The first princess of Hell

Treaty With The DIety

I was in my room, getting ready for bed , when i heard someone taking my name.


“Oh my , Ezakiel what are you doing here? What if someone saw you?”

“No one can see me Lilith, i’m still an angel.”

“Oh yeah , I forgot i am not the golden angel anymore.”

“Actually , I am here to tell you something.”

“Uh okay, what is it about?”

“Stop praying, Lilith.” He told me by looking right into my eyes.

“Stop praying for Étienne. Its of no use.”

“Why?” I got a little worried.

“Because when his destiny was written , he was written for Claudia but when he indulged himself in sins , his destiny was re written as punishment and Delphine was written as his wife instead of Claudia. ”

“But i just promised him that he would get his love back.”

“He can but only what condition.”

“What condition?” I was worried because i knew the mission i was about to get assigned was not going to be easy.

“He needs to repent.”


“Yes, and this is your first mission on earth, Make him repent and Claudia will come back to him but if you fail.He will get married to Delphine , and you have to do this mission in your given time which is 26 days !! so your time starts now. Take good care of yourself. I will meet you again if there is any other news to tell you. ”

And after saying this he disappeared but he had made me stressed. How am i supposed to make a human being , and such a cunning human being repent. He will never listen to me. Ughh Diety what is this? Is this a kind of new punishment for me? i was looking at the ceiling but i knew he was hearing it all.

It was late in the night , and i don’t remember when i slept but i got the idea of repenting from my dream. And if diety wanted this treaty? Let it be , I will not displease him this time. It was time for this silly Human to repent.

Mahnoor Khan

Edited: 30.07.2020

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