The Billionaire's Secret Love

Chapter Twenty-Two

Oona's pov

I walked downstairs along with Zach in my arms, the place was too quite to believe that anyone was in here

"Anyone home!"

"What's wrong dear" I jumped when I heard a voice from behind me

"Who.....oh father you scared me"

"Sorry about that, what's wrong?"

"Nothing the place just seem quite"

"Come here my little super man" I handed Zach to him and walked to the kitchen

Everyone in the family was nice, loving and sweet. Ever since the incident with Vlad they kept us safe without hesitation

Ursula and I didn't feel comfortable calling them by there names or being formal all the time so we decided on Mother and father

If I had a family like this I wouldn't ask for anything more

My family died in a car accident I was the only one who survived though it was difficult but I over come everything and kept moving until the day I met Vlad

I was walking down the street alone like always when I'm done with work because my apartment was just two blocks away

Someone out of the blue suddenly pulled me in the dark corner.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I couldn't see his face clearly because of the darkness

I tried screaming but he covered my mouth, I couldn't fight because my body was held firm

I tried using my legs but it was of no use, I was suddenly blind folded, my mouth was covered with some clothe and my legs were chained

I felt someone carrying me then I was suddenly dropped inside a car

I really didn't know what was happening or what they wanted with me

I was pulled out of the car and my legs were untied they kept yelling directions for me and I had no choice but to follow

I entered a room and was suddenly pushed on a bed, my hands were tied to the bed stand and my clothes were stripped off that's when I knew what was going on

he removed my blind fold and the clothe use to cover my mouth and smiled

"Please let me go"

"Why would I?" His husky voice sent shivers down my spine


"No baby"

That was how he got me pregnant after two days and locked me up under the basement

"Oona!" I heard mother's voice and ran out

"Yes mother"

"What are you doing in the kitchen?"

"I wanted to make something for dinner"

"Oona we have chefs in the house to do that just tell them what to come however where's Zach"

"He's with father"

"Now sit" I sat down next to her

She asked a servant to get her bag from the room

"We are all going shopping in thirty minutes, we will pick Ursula on our way and the whole family is attention a party during the weekend I'm not gonna hear any buts or ifs now go dress up"

"Ok mother"

I got upstairs and took a quick shower. I dressed up and walked downstairs to feed Zach



"Let me feel him and put him to sleep"

"Where are you going?"

"Mother instead we go for shopping we will pick Ursula on our way"

"Have fun"

"Ok father"

I walked upstairs and put him to sleep

"Oona!!" I closed the room door and ran out

"Let's go mother"

First things first i don't know anything about parties and now that mother has forced me to go i can't decline it

Moreover the whole family is going I'll just mingle around with Zach and Ace about because I know Ursula and Jay will be in there own world

Does two are literally inseparable, mother and father had to keep their eye open in order for them not to sleep in the same room at night

Love drives some people crazy like I've have but now I believe it in does two

"Oona where are you lost?" I heard Ursula's voice

"Huh! Sorry" I laughed nervously

"Mother do we have to do shopping?" Ursula whined

"No we don't have to go. We will head straight home and you won't see Jay till the party, driver....."

"No mother we'll go shopping"

"Silly child!" Mother and I laughed as her cheeks turned red

I just hope Ace gets home before Zach wakes up because this shopping is gonna take a long time

"Let's go" Ursula pushed me out of the car and pulled me and mother into the hall

"Woah girls no one should live my sight got it?"

"Yes mother"

I looked around the shop and my eye caught a particular dark hair

He seemed very familiar from the walking step and his back view but I couldn't see the face

"Hey this would look great on you" Ursula held a black flawless evening dress on my body

"Wow! Go try it on"

"Where's the dressing room?"

"Ursula try this heel on"

"Mother I can't walk in them"

"You'll learn"

Ursula's pov

I groaned as mother made me wear the heels in the middle of the mall. I held her tight and walked carefully

"She can't do it" we all turned the moment we heard the voice

"What are you doing here?" Oona  almost yelled

"My two beautiful girls are here why....."

"Not another word against my daughters now who the hell are you?" Mother pulled us behind her

"I'm so sorry ma'am I'm Vlad Jeremy"

"How dare you show your face to us again! Security!!" mother yelled

And for the first time in seventeen years I felt the love of a mother, she stood her ground for us even if we were her real children

Tears flow down my eye and I hugged her by surprise

"Hey! What's wrong?"

"I love you Mother"

Vlad had already disappeared to heaven knows where before the security showed up

"Why..... Oh come on you're also crying?"


"Shh you both are and will always be daughters now who's ready for some shopping!" We all laughed and walked to the dressing room

Mother made me wear heels round the hall without holding anything if I told you my legs weren't hurting I'll be lying to you


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