The first princess of Hell

Chapter No 5


Ughhh, I hate james. Why does he always have to keep things a surprise ? and now he has asked me in a note he left in my room to come and meet him in the back room.

Back room has always been closed and locked but james and on other angel were allowed to go in there. Now i kind of wanted to see what’s in there.

I once asked james but he said its nothing special in that room so i never asked again.

“James ,where are you?” I asked opening the door to the back room and to my surprise it was not locked.

“Lilth , come in and please close the door.” He said without coming before me.

"Umm ok, but where are you? and why is it so dark in here?"

"Lilth , just a second please. "


"Now my dear golden angel would you please make your wings glow? "He asked while swiftly coming in front of me and making me nearly jump but i did as he asked.

The room was nothing but four walls with white pearly color on it and the walls seemed really thick. In one corner of the room there was a table with a set of my favorite flowers and the scent of them was spreading in the whole room while some of the gifts were set at the foot of that table.

"HAPPY MAKING DAY LILTH !!!! " He wailed with a broad smile on his face.

"Whats a making day james? " i said but i had no idea what that meant."

"Well when humans are born the call that day as their birthday so on this day , which i mean is today you were made so i thought i'd wish you a happy making day."

"Thank you so much james , it means alot but are you sure nothing would happen if someone saw us or diety heard us?"

" No sweetheart , as you know that the place where human angels live , can't be heard by diety so this room is same as that place. This room was made by michael and harper so that diety can't hear them but unfortunately their secret got out when michael brought a human soul in here , umm well that soul was of a 16 years old girl who died in an accident and she told other human souls about this room. From then this room has been locked and both of the angels were condemned to hell." He said in one breath.

"Apart from this , look what i brought you from earth." He took one of the gift box and gave it to me.

"Whats in it ?" i asked in a confuse way.

"Open it. "

"I opened it. It was loop type thing but had the same color and shine like my wings. It was beautiful but i didn't knew what it was.

"What is this james ?" I said admiring the beautiful thing i had in my hand.

"Its a ring dear. On earth its also called jewelry . Try it."

"But i don't know how to wear it. "

"Here let me show you "

He slid the ring on my finger without touching my hand. It was so beautiful.

"Thank you james. "

"Umm lilth , i want to tell you something " He said while looking on the floor.

"Lilth , i know you'd not like what i am going to say but i can't keep it all in. I need to tell you this."

"Uhh yeah go on." i wanted to know what was on his mind.

" I ... I love you , lilth.I love you so much. I know this sounds ridiculous but I.... "

"James!!! I cut him off as my anger worsened.

"Are you in your mind ? We are angels and its an honour being an angel. We can not have feelings and i will never deceive deity. No matter what and even if i have to finish off this friendship for the sake of diety's trust." I left the room ,the second words got out of my mouth. James was being ridiculous and he knew that too. We both are angels and i can not let diety's wrath rain upon us.

I jerked the thoughts away and went to my own room.The ring was still on my finger.

Mahnoor Khan

Edited: 30.07.2020

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