The first princess of Hell

Back To Heaven.

I took a walk to the nearby park. Éttiene left a few minutes before. After a news Mael gave, he has been smiling like never before and honestly that’s a good thing but I’ve been worried sick to the core. My time is about to come to its end and I still haven’t heard anything from Ezakiel. At least a report on my quest can be sent from heaven but oh! Would he ever pay attention to my matter? As the days are flying by , my tension has been increasing. I took in cold air and closed my eyes to relax my mind but I couldn’t put it at ease. Suddenly I thought of going back to heaven and leaving everyone behind which made my heart ache. I looked at the sky with pleading eyes hoping that HE would understand what I want , no actually what I need.

“Please.” I said looking above. I folded my hands and knelt to the ground. I had blurry vision but I still wanted HIM to hear what I had to say.

“Please, listen to me. I need…..” I stammered. It was hard for me to even speak.

“I need to….”

“You can’t.” Ezakiel interrupted my prayer while in air. His wings flapped and leaves rustled due to it.

“You can’t pray for something impossible.” Ezakiel stepped down on the ground.

“But its Diety, nothing is impossible for him. I said with teary eyes and stood up.

“But HE won’t allow this to happen. Stop asking for foolish and childish things. No matter what happens you’re coming back to heaven with me.” He said in a furious voice. I had never seen him this angry. It was frightening but I won’t back down.

“Back to heaven? But what about my mission? Claudia is no back yet. How can I leave without fulfilling the job given to me? Éttiene has not repented yet and what about Delphine? Who would she find? How is everyone going to be? What about……..” I was out of breath.

“What about Mael? You know it right? You know what I mean? I can’t leave.” I thought he would understand me , my emotions. I stared at him , his muscles were tensed.

“Do you know what did you do yesterday? You made him forgive the babysitter because of whom he hated himself. He forgave himself. So yes he has repented.” He looked away as if my sight right now disgusted him.

“Then why isn’t Claudia back yet? I can’t go back. What he goes back to his old ways and…”

“Enough of this.” He took me by the wrist , sprouted his wings nevertheless I had to do something.

“Hey, its illegal to touch another angel. Remember why I came here? “ I rolled my eyes and tried to resist.  I rubbed my heels against the ground.

I pulled my hand back but this human body was weak and frail. Still, my anger was building up every second.

“You’re a human being right now and that too a troubled human who happens to be Diety’s fav. so technically I’m not breaking any rule. “ He rolled his eyes and flapped his wings.

I SAID I AM NOT GOING BACK.” I yelled and pulled my hand back with all the force and energy I had in my body. I felt my ankle turn , I was about to fall when I closed my eyes however to my surprise I didn’t fall.

I opened my eyes to observe around the scene. Ezakiel was in air in front of me, I peeped at my feet and I was in air too. I turned my neck to have a glance at my back. The golden glare was high enough to turn me into a blind. My eyes widened in shock. My wings were back. MY GOLDEN WINGS WERE BACK.

For a second I was happy, but then I felt a pang in my heart. What does this means.

“What does this means?” I glanced back at Ezakiel.

“At last your mission report is sent. You have fulfilled your quest. Miss Lilith You’re requested to come back to heaven.” Ezakiel looked at me and his shoulders relaxed. As if he had a burden on himself.

“I’m not coming.” I turned around and walked opposite to Ezakiel.

“That is not for you to choose.” He said.

I stopped when I heard these words.

The portal opened with a big loud thunder and a white light shone.

“Ugh, not THIS gleam again.” I said in disgust. I tried to run  but all in vain , My wings came out to surface again and flapped except they were not under my control. I was sucked in by the portal. I squeezed my eyes shut and a tear fell down. I was on my way back to heaven.

*Meanwhile Éttiene*

I have been waiting for Claudia for past two hours. Its 2 AM and she is still not here yet.  What if Mael lied to me? I need to call him if he was playing April fools well that too in December. I took out my cell but in that second I saw someone walking past me. It was Claudia and she acted as if I’m a stranger.

“Claudia.” I called her name but she was adamant on ignoring me.

“Claudia, listen to me.” I ran behind her and held her by her arm.

“Who are you?” She looked at me with stone cold eyes. No emotion , nothing shown.

“Who am i? I’m your..” She didn’t let me finish, she pulled her arm and walked quickly out of the airport. She signaled the taxi to stop.

“Just listen to me please. Will ya?” I begged her.

“What do you have to say now Éttiene? Do you even know why I’m angry with you?” She stomped her foot.

“That is what I have been wanting to know from the start. Is it because I had Exes? Is that why.. whatever rest assured I never cheated on you. “ I stared at her. Gosh, she looked beautiful in messy hair.

“No , its because you never told me anything. I always wanted to now you, your past. I wanted you to be mine in every way but …. But I was wrong to have a hope. This hope that you’d love me as I loved you. Was it really that hard to tell me what happened with you and why you were like this?”  She looked away.

“I’m sorry,Claudia. I disappointed you. I won’t do that again. I can’t just live without you. All these months I’ve been waiting for you at love lock bridge to take a trip down the memory lane and in this hope that I’d find you there. Like the night I did. I know I’m late however I will do anything to please you. Would you Claudia…. Ughh this is so hard. Would you marry me Miss Claudia? “ At last I asked.

Mahnoor Khan

Edited: 30.07.2020

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