The Ghost

Chapter 25



“I’ll pack your bag.” Lia looks shocked at my words, but doesn’t say anything, wordlessly turning back to her computer.

“The bag is in the closet.” She tells me before I even ask.


I open her closet, and I’m slightly shocked at the sight in front of me. I didn’t get a good look earlier, so I didn’t know what’s inside.

Everything is neatly folded, divided into sections based on colors and themes. The other side of the closet is filled with coats, jackets, cardigans and hoodies placed meticulously each on a separate hanger. Underneath I notice a small sports bag. I take it out, deeming it big enough to pack stuff for Lia.


She’s in for a big surprise. I am not going to pack any clothes for her, just some underwear and basic toiletries. I want her to wear my clothes around my house. I pretend to rummage through her closet and pick out clothes for her, but in reality I just check out her clothes to find out what she likes. As I go over the hangers I notice my hoodie. It’s placed neatly on the hanger, clean and ironed. I smile as I think about my girl treating my clothes with so much care and attention.



After a while I close her closet, having packed only a pair of jeans in the end; then I go towards her chest of drawers. Now this is going to be fun. I glance at Lia, but she’s too engrossed with her work to notice what I’m doing.

I open the first drawer and bingo. Why isn’t she stopping me from going through her underwear is a fucking mystery to me. Don’t girls normally hate that?


I pick up 3 black bras, that’s the only color in here, then I take out a few pairs of panties. I guess Lia likes simplicity, judging by her drawer. I pack the stuff into the bag, then close the drawer. Since I’m a naturally curious person, I open the second drawer. I’m greeted with the sight of socks. That’s boring. I pull out a few pairs and pack them. Then I turn to the lowest drawer. I feel my eyes almost pop out of their sockets. Holy fuck, now THAT’S what I want to see her in. The whole drawer is filled with sexy lacy lingerie. Everything’s black, of course. There’s a lot of different stuff in here, from bras, panties and thongs to corsets, stockings, garters and garter belts. I feel hot as I try to envision Lia’s body in those. Jesus Christ, my jeans feel tight. I close the drawer, deciding to not let Lia know I’ve seen those. I wonder for what occasions she would wear these.


“My travel bag is in the bathroom in the towel cabinet. It’s full.” I snap my gaze to Lia, but she’s not even looking in my direction, busy typing in her notes.

“Okay.” I head to her bathroom to get it. I put it in the bag then zip it up, placing it next to the bed. I plop down on it, leaving my legs to hang over the edge.

“Why do you have a packed travel bag in your bathroom? You travel a lot?” I ask, genuinely curious.

“Nope. I just don’t feel like looking for every single thing when the need to pack arrives. It’s too bothersome. I’d rather have a separate set of toiletries ready.” She explains, not taking her eyes off the screen.

“That makes sense.” I nod in understanding. I might just do the same thing when I get home. I always forget something when it’s time to pack a bag.


“If you expect me to bring something from the third drawer with me, you’re delusional.” I choke on my own spit at her word.

“What third drawer?” I feign ignorance.

She spins her chair around with a knowing smirk on her face.

“Don’t play dumb, Cakey, I know you opened it.” She teases.

“I did not know you had such taste.” I decide to turn the attention to her.

“Wanna see?” She smiles seductively, putting her leg over the other slowly.

I shoot up so fast I almost get a whiplash, eyes wide and mouth agape at her bold suggestion.

She bursts out laughing, making me tilt my head back and groan loudly in mock annoyance. That damn tease! She’s going to be the death of me!

“Oh my god, you should’ve seen your face! – she can’t stop her giggles – I can’t believe you thought I was serious!” She brings her chair closer, her knees between mine then she looks at me warmly, no longer laughing.

“You asked me out yesterday and you thought I would parade in front of you in racy lingerie? You’re so cute.” She says as she squishes my cheeks. With a quick peck to my lips she turns back around and gets back to work. She has no idea what she just did to me. My jeans feel so tight right now it’s fucking painful. That woman, I swear to god.

I plop back down on her bed, trying to cool down before she notices the effect she has on me. It’s the third time she’s made me feel this way today. The first time was in her car. Seeing her behind the wheel of that muscle car as she handled it with such grace and skill was so fucking erotic. I don’t think she realizes how sexy she is. I’ve always liked fierce girls that can handle themselves instead of depending on the guy, but she’s on a way different level. She’s independent, strong, intelligent and fucking gorgeous.



After a few minutes of trying to calm down enough to not let Lia notice I got a fucking hard-on, I feel a dip on the bed next to me. I look to my left to see Lia sitting next to my head with her laptop in her hands.

“Pick one.” I frown in confusion as I sit up. She turns her laptop towards me and I laugh as I see the screen.

“You don’t have to do that, sweetheart.” She’s pulled up a site of an online shop with electronics, searching for alarm clocks. Cuteness overload.

“Just pick one.” She whines lightly with a cute pout. “I feel bad about breaking it, don’t make me feel worse by denying me this.” And just like that I’m gone. I can’t possibly say no.

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