The first princess of Hell

Time for punishment

Court room was filled with angels , some were happy and some were sad. I knew this would happen but james did not listen to me. I need to think of something. I need to save him.I am so embarrased right now that i am not able to look at anyone in the eye. And then something happened , EZAKIEL CAME WITH A PUNISHMENT LETTER IN HIS HANDS and he read it in front of the whole court room.

“Angel Lilith and Angel James were found in each other’s embrace therefore, Diety has given them punishments.“He said in a firm voice.

“James is now released of his duty as the treasurer of heaven and from now on till one month will be the gatekeeper of heaven and Lilith will be sent to earth. She from now own has body of a human being and is no longer an angel for one month therefore, her golden wings are taken from her. May you both get your sanity back after this punishment and may you never do this mistake again. Diety has both given you a chance , or else you both would’ve been dispersed till now.The case is closed.We shall meet you after one month right here.” He said and left the room in a hurry.

The murmurs started and soon the whole room was filled with noise. I was taken to the open ground in heaven and i could see a light upon me , i was being sent to earth. I hated earth. I never wanted to go there but here i was going to earth as a punishment. I was not even told where was i being sent but i guess its time for punishment.

*After Sometime*

I had closed my eyes when i was coming here. The transition from an angel body to human one takes a little time but i gives a lot of pain.I opened my eyes and found myself in a dark street end. I tried to walk but i failed.I fell on the ground , with my face towards the soil. It was so dusty in here, i COULD NOT EVEN BREATH.After many tries i got out of that street , there was a market i was standing in but my legs , they were blue and full of bruises. I ried to walk again but i fell , AGAIN.

“Are you okay?” A strong manly voice asked me in a concerned manner.

I hate humans but i had to talk to him.

“Yes i am okay.” I said without looking at him.

“I don’t think so . Your legs are full of bruises. Can you walk?“He helped me stand up but i could not.

“Lets take you to the hospital.”

He picked me up in his arms.A jolt of current went through me. His arms were so manly. He was so fit just like james, his arms were full. I looked up at him. He had short hair of dark brown colour and his eyes were just like his hair.His face cut was sharp and he had concerned look on his face. He was a handsome man, and i had not seen any human like him in heaven before. It was first time someone had touched me like this.

“What is your name dear human?“I asked curiously.

“Its Étienne Beaulieu and yours?”

“Lilith.What does your name mean?”

“It means a beautiful crown and by the way where do you live lilith?”

“I have no home Étienne (ee te en)"

"Oh its okay but that is not how my name is pronounced." He was clearly annoyed.

"Then how do you say it?" I asked.

"Ughh english people and their accents , i will tell you later. But first lets tend to your bruises. The hospital is here."

And we went inside the hospital.

Mahnoor Khan

Edited: 30.07.2020

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