The girl

*My Dream*

Tatiana managed to cool down the tension that was developing between Tabna and her mother , her mother told her about a few incidents when she had just joined the guerrillas , how she really got worried when her brother had a panic attack and she tried to cool him down always , looked for doctors throughout Medellin to heal his disease , talking about her brother , someone whom she sacrificed herself to join the guerrillas, Tabna agreed that the woman before her was really indeed her mother .
“How is my brother ?” She asked .
“Tatiana , for how long do you think my daughter can stay here ?” Her mother pretended not to have heard her question, turned her attention to the doctor .
“As longer as she's willing to stay .”
“I asked you question , how is my brother , is he fine , is he still getting these panic attacks , is he still getting those uncontrollable jerking movements in his legs and arms ?” Tabna insisted.
“I thought I could take her back home .” She turned a deaf to her .
“Listen to me mother , I asked you a question , h.o.w I.s m.y b.r.o.t.h.e.r ?”
“Stop nagging me with that question .” Ms Meriya all the sudden got upset . “ Your brother is dead, his epilepsy was way stronger than him , the fear , unconsciousness and the anxiety beat him up and he had to die .”
Tabna was left dumbstruck , couldn't ask any more questions ,Tatiana felt sorry for them and this made Tabna remember on how she was separated from her brother , the guerrillas came around at their house , the two were playing outside , her mother and father were away for work , the guerrillas wanted to take the boy but she refused .
“You can not take my brother , he's sick .” she said .
“What makes you think we will believe that young girl ?” A woman who was with a commander leading the kidnapping of the children asked
“Where are your parents ?” the commander asked .
“They're at work .” she replied .
“But am afraid we're going to leave with your brother and you're in no position to stop us because it's us with the guns, besides you're just a young girl .”
“Take me instead ,am stronger than my brother .”
The commander and and his assistant looked at each other , astonished with the girl's bravery and then looked at the boy ,he looked so pale , very miserable that they decided to take the girl , asked her to follow them if she didn't want to have her brother dead instantly , Tabna followed them wherever they did go .
“How old was he ?” She turned her thoughts back to her mother .
“Look here doctor Tatiana , I don't know what procedures I should take in order to take my girl back home, she's a woman now ,she can live with us at our house in the country side .” Meriya seemed haven't heard her daughters question and Tatiana was caught up in between whether should she let her answer her daughter's questions first or answer her first .
“Mother , I've asked you a question , how old was my brother when he died ?”
“Doctor Tatiana ?” Her mother requested for an answer on whether she can take the girl with her .
“How old was my brother mother ?” Tabna banged the table with her two hands .
“Can you take this lunatic away from my sight doctor , I don't want to regret what I can do to her right now , she has no idea on how the death of her brother still affects me .”
“Calm down ladies , Tabna step out .” Tatiana had to do something to cool down the tension between a mother and her daughter .
The girl went outside on a balcony , sat down and began crying , the nineteen years old boy came , sat down next to her ,tried to ask her what was bothering , first she couldn't tell him anything but realized she had nothing to lose , the boy had been nice to her for the past few days she's stayed at St Mary's , told him she was frustrated with it all ,the death of her younger brother struck her ,her mother who tended to be hard on her was also a problem , the boy asked her to try and understand her mother , she might also be suffering from the death of her son , nagging her with questions about her son's death bothers her , and after a good counseling from the boy , Tabna managed to cool down and she had her head lean on his shoulder but something Tabna didn't know was that her two comrades she was with when they're were trying to steal from a shop keeper had already known where she was and they were to get her back , the two came up with a plan and that was to plant a bomb outside one of the walls of the orphanage from where they heard most of the noise of children playing , the bomb exploded, a loud noise was heard ,everyone panicked ,ran inside the main hall ,fortunately none was hurt except the boy who Tabna was talking to ,fragments from the bomb got into his tummy .
“Calm down Manuel , just calm down .” Sarah tried to cool him as many of the other children and the priest surrounded them .
“Help , help me .” Manuel pleaded .
“What are you we going to?” A priest who headed the Orphanage asked . “We need to call for an ambulance now before something goes worse .” Made an emotional appeal .
“I need a knife .” Tabna asked for one from the priest.
