The Billionaire's Secret Love

Chapter Fifteen

Jay's pov

I jumped up from my be the moment I heard someone banging the door continuously

"Who is that?!" I yelled but no one answered but he/she continue banging

I stood up and opened the door only for Ace and Jenny to walk inside the room

"What are you guys doing here?"

"What the...."

"Brother?" They both stared at the wall filled with Ursula's picture

"Jay have you been spying on her?" Jenny asked

"Why are both of you here?" I asked again

"I need a favor will you do it for me?"

"Jenny what do you want?"

"Come to the office please"


"Things are falling apart Jay, different deals being cancel must workers are not taking their jobs seriously and your office is a room full of papers"

"You and Ace are their........"

"Me? I'm a total mess in the office and you know that"

"Please Jay"

"Fine fine now go I'll be there in an hour"

"Bye brother" they both ran out and I sat on the bed

I have no idea what does two are up to but now that I have given my word I have to go

Ursula's pov

"Yvonne I....."

"This is what I was looking for" she pulled out the skirt that was given to me at the company and I sighed

"Yvonne first you should know about me I hate skirt and dress keep that in mind"

"But at the bar.."

"Trust me that's the one dress I have and I'm definitely not wearing that"

"Then what will you wear?"

"Leave that to me now go take a bath" I took my bath like an hour ago and I haven't gotten anything to wear all in the name of her

I picked out my white shorts and a red long sleeve, I made my hair straight and did a little makeup

"Woah!" Yvonne exclaimed as she came out of the bathroom

"What?" I laughed

"You look hot!"

"Now that's what I'm talking about"

I put on my multicolor canvas and turned to her

"What do you think?"

"Wear a white top red does match"

I changed it and she dressed herself. In no time we were both dressed

"Don't you have a little bag?"

"I don't need one" I held my phone in my hand put my headphones over my neck and put on my face cap

"Hold on" she turned the face cap backwards and I looked at the mirror

"Now I look like a street girl" I whined

"Isn't that what you are now let's go" she pulled me out of the room and locked the door

This is gonna be a long day I thought

I wonder what the company is like I mean I've been gone for two months Jay has been gone for a month, according to Ace it's been jeopardized

Even if I didn't stay for a long time I made a lot of friends like Seth, Beatrice, Luis and most of all my best friend Jenny

Yvonne paid the taxi driver as I stared at the company

"You ready girl?"

"I was born ready" 
we walked into the company and I was attacked by Seth

"Seth! Off now" he backed away and I opened my arms for him

"Gosh I've missed you, why did you quit?"

"For some reasons"

"Will you tell me later?"

"Seth get lost" he laughed and walked back to his office

Surprisenlly Jenny wasn't in the office which is quite strange

I walked to Luis cabin and peeked inside

"If it isn't the couple of the year" they stopped kissing each other and turned to me

"Ursula!" Beatrice ran and caught me off guard making me fall

"Babe you wanna kill her?" Luis helped us up and hugged me

"Why did you leave without informing anyone?" Beatrice playfully hit me on my shoulder

"Story for another day.... Eermm Yvonne?" I turned around and she was no where to be found

"We'll see you later" Luis dragged Beatrice into his cabin

"Yvonne?" I walked back to the reception to see her sitting with Seth

I walked to Jay's office and gasps, the whole room was completely disordered. I locked the room door and opened the secret room that too was a mess

"I have to clean this place up" I removed my clothes and wore one of his black T-shirt which was over size like I expected I didn't want to ruin my white in anyways

I changed the bedsheets and dust everywhere in the room, there wasn't much work in the room so I finished up and walked into the office

I arranged the papers that were meant to be signed on the table and cleaned the entire place

It took an hour for me to finish and Jay wasn't here yet. I took a shower and put my clothes back on

I unlocked the door and sat down to sign the papers on the desk

Jay's pov

I walked into the office along with Jenny by my side and my lovely but annoying brother at the other side

To my surprise everything was in order except for a unknown girl waiting in the receptionist stand

I opened my office door and froze, I cleaned my eye repeatedly to know if it was a dream or not

She sitting right there behind my desk she didn't even notice we were here

"Ace do you see anyone there?"

"Yes brother she's the one now don't blow you chance this time" he left

I closed the door and she raised her head up, she removed her head phones and walked towards

"Hey, I'm sorry for what happened with Ash....." She kissed me by surprise

She pulled away and look at my eye

"Don't mention her name when I'm around" her angelic soft voice God I missed that

"Anything you ask for" I hugged her tight i so much miss her

I twilled her around as she laughed out loud, it seems like forever since I saw that smile

"I love you so much badass"

"Hey!" I laughed as she whined and pecked my nose

"Say you love me" i dropped her down

"Why should I?" She crossed her hand against her chess like a child

"Trust me that behavior doesn't suit you" I whispered in her hear

"You scoundrel!" she chased me round the office with a pillow


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