The first princess of Hell

Chapter No 7


Its been three days since i and james have talked. We last talked when he celebrated my making day and kind of proposed me. What was he seriously thinking? Did he really thought we could be together ? I am diety's favorite , yes i know but that does not mean he would accept any demand i keep in front of him. Being angel has its pros and cons and this relationship? even this thought is out of limits and our reach.I am honoured to serve as angel , i have my responsibilities. Its my duty to accept orders given by diety. James has really gone mad and even if i had said yes , what would have been our future? Ughhhh I hate you james , you've confused me so much. AHHHH i cant think straight right now. I need to do something. I need to clear this confusion out of my head for good. I need to talk to him but how? He made me happy at one second and angry at another. I caught him looking at me certain times in meeting with angels and diety but we did not talk with each other like we used to. I saw shame and embarrassment in his eyes too and that was not what i wanted. I don't even know what to do with this knowledge that he loves me because we are not humans we can not marry each other and even if we could, i would not, Not that i don't like him but he is my best friend and i never thought of him as something else and i know this too that he is stubborn, he won't talk to me until i speak with him. I don't understand , why be this much adamant? It was his fault , not mine. But i guess i don't have any other way than to talk it out.

I should be on my way to his room.I never knocked his room but i did, today.

"Come in " a firm voice came.

"Hey james " I said although i was embarrassed i had to do this , i had to turn him down , POLITELY.

"Oh its you lilith. I was about to come to your room."


"I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I should not have said those words. Lilith i know there is no future for us but i had to let everything out. I had to tell you everything because i did not want to regret by not telling you. Being in love with you is the most beautiful thing ever happened to me. One thing i regret is i ruined our friendship, i want that friendship back. I'm so sorry lilith. Please forgive me my dear friend."

I was shocked , james regretted. He did not want to lose our friendship. He used to be so stubborn, he is not anymore now.

"Its okay James. Everyone makes mistakes , we all do. Trust me." I was so happy , i was getting my best friend back.

"Thank you so much . Uhh do you know when humans apologize to each other , they give a hug to each other. Can i hug you? Just once please? Please? PLEASE?"

"I am not sure. What if someone caught us? "

"Nothing will happen. Trust me."

"But James what if ....."On that spur of a moment he embraced me without any warning. It was rather a long embrace but i was happy i had my best friend with me.

"James i was thinking that....." The door opened . Ezakiel , reporter of diety saw us. He turned and ran away , probably to give this news to diety.

GOOD, NOW A CHAOS WAITED FOR ME. Lets see what happens.



Mahnoor Khan

Edited: 30.07.2020

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