The girl

*At the Cinema Hall*

Not only Tabna was upset about the news regarding to Baragan , another colonel in the Colombian army was upset with what he saw on television about the praises Colonel Baragan was receiving , colonel Alzate has always been suspicious of colonel Baragan but had no concrete proof against him , he was having this conversation with a general and had promised him to get him proof against colonel baragan in the general's office .
“You promised me that by now you will be having the proof we need against Baragan concerning his crimes against humanity ,rape charges and unlawful killings .“ The general asked .
“Colonel Baragan is a smart guy sir , am trying hard to contact my sources for anything new about him but seems they're not doing their best, the fact that you believe me ,motivates me sir .”
“As you know ,the army is not run on beliefs , it's proof what we want in order to act , so go out there and get me that proof .”
“Yes sir .” The colonel saluted .
Colonel Baragan knew that the army was carrying out a secret investigation on him , so he called for his lieutenant called Rios , the lieutenant showed up before him , saluted and asked for what he wanted from him , Baragan asked him about his proceeding on the whereabouts of the girl .
“But sir , there were many guerrillas that we captured ,killed and trained to join the army ,some ran away and we never cared but why this girl?”
“Just find that girl .” He raised his voice . “And please don't show up here again without anything , I invest a lot of money on you and your shady businesses , I need results .”
“Okay sir .”
The lieutenant had already got information about the militias who tried to rob a shop keeper in Ciudad bolivar a nearby slum, didn't tell Baragan about it till he was sure , went to the shop to talk to the shop keeper and find out whether he knows about the whereabouts of the girl who tried to get money from him .
“Good afternoon sir ?” He stood in the door way of shop .
“What can I do for you soldier ?”
“I am here carrying out an investigation on guerrillas who are trying to harass locals , this information is for my superiors and I believe a few days ago ,two boys and a girl came to steal from your shop .”
“I remember that and on that day they ran away when they saw the cops .”
“Did they come back ?”
“Only the two boys who came back and took what they wanted from me.”
“What happened to the girl ?”
“The cops arrested her ,that's the only good thing that happened that day .”
“Don't you know where she was taken ?”
“Sorry sir, for that I can not tell and I don't care if she was taken by the devil to hell .”
“Thank you sir ,i will take a leave , have a good day .”
Not only the lieutenant was looking for Tabna , Tabna's guerrilla comrades were also still looking for her after a failed bomb attack on the orphanage , they had gathered some information about doctor Tatiana , she was the only present lead to Alias Tabna , the two decided to look for her office , managed to make their way inside the building where her office was ,Tatiana and Tabna were leaving the office when the doctor received a call from Tabna's mother , Meriya wanted to talk to her daughter to apologize for her earlier misbehaving towards her , the doctor gave the phone to Tabna to talk to her mother , her mother told her that she had thought about it and that she approves the fact that her daughter will be studying medicine , Tabna was excited about it and thanked her mother for allowing her to continue with her dream , and as Tabna was talking to her mother ,on the other side of the corridor , her comrades by passed her without even seeing her or noticing her voice because in the corridor it was noisy , everyone was talking this and that , later they managed to see where doctor Tatiana's office was though she wasn't inside since she had left with Tabna .
Back at the orphanage ,Tatiana goes to the priest's office ,told him how she's worried that Tabna might go back to her old ways if they don't put an extra effort on her , she found her searching for colonel Baragan and she was confused about what relationship she had with colonel Baragan .
“I think something happened between colonel and Tabna because if remember when we were here in your office , she looked at the TV with resentment .”
“We shouldn't push her , she will talk to us about what happened between her and the colonel when she's ready .”
“I didn't force her either .”
For Tabna and Manuel , were preparing dough for the cakes in the kitchen , Manuel asked about how it went with doctor Tatian at her office , told him that she screwed up that doctor Tatiana found her searching about colonel Baragan from her computer .Manuel asked her why she keeps on looking for her past which is not good at all for her , Tabna promised not to look for her past anymore if she gets finds something that destruct her .
