The Broken Perfection

Just like the first time

Diya's POV

Do you know how the cartoon characters look when suddenly lightning struck them? Yeah with their hair sticking out and smoke coming out of their body, making them look like an over roasted duck. That's how I looked. Okay, I think I am exaggerating. Minus the smoke but my expressions were legit. I was so dumbstruck when I saw him. Please please please don't let it be what I think it might be....

Khushi being Khushi took the honour of doing our introduction after she could no longer withstand our silence. " Vimal meet...." Khushi beemed but she was cut off by him. " Diya?" he said completing Khushi's sentence which sounded more like a question. " Vimal?" I said in disbelieve. " Wait, what? You guys already know each other?" Khushi asked in utter confusion while I was still trying to decipher what is he doing here with Khushi. I bet he has the same confusion thinking about my relation to Khushi. " Vimal, if you already knew Diya why didn't you tell me that you already know her while I kept on talking about my best friend?" she exclaimed getting annoyed at Vimal. " Best friend? You mean she is the best friend that you always keep talking about? wander her name sounded familiar that day" he asked Khushi and muttered the last part to himself which didn't go unnoticed by either of us. Khushi glared at Vimal through a murderous look while Vimal smiled nervously. Oh oh, seems like someone clearly didn't pay enough attention to Khushi while she was talking. I already feel pity for him even though I have no idea how is he related to Khushi.

"Excuse me? Sounded familiar? What do you mean by sound familiar? I have said Diya's name like more than a thousand times whenever we meet and you have the audacity to tell that her name sounds familiar!" she said glaring at him.

" You can't blame me when you look so beautiful that I can't help myself but stare at you whenever you talk. Everything around me becomes oblivious and I become deaf to the sounds around me. Unfortunately, your is also one of those noises darling and moreover she is not the only person with the name Diya" he said winking at Khushi while I rolled my eyes. " That was such a pathetic excuse Vimal Raicand! You....." before she could finish, I cut her in between. " uhm..guys? If you guys are done, can anyone of you explain to me what is going on here? Because I still have no clue what's happening. I am telling just so if you guys don't know" I said looking at Vimal and Khushi.

" Oh silly me. I actually forgot to tell you the reason why I brought you out" she said smiling at Vimal. Well, tell me about mood swings. Wait a second I know that smile. Please don't tell me it's him. " Which is?" I asked Khushi holding on my breath. " To make you meet my boyfriend, Vimal. Vimal Raicand!" she said blushing furiously. There we go. She did it. I mentally face palmed myself but nevertheless, I smiled at Vimal earning a smile from him in return. Out of all the people, she had to choose the jerk's bestie to be her boyfriend. Hey, I am not judging him based on his acquaintance but imagining my best friend's boyfriend being the friend of the person that I hate the most just doesn't sit well for me. Let's just hope this meeting goes well.

" Wait a second. How do guys know each other?" Khushi said pulling me out from my trance while Vimal shot me a warm smile. No buddy, don't you even think about telling your GF about our first encounter. It's for your own good. If Khushi gets to know about Vimal's relation with Rahul, she will go all gaga. I bet Vimal doesn't want that. I don't want Khushi to have any problems in her relationship and that too because of me. Even the thought of it makes me feel guilty.

Therefore, when Vimal was about to tell Khushi about our first encounter I beat him to it. " We actually met at my workplace where Vimal had come for a conference," I said in one breath before Vimal could even open his mouth. He quirked his eyebrow shooting me a confused look. I shoot him a please-don't-say-anything-for-now look which surprisingly he seems to understand. " Owh really! I am happy that you guys met" Khushi said clapping her hands excitedly while I blew out air through my mouth with a 'phewwww' and Vimal eyed me in amusement.

" But I am sad that you guys didn't meet through me. I have been dreaming about this day for a long long time" Khushi said while pouting while I and Vimal chuckled at her cute antics. " So guys, since we are all clear...lets go have lunch," Vimal said fastening his seat belt while I and Khushi said "yeah" and "definitely" simultaneously.

Lunch with the two lovebirds was more amazing than what I had initially thought. Vimal was nothing like Rahul. I actually enjoyed Vimal's company. Spending time with Vimal reminded me of Arjun because his jokes and gestures were very similar to Arjun. Well, that was from the very little memory, I had of Arjun. was kind of weird at the beginning but then I brushed it off thinking those to be boys' sign language. Hmmm....I wonder why I never saw any of those signs in Steve and Dave. I just decided to let it be. Moreover, the more time I spend with Vimal the more I came to know that Vimal and Rahul were actually polar opposites. I even wondered how are they are even friends, to begin with. I don't want to be nosy, so let's just leave it there. Now, I am walking to the jerk's cabin with a tummy filled with food and a mind filled with good mood.

Hmmm....the day is just starting to get better. I thought and continued walking. As I was walking scheming through the file in my hand, I bumped into someone. Did I just say the day seems to get better? Yeah, just scratch that. The bump made both the files that we were carrying to drop down. "Shit" I muttered under my breath and looked at the person in front me. Come on....not again. 
Rahul's POV

The Night Fury

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