The Debt of kiss Lasts forever

Chapter 3

When they finally arrived home, both of them just fell onto Liza’s the together. After the death of Liza's mother she had been living with Julie in order to save money.

Julie's family was living in the village and she worked in the city to support her family. Liza on the other hand was alone, she didn't have anyone else to support and her salary was better than Julie’s.  Because of this she always helped Julie. She was happy with her peaceful life but sometimes she also felt alone, she always wished that she had a family too. 

Julie was aware of her feelings and so she wanted to try and find a boyfriend for Liza so that she would not feel so lonely and that's why she had tried to arranged a date for her.

Julie turned her head towards Liza and said "Ahh Liza, if I had been in your place, I would have tried to hook up with that rich man.  You said he was handsome too.  Life could be so cool if you have a rich, handsome man" 

There was a sparkle in her eyes while she imagined herself in the same situation as Liza.

Liza laughed at her "Have you forgotten that you already have a boyfriend?"  She asked Julie playfully.

"How can I forget that I’m  stuck in a love triangle?" Julie pouted.

"Love triangle??" Liza asked, surprised.

"Me, my boyfriend and his boss”  Julie said.  Then they started laughing.

" Ok ok,  Let's get some sleep. - Don't forget that you are going on a business trip tomorrow.  It's going to mean getting up early in the morning" Liza reminded Julie.

"Oh yes. I wasn't thinking, goodnight ``Julie said.

Next morning, Liza's deep sleep was disturbed by an alarm clock ringing.

"Who the hell has set the alarm  clock for me" She shouted to nobody in particular and started moving her hand here and there on her bedside table. She couldnt  find the alarm clock and was getting very irritated by the persistent alarm.  She forced open her eyes and sat up. No sign of the offending clock, then she realised that the sound was coming from Julie's room.

"Julie... you selfish bitch”  She shouted and rushed into Julie's room.   Julie was sleeping soundly on the bed completely unaware of the irritating alarm. 

Liza was so angry,  “You, -  you awoke me this early in the morning with the bloody alarm , whileyou sleep like a baby through the noise” 

She still did not stir so Liza walked towards her and gave a firm kick on her butt that made Julie roll over and down off the bed on to the floor!   Julie immediately opened her eyes wide.  

Then muttered  “What? - how dare you.  You bastard, you vampire! You stop my boyfriend from spending quality time with me and now you are kicking my butt,  you son of. A b...."  Julie suddenly realized that she was in her own bedroom and that the one who had kicked her backside was actually her friend Liza.

" You. - you kicked  me out of bed" Julie said in shock.

" Yes it was me but what on earth were you muttering?" Liza asked.

"Er nothing. - I was just dreaming." She replied.

"Dreaming about your boyfriends boss by the sound of things.  It seems like you think more about his boss than your boyfriend" Liza teased her.

" Eh aah,  what are you saying girl? - it's not like that - just forget it.” Julie stuttered. “and why did you kick me out of my bed?" 

"Look at the clock Madam,  have you forgotten that today you had to be out early for your business trip and….." 

Julie interrupted before she could complete her sentence.

"Oh no I forget!. Thank you for reminding me, but I’m going to be late.   I need to wash and  do my hair and makeup.  I haven't even packed my bag.  Oh no!"

Liza calmly spoke "Don't panic, you go to bathroom and I will pack your bags for you, tell me what you need ok.."

"Oh Liza you are an angel  - really love you" Julie said, relieved.

"Don't patronise me like I’m your daughter helping my mother" Liza teased her.

Everything was ready on time and Julie left for her trip. Since Liza had woken up so early today, she had some time to play with her phone.  So shechatted with her colleagues and friends until she was ready to head for her office.

She went Work and greeted everyone she met on the way to her own little office, where she began to busy herself with her days work. 

After sometime, her Head of Department came to her.  “Liza,  today the new starters will be coming to you and you have to give them their assignments.”  

“Please take the time to make sure they know what they have to do, and sort out any questions or problems they might have, remember they are new here ok?" He said.

"Ok boss." she nodded and he left her to get on with the task.

One by one three interns  came to see her.  She gave them their work and took them to their work positions.

Then as the fourth one came in, she was reading his file, which her boss had provided. She just gave him a gesture to come and sit down, while she was busy reading the file with her head down.

"Good morning, so your name is Aman Ahmed?" Liza asked.

"Yes" he replied with a  magnetic voice.

"Your age is 28, and you are an intern here without much work experience.  Is that not unusual?" she continued, concentrating on the file in her hands.

"Yes” he answered confidently. “I skipped a few years and then returned to studying. So, this year I completed post graduation. Thus, I don't have much work experience." 

But his voice wasn't that of a man who didn't have much work experience, his voice was sounding confident and playful.  Liza thought it was ‘magnetic’, drawing her into his words.

Liza smiled coyly,  and raised her head to look at him. 

Suddenly shocked now. Her mouth that was opening  to ask him another question, fell open as she stared.

Liza struggled to compose her self and eventually managed to utter -

"YOU, its you, what, w w why are you here?"


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