The Boy of Dane

The Strange Meeting

“There it is. There is the hut. I see it, I see it.” The 18-year-old girl yelled at her older sister Jillian. 

“We should not delay if we want to reach safety in time. When we get to the hut, quickly give Bryan to me and go search for the map inside the hut.”

​Finally, the sisters reached the so seemed abandoned house, but screams came from the castle, horrifying sounds that one could not imagine to be human.

“That does not sound in anyway good, quickly go and find the map!” Jillian almost furiously shouted at Amanda. The hut was quite small on the inside, all which could be found in the hut was a fireplace (Already lit), a chest on the left side of the fireplace and a large table on the right. On the table did lay a table cloth and a dirty plate without knife or fork. 

“Whoever lives here desperately needs new supplies, (sniff) and a bath as well, ugh!” Amanda thought to herself, on the other hand, Amanda herself could use a nice warm bubble bath she thought again. She desperately started gazing through the room to see if she could see any sign of a map. “I can’t find it Jillian!” she said.

“We must make haste Amanda!” Jillian scolded at her sister, you could hear in her voice how her nerves were piling up. 

“I don’t see it anywhere, come and help me.” she yelled back. 

“Alright, but I won’t be much of any help, not while I am holding Bryan.” Jillian carefully climbed off the horse, making sure that she does not let slip of the sleeping baby.

More unearthly screams came from the castle. It seemed as if though the end of a great era has come. The era which saw Alder stand strong above all kingdoms in Tirran. Though hope has not been lost completely, it does surely seem to be growing dim.

“Aaaahhhh!” Amanda gave a terrible yell.  A spider emerged from behind the chest. But not just any spider, a spider that would give the size of a rabbit a fair go.

“What is it now? You’ll wake the baby!” Jillian scolded at Amanda. But before Amanda could justify her doings;

“Sounds like quite some trouble at the castle.” A man’s voice interrupted the sisters. An attractive voice, pure and clean.

“Might I help you young ladies?” he said again, with a type of urgency in his stride. Jillian and Amanda slowly turned their heads towards him. Their eyes grew, because standing inside the doorway, a cloaked man that must have been made of pure muscle. With shoulders so wide he had to turn sideways to fit through the door. His hood is hanging low over his face. For the two girls, he seemed a giant. “May I help you two, I am quite in a hurry.” He asked again.

“Sorry sir we will be on our why.” Amanda squealed, and they walked outwards, with a slow pace, Jillian holding Bryan closely to her chest.

The hooded man came to a complete stand still, “And who might this be?” he asked them.

“This is my new-born son, excuse me, we must be on our way.” Jillian looked downwards and kept on walking.

“I am afraid that you are mistaking, you will be coming with me.” He said. Creeped out, the two women started quickening their stride, but the hooded man grabbed them by the arms.

“I don’t think you heard me.” He said once more and pulled them back in, locked the door; “Don’t worry, I know who you are, Luke sent you here to find a map. Right?”

Amanda answered quietly: “How did you know?”

“AMANDA!!” Jillian scolded again, “How do we know that we can trust you?” she asks him, gripping Bryan tightly; “We do not even know his name or on who’s side he’s on.”

“My name is only known by some, only those I trust, and I do not trust you dear madam, neither your younger, but quite beautiful sister. How can I trust those who enter my house without permission?” you could see a tiny grin when he spoke, but only the grin. His eyes and his nose were still hidden behind the hood he had on. The tension lifted from creepy to enlightened, well as much as it could.

​The confused looks on the girls’ faces only made his grin all the more brighter, “Did Luke sent you here or not?

I believe he did because two young, beautiful womenlike yourself, belongs only in a fancy castle and not in an old weary hut. And I reckon that the baby in your arms, is the son of Alder. I thought the baby was supposed to be a girl. Or maybe, just maybe, this ‘hope’ that the Seer spoke of, was you.” The man then jerked his hood off. The girls could hear by his tone of his voice and his good manners that he was indeed not a woodsman, but a gentleman.

​Amanda, still swept off her feet from the stranger’s comment, answered with an eager to impress the man again, “Yes indeed my good sir, it was Luke whom sent us here to search for the map you mentioned. My name is Amanda, and this is my sister Jillian. And the baby you see in front of your eyes would be the only hope for Alder, yes, his name is Bryan.”

The man then, with a sudden dampened spirit, spoke softly; “When will Luke arrive? He promised he would join the ones who escaped with the baby. Where is he?” He began to worry.

The sisters looked slowly at each other, “I regret to inform you that he did not join our company here.” Jillian said, only managing it just.

“Then you mean to tell my brother is dead? This cannot be, he promised he’ll be here.” He explained again with hopeful eyes.

The girls saw his broken spirit through his tough act. But again, Jillian confirmed his most feared sentence; “Again I am sorry, but Luke did not escape with us.”

​“We planned this day for quite some time, for the past few weeks actually. He said he would come with you. Are you sure he did not follow you afterwards?” He asked them one last time. A tear hung from his lash. “I am all in all sorry to say that he did not follow us, but maybe it is not too late, maybe he survived.” Amanda walked up closer to console him.

“Yes well, though I am truly sorry for your loss Dean, we must find the map to reach safety.” Jillian explained to him.​

Corné Craig

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