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That Kid...

So today was another great day at our school and all the kids were studying as usual. These kids are left off by their parents and now this school with the help of government is operating it. Sometimes I feel such a good happiness that I am doing such a nice job of educating these kids.

"Mr. Grey!" Someone shouted from back and disturbed my thoughts and when I looked back, it was Mr. N and he is the principal of this school and is operating here such a long years and that is why he now became old 

"Do you have any work, Mr. N?" I asked politely and he replied "Yes, actually a new student is coming to be a part of this school."

"Oh, that's good" I told him without having understood anything and then he continued " Actually I was thinking of transferring this kid to your class."

I was stunned after hearing this because all the seats in my class have already been filled and I knew, now I can't take another one. But he requested me so badly that I could not deny.

After that he told me to meet him in his office where he will introduce me to this kid. I was actually not looking forward to it.

So after the school was over, then all the students started moving towards the hostel which the government provided them.

I went to Mr. B's office where I saw him sitting on his regular chair but another kid was sitting in front of him and when I first looked at that kid he was lifeless, I thought.

His eyes showed no expression of happiness and he was in some shabby clothes and he was constantly looking down.

I gestured Mr.N about 'I need to teach this kid?' and he nodded his head in yes. "Lim, this is your new teacher." Mr.N introduced me to him.

And after hearing this he deadly moved his head in my direction and shook his head meaning to say "Good Morning". I was more confused than ever about how to react.

I looked at Mr.N and he spoke "So Lim will join your classroom from next day, is it okay, Mr.Grey?" And I reacted angrily "Do I have any other choice?"

And with that I moved away from the room. Now I was not looking forward to go to classroom more than ever. I hated this job from the very start but to earn a living I needed to accept this.

I fell down on my bed immediately I came home. I was not in a mood to eat anything even though I was hungry. I never knew that a situation like this can occur, when you are hungry but don't wanna eat.

I pulled myself up and made some food which relieved me from my freaking stress. Then immediately I fell asleep on my dinner table only.

I wake up the next day and found myself on the table. I was feeling so drowsy and now also I had atleast 2 hours to go to school.

I drank some coffee and suddenly the kid from yesterday popped into my head. I don't know the freaking reason but he just popped and I ran a shiver down my spine.

In the school I had a personality of a cool dude and hero of students but yesterday that kid made me crazy and I don't know the reason.

So after some time I took a bath and wore clothes. I was then ready to go school. I went outside my house and after that I locked the door (by the way I am single and also alone at my house)

I reached school and as I was early today, I opened the book that was in my bag and started reading it.

I am really thankful to this hobby that it saved me from so many situations where I could have been frustrated and break into rampage.

But whenever, something like this tries to happen then I just quitely sit in a corner and then opened my book. These are really my best friends.

Then suddenly someone came inside the classroom and I immediately recognised him and he was Lim, the kid I met last day. And now also, he has deadly eyes and he was looking scary but a lot less because once I have seen him like that.

Fear is the thing which can only be experienced properly once and for all but if you experience multiple times then you are a madman, I can tell this from my experience.

He looked at me but when he saw that I was not scared and was giving him a deadly galre myself, he lost his balance and fell down.

Whether he was scary or not but he was a 10 year old kid. But when he fell down then his shirt was uplifted and I could see his back which was naked.

I saw some brutal bruises and there was blood which started escaping from the cuts. I was horrified after seeing that sounds and that could only mean that this kid is being brutally beaten everyday.

That kid looked at me and was horrified too. He stood up and covered his back as fast as bullet and immediately replied "Good Morning, Mr.Grey"

And I was so stunned that I could not reply him.

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