The Demanding Boss

Chapter three

          Rich people always came in different shades, there were the ones who spent the money they made without thinking, lavishing everything into a pool of fashion, cars, hotels and women, while there were some who invested, some walked on the heads of those who worked under them, others just used their money to keep people working under them, but if there was ever anything rich people had in common, it was their incessant hunger to party wild.


         Wild parties, spontaneous invites, lots and lots of drinks and women, that was the lifestyle of every rich Playboy, more specifically, that was the lifestyle of Scott Emberton, he loved his grand coqtail parties, his cars, his parade of beautiful, curvy women, he enjoyed the feel of their skin against his own, and he never got tired of it.


           His affairs were more or less something that brought him true excitement, and he never stopped, at least not while there were trails of women begging to go to bed with him, he was the ultimate Playboy, a grand master who had homed his skill, it was his forté.


          But this particular evening, Scott Emberton didn't party like he used to, he didn't tease his women like he always did, he barely even touched them, the fire in his eyes that usually burned at the glance of a steaming coqtail was no where to be seen, and one could have said that he was almost absent minded.


           His thoughts wandered off, far away from the coqtail party, from the women who caressed his chest and felt his body with their breasts, they wandered off to a certain employee, well, ex employee now, who had somehow summoned the gut to stand up to him, and tell him down, she even went as far as quitting her job.


          That employee was none other than Lauren Peter's. Lauren had said plenty things to Scott, a mouthful, the kinds of chastisement no one wanted to get, not even Scott, the words had come out of her lips with so much sincerity and pain that they didn't give Scott any room to even defend himself, or talk back at her.


          It made him feel something he wasn't used to, something he had never felt before, something, he never imagined he would feel because of anyone, that feeling was the feeling of guilt, and it washed over Scott, stabbing at him like the invisible daggers of an ever pouring rain.


          Scott didn't know why he was so bothered by her words, she didn't mean anything to him, it wasn't the first time he had lost an employee, and it definitely wouldn't be the last, so why this particular one bothered him, he just couldn't tell.


         " Hey big daddy, what are you thinking about ? " one of the curvy women sitting on his laps asked with a smile, grabbing his chin with one hand, while she ran the fingers of her other hand down his chest, but even though her fingers only glided down his shirt and not on his bare skin, he could sense himself stiffen at the seductress's touch, and one look at her told him how much more of her he actually wanted.


           It didn't take long for Scott to lead her away from the party and down to his hotel room, and as soon as they got there, he released himself into her, locking lips with her as if the hunger for her taste made him run mad, she blushed at the feel of his hands running down her neck, then her back, then as his fingers pulled at the zip of her short gown, till it dragged all the way down, and until he fiinally let the dress fall down her shoulders and on the floor. 


           He was on top of her in minutes, ready to do every kind of wicked thing a man could possibly do to a woman, but the more he tried to stay focused, the more Lauren's words echoed in his ears, again and again and again, till he just couldn't take it anymore, he jumped off her the next second and sat on the bed, clapping his face against both his palms, his arousal gone as fast as it had come.


          " Scott ? are you okay ? " the bare bodied lady, who wore nothing except for her pant and bra, sat up and leaned against his shoulder, surprised at his unusual behavior, the Scott she knew would have done a hand full of things to her by now, but not this man, no this man didn't look like the same one that itched to touch every inch of her only a minute ago, instead, this man looked confused, pale and somewhat bothered.


           " Baby, is something bothering you ? " she asked, but he didn't respond, and when he didn't, she retorted to her seductress ways, kissing his shoulder at first, and then all too slowly, lying him down against the warm blanket on the bed.


             She plucked off the buttons of his shirt free, and all too gently left a trail of wet lingering kisses down his bare chest, going all the way down to his pants.


              She worked her way around removing his belt, then teased open the botton of his pants, and let her fingers drag down his zip, taking every opportunity to grab at him and hopefully spark an arousal. 


             On a normal day she wouldn't need to do this much, she wouldn't have to do anything at all, but today wasn't normal, at least not for the millionaire Playboy it wasn't, so she had to do all the work.


           " Stop " Scott hissed the next minute, and held the lady from moving any further to his unzipped pants.


             She looked up at him, surprised at first, but was obviously not ready to give up yet.


            " Are you shy big boy ? " she teased " Iw could turn off the lights if you want " she replied and then went back to her business, but he was in no mood for ecstasy that evening, and he pushed her off him.


            " You can leave now, my driver will drop you off " he said, surprising both himself and his company with his words.


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