The girl

*Going Home*

During the time when Tabna and Manuel were at the a cinema hall , the two comrades she was with in jungle had come up with another plan on how to get Tabna out of the well guarded orphanage by the military , they came to the guards at the gate , one told the guards that he had found a guerrilla and had advised him to turn himself in , one with curly hair put himself forward before the guards when one of the guards asked whether he was the one who is turning himself in , the guard took him to an interrogation room where Tabna was taken on her first day at the orphanage for interrogation , Doctor Tatiana was brought to see the new boy who has turned himself in to have a change in his life .
“What's your name ?” She asked .
“Marcus Ms.”
“What made you turn yourself in to us Marcus ?”
“People change , don't you think you should very well know that? To be precise ,am tired of a life of the guerrillas, stealing and killing are things I don't want to do anymore .”
“That's good but you have to know that something like this you're doing , it's rare among the guerrillas , your comrades will continue looking for you and probably try to kill you .”
“Are you an ex-militia doctor?”
“I don't have to be one to know that . Many of the children you've seen here are ex-militias, so I've learnt a lot from them .”
“Well for my case , I understand I've taken a right decision .” He added . “ Are you guys going to help me or not ?”
“Sergeant , you can take him and join the others , we can trust him .” Tatiana asked the guard whom she was with inside the room .
“Thank you doctor .” Marcus never thought it would be that easy to get inside the Orphanage .
Tabna was coming down stairs from the priest's office when she saw Marcus being transferred to join others ,Tatiana had asked the guard to allocate him an activity which will keep him busy at the orphanage ,Marcus did see Tabna but kept his eyes looking around as he was transferred, Tabna ran down stairs and confronted him .
“What do you think you're doing?” She grabbed him by the collar of his tartan plaid red shirt .
“What are you talking about ?” Marcus asked .
“Hey let him go.” The guard held his AK47 at the back and pushed her off from him.
“Tabna , am turning myself in .” Marcus spoke up as the guard stepped aside not to interfere their conversation .
“Do you think am an idiot? Don't expect me to believe that .”
“That's your problem .”
The guard took Marcus to his allocation after , Tabna rushed back upstairs in disbelief ,they were onto her ,she knew that . Marcus wasn't at the Orphanage to change , he was to get her back , she bumped into Manuel on her way upstairs ,Manuel asked her what was going on , told him the militias can not stop looking for her .
“What happened ?” He asked . “ You all look frightened .”
“One of my comrades is here , he's giving his hoax that he's turning himself in but I know he's looking for me .”
“He can not force you to leave if you don't want to .”
“You have no idea what these people are capable of , they can even kill me from here .” She added .
“We have a range of guards here , if he dares try to forcefully take you , he'll get it from them .”
“And how do you think he got in here? It was through the guards with that lie .”
“So what are you going to do ?”
“I will find them and kill them all by myself before they do harm to me .”
“How about your studies?” Manuel was surprised with all the vigor in her eyes
“I can do both .”
“I think you shouldn't think about those people Tabna , That's not what you should be anymore and by the way, I have to go back to the kitchen , will see you soon .” He kissed her .
Manuel went down stairs to his kitchen leaving Tabna at the balcony on the second floor of the orphanage building thinking about it , Marcus didn't last to a place where he was allocated , he came looking for her ,looked around the place where he last saw going back upstairs , took the stairs and found her at the balcony looking down to the playground and lost in thoughts .
“What are you thinking , are you missing home ?” he asked .
“What are you doing here ?” Tabna turned around and fiercely faced him .
“Am here to change like you did .” He giggled . “ Is that bad ?”
“Do you even expect me to believe that nonsense ?”
“Well Tabna the truth is , the commander want you back , so am taking you back .”
“What ?” She laughed .
“I'm taking you back Tabna and am serious about that .”
“Don't kid yourself , there is no way am going back to that life , I have a new life here and am going to begin my studies, therefore you can go back to the commander and tell him his favorite girl has refused to rejoin him .”
“You leave me with no choice Tabna .” He pulled out a knife ,quickly grabbed Tabna by surprise, held a knife by her neck and dragged her inside an empty classroom .
Tabna was strong enough , grabbed his hand that was strangling her neck , twisted it ,turned around and knocked him down with a kick between his legs , decided to leave the room and as she was leaving the room , a girl who wasn't at good terms with her right from her first day at the orphanage came in the room .
“I left a book here and I've come back to find it but look what I find in here , Tabna the slut around here flirting with a guy .” She was surprised to see her inside a room with an unknown guy . “Who is this ?” She asked
“Adriana you need to get out of here now .”
“Oh you even need some privacy .” She sniggered . “ I wonder what will happen if I tell the priest about this ?”
“You need to get out of here Adriana.”
“My name is ….....” Marcus pretended to introduce himself to her , grabbed Adriana by hand , pulled her towards him and held a knife at her throat .
“Let her go .” Tabna yelled.
“That's easy Tabna , I can only let her go of her if you agree to come with me .”
“Alright , alright, you win, I will come with you but let go of her ,don't try to do anything stupid .”
Marcus freed Adriana , held a knife from Tabna's , took her down stairs , went to the gate out of the building , a guard asked them where they were going , Marcus told him they are having a day out , the guard told him he can not let them out without the priest's orders , Marcus realized it would be difficult to convince him , jumped on to him and stabbed him in his stomach , then went back and grabbed Tabna again before she good do her tricks again.
