The first princess of Hell

Chapter No 3


"A soul of human was brought to heaven today and i wanted james to know about it because he gets less worried talking with them or he might've stressed out himself over petty things." i thought as i flew over a wide river of milk and honey.

"James, there you are, i've been searching for you. Where have you been ? i asked the second we met.

"I'm sorry lilth, i was a little busy. What is it that you want to talk about?" He asked with a weak smile.

"So, i wanted to tell you about this human soul who was brought to heaven today.He is a good guy but he did something that made diety alot happy." i said excitedly clasping my hands.

:And what did he do?"

Well, there was a man he was armed. He came to the market and shot at everyone. So in that jeopardy he didn't look a way to save his life instead he went up in front of his wife and took a bullet to his heart for her." I said thinking they were stupid.

" And do you know what his last words were to his wife?"

"What?" He asked eagerly.

"I LOVE YOU. Those were his last words. He said in his trial too that he loves his wife and in order to save her life , he gave up his own. Can you believe it james?? How could one throw his life for a mere feeling called love? HUMANS AND THEIR FEELINGS" I said as my anger got worse.

"Cool down lady anger. It was his choice but i will surely meet our new fellow to know about his life more."

"I should get back to my room then "

"Yes ,i will talk to you later." he said and went on his way back to his room.

I can't stop but think " james acts so weird now. He used to be happy but he now often remains sad and alone and no matter how hard i try ? he just never tells me the truth. I would've asked diety but he won't tell either. HE says that james is normal and that i shouldn't worry about him but why not? After all he is my best friend and i will look into this issue , no matter what happens."

Mahnoor Khan

Edited: 30.07.2020

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