The Billionaire's Secret Love

Chapter Twenty-Six

Jay's pov

Just like I promised I made Yvonne's funeral one of the best. After it was over I dropped Jenny at her house and drove home with Ursula

"Can I get two cups ice-cream?" She asked

I was quiet shocked that she asked for ice-cream and was a bit calm

"Sure" i drove to the nearest ice-cream store and got her favourite flavor; strawberry


She was taking the ice-cream quiet then she suddenly started laughing out of control making me to stop the car Immediately

"Why are you laughing?" She turned to me with tears in her eye but she was still laughing

"You know? This was one of Yvonne's most favorite thing. If she didn't take this during lunch break then hell might just break out and it use to be so funny watching her scoop a spoon full of ice-cream but now......." I brushed her cheeks and she smiled a little

"Everything is gonna be fine, I promise" I kissed her forehead and drove home

Vlad's pov

I watched closely as Ursula and Jay walked into the glorious mansion and punch the wall hard

"Jay you made a big mistake by stealing my girl away from me"

Ace's pov

I was sitting all alone in the cementary looking at Yvonne's name on the grave stone

We were just in the being of our relationship but the heavens did what us to be together

I loved her more than anything well except my father. Since the day I met her I started having feelings for her and when I try to ignore it, it didn't work

Died right in my arms at the hospital

I stopped the car the moment I saw her walking like a truck man

"Babe for the billion times stop going to work you know you're sick, why do like stressing yourself"

"I'm fine Ace" she groaned

"No come let's....... Yvoone! Babe!!" I picked her up in bridal style and drove to the hospital

"Nurse!!" I yelled the moment I step foot in the hospital

I dropped her on the stretcher and followed them.

"I'm sorry Mr King you have to stay out"

I ruffled my hair in frustration and said down.

An hour later the doctor came out with a long face making me tensed

"What happened?"

"Mr King she's in a critical state I'm not sure if she could survive it not"

"What happened to her?" I almost yelled

"She has stage four leukemia"


"Yes and stage four is the highest stage which means there is a high chance of her dieing" my heart sank as those words came out of his mouth

"Can I see her?"

"Yeah sure"

I walked in the room and saw her sitting on the bed with wires everywhere

"Y.. Yvonne?"

"I'm sorry Ace I'm......" She burst into tears

"No no no you're a strong girl I know you can go through this and you are not alone I promise"

"I love you Ace"

"I love......" Her hands dropped from mine and the heart monitor was in a straight line

"Yv...... Doctor!!" The doctor burst inside

"My King you........"

"No one is gonna tell me to get out of here!" I yelled

"I'm sorry Mr King"

"Don't sorry me doctor what is wrong!"

"She's gone"

"No that's not possible Yvonne!! Yvy answer me!!" I crushed down

"Son?" Mum called and I turned

"I'm sorry mum I failed! I couldn't take care of her like brother did! I....."

"No no son you were the best son, brother and boyfriend anyone could even have. Yvy might not be here but she will always be in our heart and I know she's out there looking at us and I know she will be proud of you"


"Really son now let's go home you haven't eaten since last night and you wouldn't wanna make her upset right?"

"Yes mum let's go"

Jay's pov

Everyone was having dinner at the table and stood at the door looking at them in awe

"Brother aren't you gonna eat?" Ace asked

The look in his eye was still sad but he was trying to overcome everything

I looked at Ursula who was still silently scooping the tenth cup of ice-cream today

"Hey! Enough ice-cream now" I tried to take it from her but she held it to her chest like a child

"Mother tell him to let me go" I cried


"Mum this is the tenth ice-cream since the funeral she's end up having a stomach ache tommorow"

"Jay just leave her she's still getting over it, she'll soon stop" Oona concluded and I sighed

She dropped the empty cup and walked to the refrigerator and pick out the bucket

"Ok young lady enough of ice-cream" mum attacked her and collected the bucket from her

Her eyes filled with tears and she ran upstairs

I ran after her before she shut the door

"Angel you need to relax"

"Get out or you bring me ice-cream!" She yelled making me ruffled my hair

I locked the door and sat down  with her on the bed

"Angel please" she laid on my laps and started crying out loud

"Why Jay? Why?" She cried

"Shh baby please relax Yvonne wouldn't want to see you in this condition. I know that you miss her but God loves her more and you seriously have to let her stay in peace"

"It's hard ok!"

"Shh everything is going to be ok and no more ice-cream" she giggled a little and nod

I brushed her hair as she fell asleep slowly

"Ouch!!" She whinsed making me jump

"Sorry I didn't....." She cut me off and started laughing

"I'm fine you mistakenly pulled a string that's all" she cuddled in my chest

"Good night badass"

"For the bi......."

"Goodnight my little cutie pie" she giggled and kissed my forward

"Good night baby"


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