The Genius Psycho Kid

Cold as Ice!

After some glaring each other that kid started moving towards his desk and I was standing there stunned not knowing how to react.

But after some time, the whole class started rushing into the class and I also welcomed everybody with a good mood. When all the students entered then I took attendance and noone was absent so it was a good score.

"Ok so let's start new chapter" I told them and they also reacted normally "Yes, sir!" and thus begins the class. In the lecture I was constantly looking towards Lim again and again. I could never forget that horrible image when Lim falls.

When I finished the chapter, I too never knew when I finished it. The whole class was also talking very loudly and I need to make them silent.

Then I saw Lim again and he was holding a book and constantly glaring at it. For a 10 year old kid, he was very unnatural because, you know kids don't study at such a young age.

Without further investigation I went out of classroom and met Mr.N who looked at me and asked "Is Lim doing well?" and after that my obvious answer was "Yeah, he was doing fine, I guess."

But then I asked the question about Lim and also told him that about Lim and his cut marks which horrified me and if Mr.N sees them then he will be horrified too.

"I never knew that." Mr.N justified him but then also he was far from being worried and I don't know why?

"Don't worry about it, Mr.Grey, Lim is a fine kid and I don't know any reason about why you should fear him." He tried to comfort me and then he also told "You are having another lecture right, Mr.Grey?" 

And then I realised that and said him my goodbye and walked into another room. I finished every of my lectures before recess time and went to canteen.

I went with my class to the canteen where these kids have been provided with free food everyday (me too) and then we moved to lunch room.

I am a slow eater so I took my time but the kids finished their lunch and walked into the playground. But I was eating slowly and slowly.

After some time I finished my lunch, when Jimmy came running inside lunch room and began pulling my hand and then I asked him "What are you doing Jimmy?" and then he spoke "Lim and a 13 year old kid has started fighting in playground."

And suddenly I was hit with a tremendous amount of tension and I went to playground with Jimmy. I reached there and saw Lim was fighting 2 kids above his age.

But guess what? Lim was overpowering those kids with ease. One boy started to move towards Lim to punch him but Lim easily caught his fist. He then jumped high and kicked that boy on face.

The boy went out rolling. Other one seemed horrified just like me but he also tried to attack but Lim easily took him out with a single blow of his punch.

But then I regained my senses and went to stop the fight. I went straight to Lim and asked "Are you Alright?" but then someone from my class, told me to ask the same question from the older boys.

And actually I agreed too because Lim was not hurt anywhere but that boys were having small cuts by falling.

"Get up and run to your class!" I shouted hard on them and they obeyed me. I then turned to Lim and I saw that he put his hands in pockets and started moving towards the whole crowd.

I stopped him by putting my hand on his boulder and asked "Why were you fighting?" but he looked at me and I was expecting "They started it first" and some other kind of silly old excuse but he didn't give any of it.

His eyes met mine and he told "They deserved a lesson." with a cold and deadly voice. I ran a shiver down my spine and I glared at him for 2-3 minutes but at least I need to move my eyes because his eyes were not moving a bit.

And then the bell rings and everyone started moving to the class. And after that I didn't met Lim but the whole day this incident was revolving in my head.

And when the whole day was finished at school, I called one of my students and asked what was cause of this fight and he replied "Those boys minding there own business but Lim started the fight by kicking the ball and hiring one of the boy's head."

And after hearing this reason I let him go and dived in my thoughts about this kid named Lim, who is looking a psychopath upto now.


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