The Billionaire's Secret Love

Chapter Sixteen

Wren's pov

I dropped from my car only to see the bar it restaurant was closed, I haven't been here in days

Strange I thought

"Eermm hello there do you have any idea what happened to the bar?" I asked

"Yeah, here is the address they are in now" he removed a poster from the glass window and gave me

"Thanks" I read the paper and head to the address

I watched in awe as I saw the new building I mean it's huge and beautiful

I walked in and the interior was just amazing, I noticed that the girls weren't in the counter or serving customers as usual

I sat down quietly and read the menu

"Jay!" I heard Ursula from outside

She was talking to some guy hiding his face in a jacket and raised an eyebrow

The unknown fellow kissed her and she walked inside the restaurant while the guy walked to some company across the road

"Well hello Mr Wren what can I get for you?" She said with a bright smile

"Cottage pie"

"Coming right up" she walked away and I gave my boss a phone

"They what?!" He yelled over the phone, he was in complete rage

"But Sir why are you keeping an eye on her?"

"Do your job Wren and don't ask questions" he hanged up

Vlad's pov

I smashed my phone on the table the moment I hanged up I was just one step closer to getting her but they just had to move at the wrong time

It was hard for me to trace her all the way to England and now I have to get rid of that minaic called Jay King

"I don't know what you've done to her Jay but I'll get back what is mine"

Ursula's pov

I wore my red dressed and walked out of the changing

These days here has been a hell, customers keep multiplying day by day, Yvonne has been sick for days and I'm the only one here at night it's even worst

To top it all even Ryan wasn't here and only him knows why

"Hey! Can I get a bottle?" I locked at the face and picked out a bottle of beer from the counter

I removed my canvas and some flats because my legs were already hurting me

"Hello" I jumped when I heard a voice in my ear

"What the hell Fred?"

"Sorry for scaring but a bottle" I handed him a bottle of fruit juice and he left to his table

I checked my phone to see five missed calls from dad and a unknown number

"Greg take care of things here I'll be back"

I walked to the dressing room and called Dad

"Sorry Dad I was busy with work and I didn't hear the phone ringing"

"It's ok honey how have you been?"

"Fine and you?"

"Doing great, what's wrong honey?"

"I'm stressed out Dad"

"Honey you need to take some rest from work"

"I can't, Yvonne and Ryan are sick I'm the only one here"

"Where are you?"

"I'm still at work"

"At 9pm?"

"Dad don't panic I'll be fine I promise"

"Ursula I don't w......"

"Dad I'm not going to be sick so relax"


"Dad it's late you need to sleep don't worry about me ok?"

"You're so stubborn"

"I got that from you, now go to bed Dad"

"Fine fine good night" he hanged up and I shaked my head

I walked back to the counter and the place was full of noise and few were even fighting, where the hell did Greg go to?

I turned the music off and picked the microphone

"Shout up!!!" I yelled and everyone froze

All eye were on me and Greg came out of nowhere

"Look if you guys don't keep your damn mouth shut for the next hour no one is gonna get any drink from her and if you want one get it from the counter" I played the music back and sat behind the counter's desk

I keep a bottle of every drink on the counter from the shelf and glasses for those who didn't want a full bottle

My head was aching badly and I can't keep going up and down.

"A bottle of red wine" I handed the blonde hair girl the bottle and she left

The evening went by with no disturbance thankfully and now it's time for me to head home, I handed the keys over to Ma'am Ruby and walked out

I felt a strong pair of hands around my waist I already knew it was Jay because he does this say the time but his cologne was different and strong

"Jay your cologne is too strong, why did you change it?"

"It's so nice for you to be in my hands again" I froze the moment I heard the voice

I screamed at the top of my voice and he closed my mouth immediately

"You're in a different country honey so don't be stupid"

"V....Vlad let me go I struggled in his hold

Jay's pov

I heard a ear piercing scream the moment I stepped out of the office, I looked over the road to see a man holding a girl forcefully and kept moving into the dark

The restaurant was already closed, I crossed the road and turned on my phone light to see clearly

My eye widen the moment I saw the red hair

"Hey get the hell away from her!" I held his clothes collar and pulled him away from her

"Oh hello prince! Come to take your lov
rincess away?"

"What?!" He punched me on my jaw and I could hear Ursula screaming

I held his arm and pin him on the wall, I gave him several punches until I heard a gun shot and felt a sudden pain in my ribs

"Jay!!" Was the last thing I heard before passing out

Ursula's pov

I ran towards Jay as he fell on the floor after an unknown person shot him

"Jay? Jay wake up" I pulled my phone out and called Ace but the phone was snatched from my hand

"What are you trying to do honey?"

"Vlad what the hell is your problem? If you want me fine but why did you shot him?"

"Shh baby...."

"Don't you dare baby me because that's not what I'm"

I pulled out Jay's phone and called Ace

"Ace come the restaurant and pick Jay to the hospital quickly"


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