“How about going to movies?” Manuel suggested .
“Movies!” she wondered .
“Yes movies , we can go now to movies , this will destruct you at least for now .”
“But I've never even been in a cinema hall before ,how will that be of fun to me ?”
“Don't worry about that , we will watch something really good .”
“Alright then ,lets go .” Opened a tap to wash her hands
“Really ?” Manuel cleaned off the flour on his hand with a towel .
“Are we going or not ?”
“Just give me a sec , here comes father .”
Manuel rushed to the priest who was coming towards them after his talk with Tatiana , Manuel asked for twenty pesos from him ,the priest asked why he needed the twenty pesos , told him how he was going to spend the twenty pesos in a cinema , father Rivas was surprised , gave him a go a head to take Tabna out since it will destruct her from her past
“It will be of help to Tabna , I believe she has never been in a cinema hall before .” He said .
“Thank you father .” He got the twenty pesos from the priest's right hand .
“But make sure you bring her back before noon , it won't be good for both of you come back here late.”
“Leave it all up to me father .”
Manuel went back to Tabna ,asked her to get her handbag as he puts on a clean shirt , later the two were in a cinema hall watching a movie from outside the orphanage , Tabna was excited about the fact that they were out side the orphanage without anyone watching over them , watched a horror , kept on falling onto him at scenes that were creepy and scary , Manuel kept on laughing about that something he didn't expect from a former militia who was supposed to be braver .
Later after watching a movie, outside the cinema hall ,Manuel asked Tabna to wait for her , he had to go and pee, inside the bathroom there was a fat guy peeing ,when he saw that Manuel hadn't closed the door of his bathroom ,he kicked the door close and asked him to lock himself in next time because no one was interested in watching him pee ,Manuel didn't know that when the door is locked from outside , it could open from inside , began shouting for help on finding out that the door couldn't open from inside , called for help ,no one came to help him out since there wasn't anyone inside the bathroom , continued shouting for help , lucky enough Tabna who was not far from the bathrooms heard his screams , went and kicked the door open , called for Manuel when she saw him curled up down a toilet seat , he had given up screaming for help , looked so terrified ,she went and pulled him out , took him out side the cinema building .
“What happened in there Manuel ?”
“A guy locked me in there from outside .”
“I know that's what happened but what exactly happened ?”
“What do you mean ?”
“Manuel I found you curled up under a toilet seat like a child , that is not usual for a grown up like you .”
“It's a long story Tabna , I can tell you about it next time .”
“Let's sit down here next to this flower , I have all the time “ The two sat down on a bench next a flower pot .
“Tabna , one day I was assigned to go and guard a group of children who were to brought to our orphanage ,we were attacked by the militias , a few of my comrades were killed and the others many managed to go away with the children but I was captured , the leader of these militias asked his soldiers to lock me up in a coffin and I spent three days in that coffin before I was found from where we were ambushed , from that day Tabna , I became claustrophobic .” Sobbed as he explained his past
“I'm really sorry Manuel for what happened to you, I thought you were being dramatic in there .” She hugged him .
“It's okay Tabna .” Brought his lips close to hers .
Tabna also got tempted to kiss him , the two kissed and when they were kissing , the priest showed up , Manuel panicked ,asked what the priest was doing there , the priest told him , they seemed to take long to get back ,so he thought it would be a great idea if he came for them .
“We were about to come back father .”
“I can see that from how busy you're here together .” Father Rivas smiled .
He took them back to the orphanage ,to his office for counseling , he talked to them about contraceptives and that they should avoid unwanted pregnancies .
“Come on father , we smart enough and besides , I don't think we are ready to have kids .” Manuel said .
“ And all I care most about right now father is becoming a doctor .” Tabna defended herself too .
“Better focus on your dreams children and Manuel I think you wanna have your own kitchen someday , don't you ?”
“That's right father .”
“Work on that then .”
“I will father .”
“Now you two can leave my office , I need to make a few calls .” He sent them away .



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