The Demon Joined Her for Tea

Chapter Four - The Answer

Myna shook her head. "First a demon now I am hearing voices!" Then all of a sudden it hit her, she had heard that voice before! "It was God! But she had turned away from God why would He be talking to her?"

Seeing the confusion on her face, the demon licked his lips. He knew she was close. Now was the time to push her over the edge. "Myna, let's be honest here, you have nothing left to live for, no husband, no children, your life is worth nothing now. You will be doing yourself a favor. So come on what do you say?"

Staring the demon in the eye, Myna searched her soul and the answer came, did she wanted to live? YES! She wanted to live. Silently she said a prayer, "Lord if you are really there and you really love me, then I need you, please help me." Myna felt a rod of strength slide down her back, she set up straight, and a smile came across her face.

"You are correct demon...about everything."

Dreugan let out a howl. "Come then let's be done with it!"


"Except?" The demons demeanor changed and his eyes flashed, "What do you mean woman?" He screech!

"I have just been reminded that I do have something to live for... and that is Christ!" At the sound of the last word the demon hissed and flinched in pain.

"NO" he screamed. "No, He has done nothing for you, He let your husband die, remember, He won't help you now!"

"He will help me and all I have to do is ask. Lord my God, forgive me for turning away from You for so long, I ask You now to return to my life and help me live for You and You alone, in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen." Myna felt a peace and calm wash over her. There was no more fear, no more pain, she raised her eyes toward Heaven and allowed the love of Christ to fill her up.

Dreugan let out a deathly shrill scream. "No, No, No!" He leapt from the chair in a fitful rage. He started toward Myna. He would force her to do it if he had to.

Myna also quickly moved out of her chair, but calmly said, "In Jesus name I command you, Dreugan, to leave this house and return to your master!"

"NO" he screamed. His flesh felt like it was burning every time she said His name.

"Be gone demon, in Jesus name!"

"He is not my master, I will not go!"

"You are a liar, the Lord Jesus is the true Master of all things and by His name you will leave! 'Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world.'"

Shrinking back Dreugan moaned in pain, he clawed at his ears. "NOOOO...! Shut your mouth woman! I will not submit! Never!"

Walking forward with confidence, Myna said, "'Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.' Once again I command you demon, in the name of Jesus Christ be gone, back to the pit you must go!"

Letting out a beastly wail, Dreugan convulsed and in an instance was gone. Myna fell to her knees and praised God. In her heart of hearts she knew things would be different now. Her life had had no meaning for so long, but now... now light had returned. Faith had been restored; she would give herself fully to Christ. One day she would see her beloved Jonathan again, but today would not be that day.



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