The Billionaire's Secret Love

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Ursula's pov

"It's a week to your wedding!!!" Jenny screamed on her voice making me cover and give her the 'what the hell?' look

We were presently in my room and she jumped on the bed.

"What's your problem?" I asked watching her bounce up and down

"I'm so happy!" She yelled again I sighed as I remember Yvonne

If only she was here, my whole room will be full of feathers from my pillow because my wedding is around the corner

I wiped the tears in my eyes, Jenny seems to notice me because she stopped whatever she was doing

"What's wrong?" She crutches down next to me

"I wish Yvy was just here" I couldn't stop the tears from rolling out

"She's here, she has always been and will always be" she hugged me and wiped my tears away I noticed her eye were also red from the scene

We consoled each other in silence and we were interrupted by Jay's lack of manners

"Ba.....why are you guys crying?" His smile turned into a frown then Jenny and I gave each other a knowing look before bursting in laughter

He just stared at us in confusion and amusement before leaning the door

"Can I steal my bride for some minutes?" He asked looking at Jenny and she pretended like she was thinking hard

"How about eermm... No! Sorry we are going shopping now"

"Please!" He whined

"Nope now out"

"Jenny it's been two weeks, please" I pleaded with her

"Thirty minutes" she walked out of the room and jumped in Jay's arms

"God! I miss you" he hugged me tight

I don't blame him even I miss his company, it's been two since I last touched him because of the family won't let us

"I missed you" I kissed him by surprise, he seemed shocked at first but didn't hesitate to kiss back

We heard someone clearing his/her throat behind us, our eye widen as we sow father looking at us

Jay dropped me immediately and I pushed my hair front blocking my heated cheeks

"Dad I...i...." He bursted in laughter as we stared at him in shock

"You guys are just adorable, I remember when they tried keeping your mother away from me I ended up kidnapping her, that was the good old days" he sighed

"Y.... your not angry with us?" Jay was still shocked by what was happening

"Not at all but your mother will be coming soon so Jay you know what to do" with that he left the room

"Well that was weird" Jay ruffled his hair and gave me a last kiss before he left

Jenny came inside shortly after he left and  looking at me like I grew two heads

"What's with the look?"

"Nothing just get dressed" I walked into the closet and searched through the clothes

I decided on all red today so picked out shorts, t-shirt, canvas and a face cap and yeah my head phones

"You're going like that?"

"What do you expect?"

"Soon to be bride?"

"Oh to heck with my soon to be bride life style I'm going like this and that's final"

I have no idea what's wrong with everyone they insist I do or do that all in the name of I'll soon be a bride

I drove us to the mall and kept wondering what we were even going there for

"What are we doing in the mall?"

"Who is the bride? You not me" I stopped the car Immediately and she gave me pointy look

"If I'm the one to go shopping then sorry to say I have nothing to buy" I was about to turn the car around then she stopped me

"You're really old fashioned and Aunt Malissa already have me a list and I have mine in my head, so drive"

"Urrggghhh!!" I groaned and she just laughed

I stopped the car and we got into the hall

She kept buying things while I was at the second floor wandering around

My eyes caught a pair of sandals and I picked in up, it was pure white with red gem stones around the button part of it.

I walked back to the first floor and handed Jenny the sandals

"I thought you didn't want anything?"

"What are you doing in the lingerie store?"

"To get some for you"

"Oh no you....."

"It's on mother's list" she declared showing me the list

I threw my hands up and walked to back to the second floor trust me mother acts like my best friend sometimes I mean seriously who buys lingerie for her daughter in law

I was suddenly attacked with a white hanky on my nose, I felt dizzy all of a sudden

"Happy to see me baby" that was the last thing I heard Vlad

Jenny's pov

I have literally gone to every floor in this store and Ursula I no where to be found

"Hey security guy! My friend is missing here!"

"Then what do you want?"

"What is the job of a security?"

"To secure?"

"Stop being a grumpy old hag because my friend got missing in here so things from the mall will also be stolen and you will be fired for not being vigilant" I yelled and his face went pale

"Show me the picture" I held the picture up and he walked around the mall with me following behind

I tried calling her but she didn't pick either I wonder where he is

I stood at the receptionist because I was already tired of following that security about

The security came back and told me that she isn't in the mall, I paid for everything and drove to the house

"Jay!! Jay!!" I yelled in the house and I saw both him and Ace running downstairs

"What happened?"

"Ursula's missing"

"How is that possible?" Ace asked but Jay doesn't seem bothered about it

"Did you and Ursula fight?"

"What? No! Not at all"

"Then why aren't you bothered about it?"

"Oh we will find her location in no time"

"How?" Me and Ace asked at the same time

Jay's pov

Ace and Jenny kept asking questions on and on as we walked to the tracking room

"Guys please shut up!" They both kept quiet and followed me silently

I turned in the computer and searched for where Ursula is


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