Meanwhile at the Colonel's office , doctor Tatiana and the soldiers she was working with found out information about the boy who turned himself in , realized that he's only a lair who had been looking for Tabna for sometime , immediately got on Jeep to the orphanage , only to find that the boy was trying to kidnap Tabna on knife , when Marcus saw the soldiers approaching with the doctor , he pushed Tabna away and ran , the soldiers ran after him throughout the markets but he managed disappeared from them , Tatiana rushed to Tabna and asked her if she's alright .
“I'm fine ,I'm fine doctor but the guard .”
“What guard ?”
“The guard at the entrance of the Orphanage building , he stabbed him , he might die , we have to rush him to the hospital .”
“Lets go now inside the building Colonel .” She asked Alzate to join them .
The three ran inside the building, only to find him still struggling for his life , an ambulance was called for and the guard was taken to the hospital .
“Tabna you need to leave this place ?” Tatiana suggested .
“I agree with you doctor , I don't think she's still safe here , these boys will attack again till they get hold of her .” the priest supported the idea.
“How about my studies ?”
“There is another Orphanage where I think you will be safer , trust the two of us, we're are going to support you in whichever way possible .”
“Are you really taking her away ?” Manuel came from no where after hearing what had happened to the guard .
“Tabna can not be safe here anymore Manuel while those guys are out there looking for her .” The priest comforted him , he was aware of what was going on between the two . .
“How about taking her to her parents' farm in Medellin .” Manuel realized taking her to another orphanage , it would be hard for him to meet her unless she was with her family .
“That's a brilliant idea Manuel , we haven't thought about that yet .” Father Rivas was pleased . “ What do you think doctor Tatiana ?”
“I think it's a good idea .” Tatiana supported it .
Tatiana made a call to Tabna 's mother about the matter , she was delighted to hear that her daughter will be staying with them . Tabna had to pack up her few clothes that afternoon , said goodbye to Manuel who never wanted her to leave but for security reasons had to agree with what was going on , asked her to keep writing to him and he was to write too after receiving her first letter , Tabna agreed to write , later she was done with packing ,went inside the priest's old Cadillac as the priest had her luggage inside the boot ,he got into the drivers seat and started the engine , Tabna waved goodbye to doctor Tatiana who promised to come after ,Tabna also said goodbye to Manuel who looked really sad about her departure from the orphanage where she was starting to build her life , one military jeep came after them to make sure they arrive safely to where they were going .
After a seven hours of driving ,the priest's old Cadillac was in the compound of Tabna's house in Santa Elena a country side of Medellin .
“Mother and father , they're here .” Monica one of Tabna's sisters called out .
“What took them so long ?” Ms Meriya came out to the veranda , saw her daughter and the priest getting out of the car .
“Welcome to our humble home father .” Mr Miguel came after her wife .
“Come in .” They welcome them inside a well decorated house , balloons all over and a banner written on “ A happy homecoming Fiona . “
“Monica go and get her luggage .” Meriya asked her second daughter .
“Why me not Nina ?” She refused to go .
“Nina is younger you silly girl, she can't carry the heavy luggage .”
“Now what if I find guns in there, after all my sister is an ex-guerrilla.”
“Would stop saying nonsense about your sister , just go and get her luggage .”
“Mom , like I told you before , let her say what she wants , I really want to know my sister's opinion about me .” Tabna tended to cool down the tension that was about to develop between her mother and her sister .
Her sister went to pick up the luggage , Tabna and the priest were welcomed inside the house again , the army jeep that came with them left only one soldier with them and went back , Ms Meriya took her around the house , showed her everything and what will be her room the time she will stay , Miguel kept on chatting with the priest about her studies , her two sisters were also outside on a veranda gossiping about their sister , wondering if she could even strangle them late at night ,whether she has guns hidden somewhere in her things , the two had a very unstable image about their sister especially Monica .
Late at night , Meriya had organized a simple party for her daughter ,a party which wasn't meant to call for attention from a few neighbors about the coming back of her lost daughter Fiona and as they were celebrating outside the house ,another car showed up in the compound and Doctor Tatiana came out .
“What a surprise doctor , did you have to move at night ?” Fiona welcomed her .
“Good evening doctor .” The rested welcomed her as she got out from her car .
“Good evening to you all ,hey Tabna , I have a surprise for you .”
“But you've already surprised me with this visit late at night .”
“There is more .” She went and opened the door of her car .
“Manuel , what are you doing here ?” Tabna was surprised when he got out of the car .
“You thought you would easily get rid of me , not yet Tabna .” Manuel got out of the car and hugged her .
“Come and have a barbecue you silly .” She pulled her by his hand .
Every one at the house looked so happy ,danced and ate at the party , Manuel was introduced to everyone , Tabna sisters were happy to see a boy who was trying to get close to their sister ,Fiona's mother could stop going to the kitchen ,the priest ,Doctor Tatiana and Tabna's father kept on discussing about her future with the priest ,everyone ate ,laughed and danced till began sleeping one by one .



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