The Broken Perfection

Meeting Arjun

Diya's POV

" Haahhaaaa....." I yawned not so ladylike and stretched my arms. The birds were chirping making it sound like a melodies song and the sun was shining so brightly making the day seem so wonderful.

Wait did you actually buy that? Because if you did, means you have been fooled. Nah....I was just kidding. There was no birds chirping and no sun that shone brightly. The day was gloomy and windy. It seemed like it was about to rain. What a nice day to get cosy and snuggle up but I can't do that.

I know, I know that I am a party popper for ditching such a wonderful day by not sleeping but what else can I do? I have a very very important meeting today. I can't miss this day. If that ever happens the person that I am about to meet will bury me alive. No pun or sarcasm added.

Today is Sunday and this was the day that I had promised Arjun that I will meet him. I still haven't checked the location of our meet up spot. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I am disinterested or that I am not looking forward to meet Arjun. It's just that I don't know what should I feel. Should I feel happy? Excited? Hesitant? Afraid? Apprehensive?

I just don't know. My emotions are everywhere even though I am not on my period. Why is life being so difficult on me? I just feel like blocking everything out of my mind for the time being. The things that happened a few days back had drained me mentally, physically and emotionally. I am just too tired for anything.


I got discharged on Saturday and Ria was there helping me with the entire process which I am very thankful for. After I came home, I immediately did the first thing that I was anticipating to do throughout my stay in the hospital. Which indeed was apologising to Khushi. Let's just say that did not go as I thought it would go.

This time my so-called puppy face and my bawling eyes didn't melt Khushi's heart like how it usually would. Nevertheless, I pestered her the entire day asking for her forgiveness and explaining myself. She was hell-bent on, not letting this matter slide off that easily which made my situation even worse.

However, we all know that she can't be mad at me for forever. So after she was satisfied with her revenge on me by making me follow her like a lost puppy the whole day, she finally forgave me with a deadly warning saying to never hide detrimental stuff from her. Trust me when I say that, that freaking warning made me gulp audibly. Yes, my friend is an angel but she can be deadly when she wants to and I think only I can bring out that side of her. Yup, I know I am unique. So finally, I had settled the issue between me and Khushi.


That's not the end of the story. Well if we were just talking about me explaining myself to Khushi then it would be but we all know that Khushi isn't the only one that I owe an explanation. Yes. You guessed it right. You can imagine Dave standing in front of me with arms crossed waiting for me to speak up. Of course, I did speak up. To Khushi I just had to apologize and assure her that I won't repeat the same mistake but when it comes to Dave, its a completely different story.

Dave will never let you off the hook until he made sure that you have spit the entire truth. So I had a very difficult time dealing with Dave and his cross-question session.  I felt like I went to hell and came back to earth while being interrogated by him. And of course, when we talk about Dave comes a plus one called Steve. He never failed to butt in every once in awhile turning Dave's cross-question session into a high profile CIA enquiry.

If Dave was hell then Steve would be the demon living in hell who tortures poor being like me. I know I am exaggerating. I know that they're such wonderful friends that I can always grateful for having in my life but it only turns ugly when you do something really bad to piss them off. Which I find myself doing quite often these days. Don't ask me why because I have no clue. I think my guardian angel finally decided to ditch me and side with the satan.

Do you even have a guardian angel? Aren't you a satan by yourself?

Yes, I did had a guardian angel. Until he became allergic to you! And also the only Satan over here is YOU!.

Am I not always with you since birth? So does that mean you never had one? Also if I am the Satan, doesn't that just proves me right? Because I am you. So you are a Satan. * smirk*

Omg! Can you just shut the fudge up and leave me alone!!

Okay, okay. *snickering*

Now, where was I before being interrupted by that duck head? Yeah, right. I was talking about Dave and Steve's inquiry session. What can I say Dave is really good at it so he managed to dig out most of the information about the Kapoor couple. I told him that hate them from the moon and back. But of course, I refused to say why I hated them.

Nop. Nada. He is not getting that out of me. I am not comfortable telling my past to anyone. It should be buried along with me. So, when he got the idea that I wasn't going to speak more about the Kapoor couple, he started asking me about my congenital disease which we all literally I found out a day back.

Therefore, I told him about how I had asthma since I was young and how I only get it when I am really really stressed. He did ask me what triggered my first attack and I told him that I don't remember because it had happened so long ago. And of course, that's just a thick fat lie because I clearly remember when it first happened and what had triggered it. I would never forget that day no matter what but Dave does not need to know that.

So when I told him that I don't remember what triggered the first attack, he looked at me suspiciously. I shrugged and told him I really don't remember. However, from the look on his face, I can see that he didn't trust what I said but he reluctantly let it slide away for the time being.

The Night Fury

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