“What are you going to do , did you learn anything like that from the militia ?” The priest was already aware of who she really she is , for the past two days , he has been trying to counsel her .
“Father I need a knife to save him before he's taken to the hospital, he can die .” Tabna insisted .
“Can someone get us a knife here ?” The priest bellowed with his old voice .
“Here it is .” A girl who fought with her earlier brought a knife from the bakery .
Tabna got the knife and pinched his stomach on where the fragments hit , it was a blood clot , blood ran out ,Manuel coughed twice and he began gaining conscious ,the ambulance showed up in the compound , Tabna's comrades couldn't make it inside to get her out , the security was tight ,only the ambulance was allowed inside , Manuel was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital for better treatment .
Two days later , when everything had gone back to normal ,Manuel was back to the kitchen baking his cakes ,attacks on the Orphanage were always expected since they kept some of former guerrilla members ,all that was expected was a tighter security to stop those who haven't changed from attacking those who were trying to change ,
Tabna woke up and decided to take a walk around in the compound , she bumps into the priest who was also going out to the main gate .
“Good morning father ?” She greeted him .
“Did you sleep well child ?”
“I can not say that yet father ,you know am not used to sleeping on a mattress , it's kinda uncomfortable on it , I've been sleeping on a hard ground for over ten years so catching up with this soft ground isn't that easy .”
“I understand you child .”
“However father , there is something strange that happened to me when I slept last night .”
“What is it?”
“I don't know father whether I should tell you , it's something that I think can never happen .”
“Will you share it with me or not and how can you be sure whether it can happen or not if you don't even want to share it with me .”
“I don't know father but last night had a dream where by I was in a hospital and I was doing well treating people, father it felt like something I loved doing , I really looked good in a doctor's white coat .”
“But you know your dream can come true .”
“But how father , I've never been to school , I've never even seen an hospital , the militias simply took bullets out of our bodies and gave us a few herbals from the forests .”
“Are you sure you've never seen an hospital ?”
“Yes father, two days ago I heard they took Manuel to an hospital but I wonder how it really looks like outside and inside .”
“Can we go together out , I will show you an hospital , you're lucky ,am heading there to pray for a few patients .”
“Is that a joke father , Are you really taking me ?” It sounded unreal to her , she was going to see an hospital for the first time .
“What are you waiting for , follow me .”
The priest took a twenty minutes walk with Tabna throughout the city as they talked , one military police man came after them for their safety , later they were outside an hospital that was close to the St Mary's orphanage , she looked so amused with what ever she was seeing , the doctors looked too elegant in their white gowns , she lagged behind a little , the priest called her to keep up the pace and lucky enough Tatiana was found already there in the hospital attending to her scripts .
“Oh father Rivas , what are you doing here with her?” She welcomed them inside her office
“Good morning doctor Tatiana ?” Tabna stretched out her hand to her .
“Good morning Tabna , did you sleep well ?”
“She woke up with a dream .” The priest intercepted the greetings .
“A dream ?” Tatiana asked .
“Yeah , Tabna thinks her dream of becoming a doctor is impossible.” He got behind ,had her hands on her shoulders. “ As you see Tabna , part of your dream of seeing an hospital has been fulfilled.” the priest joked around .
“Oh come on father , that's not even a dream .” She smiled .
“Look at that ,she seem happy about that father ,anyway Tabna , your dream can easily be achieved , we can help you achieve it ,all you have to do is to go to the elementary school ,get a few papers from high school, then collage and you will be here for an intern and if you do well you qualify to be a doctor .”
“That easy .” Smiled .
“Look at that , she thinks it's easy .” The priest laughed .
“Well Tabna , are you in or not ?” Tatiana asked .
“Am in .” she agreed .
“Well start preparing for your classes of becoming a doctor .”
Tabna thanked the priest for bring her over and thanked Tatiana for letting her start working on her dream of becoming a doctor , the priest took her back to the orphanage , Tatiana called the girl's mother ,before the explosion took place , her mother had left ,two days later , Tatiana called her to come back at the orphanage , when she came , told her that her daughter was starting to cope up with others and she's beginning to study , Meriya laughed a little about the idea that Tabna will be studying because no one in her family was educated but later agreed to it after an explanation from Tatiana.



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