'm sorry I shouldn't have hid your mum's identity from you"

"Dad it's ok, I understand you did it for my own good please don't cry dad"

"I'm not"

"You do know I can hear you right?"

"Silly girl" he laughed a little

"How have you been dad?"

"Everything is fine except that my little angel isn't here"

"I miss you dad"

"I miss you too sunshine, how have you been couping with England"

"It's wonderful dad, yes tat reminds me when do I get I speak to Felicia?"

"Soon honey"

"Ok dad bye I need to get to work"

"Bye honey" he hanged up

I dropped my phone and the memories run flood my mind, uncontrollable tears were flowing down my eye.

To top it all dad knew absolutely nothing about it I couldn't tell him no matter how many times I tried

I slowly fell asleep on my table

I was sitting alone in woods, my eye were blur with tears my head was pounding but I couldn't stop running

My legs were bleeding and I was shouting for help but no one could hear me I was starting to lose hope then I saw a house straight ahead

I ran as fast as I can to the house and knocked at the door. A blonde hair woman opened the door with a small smile

"How may I help you young lady?"

"Ma'am please I need a place to stay tonight please ma'am"

"Don't worry my child you can stay"

"Thank you" I walked into the house and the light were suddenly turned off

"Hello babydoll"

"Ahhhh!! Please don't! Please stay away!"

"Ursula wake up!!" My flew open and Jay was standing right in front of me

I hugged him tight not minding other people around

"You guys can leave now" Jay ordered

They all left the room and I sobbed quietly in him chest

Jay's pov

I held her tight as she cried in my chest, my mind was filled with different thoughts. She pulled away from me slowly and I raised her chin up

"Tell me what happened?"

"He's coming after me again, Jay don't let him get me please I don't want to go back please..."

"Shh no one will ever take you away I promise"

I didn't want to push her to tell me but whoever is behind this should watch out for me

"Are you ok?"

"I think so" she whispered

"You need some sleep"

"Sleep? No he will be there I don't want to sleep please"

"I'm here he isn't gonna be anywhere close to you" I carried her in bridal style to my office

I carefully dropped her on the couch and she held me back

"Don't go"

"I won't "

I sat down and she put her head on my laps. She fell asleep while I was brushing her hair and Seth barged him lucky for him she didn't wake up

"Seth for the thousand times knock before entering any where" my voice was low

"I'm sorry sir, is she ok?"

"Yeah, what do you want?"

"Signatures" I signed the papers and he left

I gently carried her head up and stood up.

After what happened this morning with mum I really don't feel like going back home and she piled alot of work for Ursula in here

Mum and I were close but that ended five years ago before Dad's accident when she almost killed me at the balcony

I sat all alone in my room with no where to go, Ace and dad were out and mum was downstairs watching movies

I walked to the balcony and watch the stars shine bright when suddenly my room door was completely broken down

I jumped the moment I saw my mum with a broken bottle

"Mum what are you doing?"

"Come here you worthless child!" She yelled which confused me

"Mum stay away from me" I took a step back as she came forward

I was at the edge of the balcony and my palms were sweating.

"Mum drop the bottle"

"Don't tell me what to do you rascal!" I couldn't understand anything she never raised her voice on me since when I was little so why now

She kept coming closer and I had to find a way to get out. I kicked her legs and she fell, I ran passed her but not without getting a cut from the broken bottle in her hand

"Mum!" I moved back as the blood kept oozing out of my legs

"Ace stay here I'll see what's going on" I heard dad's voice from downstairs

"Dad!" I heard him climbing the stairs as I kept moving back

"Matilda!" He yelled as he came inside my room

"Ahhhh!!" I was brought back to the present the moment I heard her scream

"Hey! Hey! I'm right here no one is gonna take you away"

"Dad, call my dad"


"Where is my phone?! Where is it?!" She yelled and looked around

I walked to her office to get the phone and held it away from her

"Give me the phone Jay!"

"Shut up and calm down"


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