The Girl Who Peek at my Window

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Chapter 1

I’m fairy local. For a mere young woman who just turned nineteen, I at least saw the changes that happened on the roads, the establishments, the unfinished construction sites and many more things. And I at least saw a lot of horrors, celebrations and many unexpected things in this very small town of Mabolo, located in Cebu City. If you haven’t heard or knew about Cebu City, then don’t worry, you are not missing anything.

The story was as simple as the people (me included) living in the 315 square kilometers or 122 sq miles area, quite small but the occurrence are very much alike to those places that are twice as wide. Say for those local urban legends that circled the area to scare kids to prevent them from going out late at night. But what if I told you that there’s more in Mabolo that meets the eye.

“Hey Mir, snap out of it.” my best friend, Chloe said snapped her fingers in front of me.

“Yo, Chloe! Were you saying something?” I asked. Guess I spaced out a bit.

“Yes I was and you are not listening to me.” she said dramatically.

“All right, I’m sorry. I’m all ears now.” I assured

“As I was saying daydreamer, when are you coming back to school? You have resigned now from your job and you still haven’t planned to file your papers for the scholarships.” Chloe said.

“I don’t know if I should be filing the papers for now. I don’t feel like going to school for now.” I answered honestly.

“Oh well, just like what they say school buildings won’t ran away.” my best friend said assuring.

“Exactly!” I said right away.

We continue to chat random things, enjoying each others company, with college and all we barely have time for each other.

“About that girl that you said whom you see peeking at your window. What happened to her? Did she stops being a creeps?” my best friend asked.

I sipped my chocolate chip cookie drink before I will dropped the bomb to her. “Not to scare you bestie, but that girl is already dead.” I said.

Chloe’s eyes widened like a saucers. “She’s dead?!” she said incredulously, “You’re not serious.” she added.

“You know I can’t kid out without cracking right away.” I said.

“Yeah, indeed.” she answered sipping her java chip latte. “How? Why didn’t  you tell me about the funeral?” she asked curiously.

“You’re not gonna believe me when I told you that she’s already dead even before the peeking situation.” I said as sanely as I could.

Chloe stared at me, then laugh hysterically. “Please Miriam, really that got me for a sec.” she said when she recovered.

“What do you think, it’s December. Why would I scare you?” I said furrowing my brows.

“Hey don’t you scare me old hag.” she said.

“I don’t see the point of scaring you at this time of the year. Plus it’s not so me to scare you like this.” I reasoned.

“You can’t expect me to believe you know.” Chloe replied.

“I know I don’t blame you. We have the same reaction actually when the news pop out about a girl being missing for almost fifteen or so years now.” I told her. “It turns out to be a cold case that has been reopened by a curious newly assigned cop on our town.” I explained.

My bestfriend’s full attention was on me now. She’s like a moth that saw the light, can’t look away. “Please tell me more about this. Does the mystery was solved? The killer captured or identified? Is the girl’s living relative knew about this?” she asked without giving me a chance to answer.

“Whoa! Slow down will you. Now you’re interested.” I teased.

“Just answer me, Cheerio.” she hastened, well that’s Chloe and her nicknames for you.

I finish my drink and my coconut cookie first before I started talking but one of the Starbucks staff went to our table.

“Excuse me. Are you two still going to stay here longer?” she asked.

“If it’s still allowed, why?” I asked politely.

“Actually Ms., this branch is not open for twenty-four hours and we closed at 9pm. You are still welcome to stay until 9:30 though.” she said smiling.

I turn to look at my wristwatch and saw that it’s already 8:43pm though. “You know what, we’re good. We’ll just finish our meal then we’re off.” I said.

“Okay sure.” she smiled then went to the other customers informing them about the closure.

“Hurry up with your chocolate cake so we can leave now.” I told my best friend.

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