The Golden Bachelor

Chapter 15

The next Friday, a holiday, as by routine, Samantha woke early to feed Sky. She'd just finished pouring his breakfast into his bowl, that someone knocked on her door. Sky perked up his ears, but she patted his head gratefully. "Don't worry, big boy, it's probably Sean."

Leaving her Siberian Husky to eat his breakfast, Samantha went to open, nervous. What would she tell him? They hadn't spoken in a week, she'd been carefully avoiding him ever since he'd confessed to have always had an interest in her. Now what was she supposed to say?

Upon opening, however, she was startled to find a tall beefy man in his forties. "Good morning, Miss." Lewis greeted her.

"G-Good morning ..." Sam stammered, confused to see Lucas' chauffeur and bodyguard at her door.

"Mr. Grant sends you this." He told her, handing her a large box, which she took, astounded. The man said goodbye, leaving her there still puzzled. She walked back into the living room, not sure what this meant, and placed the box on the table. There was a small piece of paper with her name attached to it, so she took it and opened it.

I figured you didn't have time to go shopping, so I took the liberty of buying something for you.


Curious, she descrambled everything, taking out a long navy blue mermaid sweetheart lace beaded evening dress with bolero jacket. She could barely resist not to gasp. The dress was beautiful, even to her eyes, but ... she hadn't said yes, yet he'd bought her a dress for the night?

Biting her lips, she headed back to the kitchen, careful to close the box again and place it where Sky couldn't reach it. In the kitchen, she retrieved her phone.

Thanks for the dress, but ... no

She wrote, but didn't send. Was it too harsh? She was supposed to break off every contact, though, wasn't she? The whole week had been focused on avoiding Lucas as much as possible. He'd probably noticed, but given the dress, he just wouldn't take no for an answer. So what to do?

She bit her lip, pondering. It was just one night. How bad could it hurt? He did say it would be friendly, so it wasn't a date, was it? He was well aware of the odds, he had to be. After such a week spent avoiding him, he'd definitely received the message loud and clear, so maybe ...

After all, being friends couldn't be so bad, could it? He was her only friend now that with Sean things seemed to have gotten so awkward. She felt at ease with Lucas and Lucas only. Would it be so bad to linger in a friendship? Whatever feelings he may have, they wouldn't hold water, she was sure, so maybe ... taking a deep breath, Samantha decided. One night wouldn't hurt.


After having spent her free day hanging around with Sky and reading at the park, by 4 pm Sam thought it was time to start thinking of getting ready, so she went back home. Before heading in, she took a deep breath, and knocked on Sean's door. With the excuse of asking him to keep Sky for the night, maybe she could try and ease up the awkwardness between them.

"Hey ..." she greeted coyly when he opened. Trying to hold back Sky was impossible, so she just let him go to his dear friend.

"Hey." Sean greeted briefly, half smiling as the dog toppled him with his cuddles. "Let me guess, you need me to keep this big boy for the night?"

"Uh ... well ... yes, but ... it's-uh ... not just that, I mean, um ..."

The guy stood, taking the dog's leash from her hand. "Don't be awkward, Sam." He offered her a small smile. "I like you, you don't like me. It's fine. It's not like that's never happened."

"I know, but ..."

"Listen, we've been good friends, right?" He wondered.

"Uh ... yes ..." she replied, unsure. She wasn't quite certain what exactly could be considered a 'good friend'. Lucas couldn't really be taken as example, could he? Given their history, he may be a great friend, but not all 'good friends' spent hours pleasing her in bed like he had, did they? She recalled watching some movie called Friends with Benefits, once, but if she remembered right, in the end they both developed feelings for each other. That wasn't nor could be their case. She'd see to that.

"So let's just move past it, shall we?" Sean proposed.

"Well, I ..."

"Sam ... it's fine."

"I-Is it?" She shifted on her feet, nervous. "I'm not ... I'm not exactly used to this, I'm sorry." She admitted.


"I ..." she bit her lip, unsure how to phrase it. She owed him at least an explanation, after having run off like that when he first declared his interest. "People. I ... I'm not ... good with people."

"I could tell that much, but what does it have to do with us?"

"Well, I ..." she felt her cheeks redden inevitably, "... you see, I-uh ... it's ..." Gosh, why was it so hard? It was so easy to talk to Lucas, why was it so difficult with Sean now? It's not like she'd never had a boyfriend, she had. She wasn't that entirely clueless, was she? ... she hadn't seen coming her neighbor's crush, nor had she exactly noticed her employer had set his eyes on her, of course she was clueless. Samantha felt her cheeks burn in embarrassment.

"Sam ..." she yelped when he grabbed her hand. Why was it so different than with Lucas? Every man's touch felt odd, made her nervous and anxious, yet whenever Lucas' hands were on her, she was perfectly at ease, Lucas made her feel comfortable in her own skin, something she'd never been used to.

"I'm sorry." She repeated, slipping her hand out of Sean's, "I guess I just wanted to ask ... if we can be friends ...?"

Sean smiled, although bittersweet. "Sam, I told you, it's fine. I'd have I saw her first rights, but Mr. Billionaire won. I just hope he'll make you happy."

Her heart skipped a beat. What was it with everybody assuming she and Lucas had something going on? The whole office seemed to think it, his personal assistant dug holes in her head every time for that exact reason, and she'd even had a few people come to her that week, asking if she could put in a good word with the big boss.

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