The first princess of Hell

Summoning The Handsome Devil

I came home from grocery shop. I had to buy some sanitary items , because  now that I was a human , everything changed in my body. I didn’t have my wings or any other special power of mine.


“Girl , the grocery shop was like five minutes away. Stop ranting.” Éttiene said from behind.

“I know but still , you know I may not be tired. I just feel like CRYING RIGHT NOW.I miss my HOME.” I was at the verge of crying , tears were about to ooze out of my eyes when my stomach growled. I was starving from hunger.

“Would you like to come in PRINCESS? “ He opened the door to home.

“Call me an Angel.” I wrinkled my nose.

“Okay, my dear Angel. Please come in so that we can eat our lunch together. I have to go then I have to do some work.” He begged infront of me.

“Alright.” I went inside.

But what we saw was shocking. Éttiene’s friends were here but they were wearing red masks and robes. They were sitting in a circle with candles in their hands. Fleur was even wearing red horns type something on her head.

“Umm WHAT THE….?” Éttiene stammered.

“Guys what are you doing and how did you really enter?” He narrowed his eyes , he was not angry but he wasn’t in good mood either.

Fleur looked at showed us our hand trying to tell us to stop or get quiet. I don’t know.

“We’ll answer all of your questions , man.” She said in a rather determined voice.


“Where is Mael?” I asked.

At the sudden, the bell rang. Éttiene opened the door. It was Mael. Well talk of the handsome devil and the devil is here. I thought to myself.

He came in and laughed at fleur and all other friends of his.

“What are you guys exactly doing?” He was still laughing.

“We’re summoning the devil.” Fleur said with the same determined voice.

“And why are you summoning the devil?” He raised his eyebrow at her.

“To ask for a favor.” She rolled her eyes.

“ A handsome devil please.” I said blushing, looking down at my feet.

“What?” Mael looked at me. This time he raised his eyebrow at me.

Actually everyone looked at me.

“Ooops did I said it out loud?”  I blushed again.

“Umm nothing.”

“So Fleur what favor are you going to ask him?” He diverted his attention back at her.

“I want him to help me hook up with JIMIN.” She said excitedly.

“The K-pop singer?” He furrowed his brows.

“So you’re summoning the DEVIL because you want him to help you have a night with what? A singer?” He laughed again at her.

“He is not just a singer. He is a feeling. He is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.” She pouted.

“Oh , well then you haven’t tried me yet.” He smiled at winked at her.


“Okay. Let me break it to you. None of this of your charade will summon up the devil. He doesn’t like to meet little teenagers who are trying to have a night.”

“Ughh Whatever. Atleast I’m trying.” She narrowed her eyes.

Everyone laughed at her.

“Well hello ? How did you all get inside my home?” Éttiene said it out loud.

Delphine raised her hand.

“Actually, when Claudia was leaving she gave her keys to me and I forgot to return them to you.” Everyone looked at her but I looked at Éttiene. He was clearly hurt after he heard her name.

“Oh, I see.” He looked down and went straight to his room.

“Because of you little urchins I forgot to talk to my man. I had some shocking news for him.” He went after him to his room. The door to the room was opened wide but no one dared to go near because well we all knew how Éttiene was when he was not in mood. But I peeked in anyway. The news which Mael gave him seem to make his mood light. He hugged him. He looked so happy.

I tried to ask both of the boys but none of them answered. All they said was that it’s a surprise.But I knew this surprise would more likely be a shock for me.

Mahnoor Khan

Edited: 30.07.2020

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